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Changelog for pygene
July 25-26, 2011
- version 0.2.2a
- Fixed performance issue with calculating fitness. Fitness is now
assumed to be stable for a generated organism.
- prepare_fitness introduced to allow parallel processing
- Genome and population parameters can be defined in external ini-like
config file.
- Minor performance/bugs fixes and whitespace cleanup
December 12, 2005
- version 0.2.1
- renamed Organism class to MendelOrganism, to indicate
that it is based on a 'double-helix' eukaryotic model
- created Organism class, which uses only single helix
(single genes, not gene pairs)
December 11, 2005
- version 0.2
- added genetic programming!!
- with working example
- changed mutation behaviour
- previously, child organisms were mutated in-place
- now, .mutate() on organisms returns a mutated copy
- changed crossover behaviour
- previously, crossover mating only returned one child
- now, crossover mating returns 2 children, so no
genetic material is lost
December 9, 2005
- version 0.1.1
- added more primitive Gene subclasses
- replaced typeless 'gene names' list in Organisms
with a .genome dict
- added XML dump capability for genes, organisms and
- added 'incest' feature, where high-fitness parents
can stay in the population and mate with their
- added option for spontaneous appearance of new
random organisms
- simplified the creation of random organisms
December 6, 2005
- version 0.1
- first release