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For server-to-server comms from PHP to CloudKit.
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Today I found this fantastic gist by Mauricevb that demonstrates how to communicate with CloudKit from PHP. I already had a previous project that used a backend similar to CloudKit so by replacing the web request code with his I've created this PHP library for CloudKit. It's very much a work in progress and it would be great if anyone could contribute to fill in the missing methods.


Fetching, querying and saving records is partially working.

Development Resources

CloudKit JS Reference

Accessing CloudKit Using a Server-to-Server Key

CloudKit Web Services Reference


require dirname(__FILE__).'/autoload.php';
use CloudKit\Container;
use CloudKit\Record;
use CloudKit\Query;
use CloudKit\Location;

$container = new Container('', // containerID
  '9bbf2b399e9cd74x372bb4ec11cb5x1b7f0d73db16a24x08a018', // keyID, see Accessing CloudKit link above 
  'eckey.pem', // private key file, again see accessing CloudKit.
  'development'); // environment

$query = new Query("Venue");
//$query->filter('name', 'Java Earth');
$query->filter('name', '=', 'Java Earth');
//$query->filterIn('name', ['Java Earth']);
$response = $container->getPublicCloudDatabase()->performQuery($query, [ 'resultsLimit' => 1 ]);

if($response->hasErrors()) {
    echo $response->getErrors()[0]->getReason();

$records = $response->getRecords();

$record = NULL;
if(count($records) > 0) {
    $record = $records[0];
    $record = new Record('Venue');

$record->setField('name', 'Java Earth');
$record->setField('formattedAddress', '4978 Cass St, San Diego, CA 92109, United States');
$record->setField('location', new Location(32.805509, -117.254510));
$response2 = $container->getPublicCloudDatabase()->saveRecords([$record]);
if($response2->hasErrors()) {
    echo "Success\n";

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