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from collections import OrderedDict
from .country import Country
class Index(object):
Generate index based on the position in bytes
of every letter in the alphabet.
The index is stored in an OrderedDict.
It's a lazy index, the index is not generated
till the first call.
def __init__(self, country='us'):
self.indices = [] = Country(country)
def __call__(self, letter):
if len(self.indices) == 0:
return self.indices[letter.upper()]
def _generate_index(self):
self.indices = OrderedDict()
with open( as file:
total = file.readline() # Omit headers line
for line in file:
if line[0] not in self.indices:
self.indices[line[0]] = len(total)
total = total + line
if __name__ == "__main__":