Detect programmatically if Sublime Text is running on full screen or distraction free mode
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FullScreenStatus is a Sublime Text plugin that is designed to be used by other plugins. It helps to detect if Sublime Text is running on full screen mode, distraction free mode or normal mode. Current Sublime Text version (ST 3 Build 3047) does not provide this information via its API.



Package Control

The preferred method of installation is via Sublime Package Control.

  1. Install Package Control
  2. Open command palette with Ctrl Shift P
  3. Type install package and hit return. A list of available packages will be displayed.
  4. Type FullScreenStatus and hit return. The package will be downloaded into the appropriate directory.

Using Git

  1. Go to your Packages directory. You can locate your Packages directory by using the menu item Preferences > Browse Packages...

  2. Inside the Packages directory, clone FullScreenStatus repository using the command below:

     git clone FullScreenStatus


import sublime

if sublime.active_window().settings().get('fss_on_full_screen'):
    # ST is running on full screen.

if sublime.active_window().settings().get('fss_on_distraction_free'):
    # ST is running on distraction free mode.


Source code of this project is hosted at Contributions are welcome via pull requests.


FullScreenStatus is released under the MIT License.