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This repository is a hackathon project focusing on public and personal safety utlizing the ATT Digital Life, ATT M2X IoT Services, IBM Watson APIs and Qualcomm hardware. was used to interact with the AT&T M2X and Digital Life APIs. The scripts used to interact with them can be found in the scripts directory. For each set of scripts, there were utility functions used across them. Click here to see the Digital Life utility functions, and click here to see the M2X utility functions.

To install locally:

git clone

cd ATTShape

cd Watson_service

npm install

The objectives for this project were to increase public and home safety by utilizing microphones connected to via the IoT.

When certain safe words are uttered by a user/subscriber Lifeline has the ability to notify the relevant authorities: Ex. in the case of 'fire' being uttered x amount of times, the fire department would be notified via ATT Digital Life.

To be able to translate the spoken word to text and make a readable stream to process, IBM Watson Speech to Text was utilized.

The preset keywords can be updated and altered by the client, and are stored with an ATT M2X IoT database.

Audio is picked up via a Qualcomm microphone.


Lifeline: Gets emergency services when you call for help






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