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Custom segment control for iOS
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Custom segment control for iOS


Using WMSegment control is easy

With Storybord

Drag a UIView and change its class to WMSegment.
now you can set the properties as per your requirements.


let anotherSegment = WMSegment(frame: frame)
anotherSegment.type = .normal // normal (Default),imageOnTop, onlyImage
anotherSegment.selectorType = .bottomBar //normal (Default), bottomBar
// If you want round selector 
anotherSegment.isRounded = true //By default flase
//Set titles of your segment
anotherSegment.buttonTitles = "Apple,Google,Facebook"
// set text color for non - selected segment values
anotherSegment.textColor = .black
// set text color for selected segment value
anotherSegment.selectorTextColor = .orange
//set Color for selected segment
anotherSegment.selectorColor = .green
//set font for selcted segment value
anotherSegment.SelectedFont = UIFont(name: "ChalkboardSE-Bold", size: 15)!
// set font for segment options
anotherSegment.normalFont = UIFont(name: "ChalkboardSE-Regular", size: 15)!


Using CocoaPods

pod 'WMSegmentControl'


Copy WMSegment.swift file from source folder and add it to your project.
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