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Database management in single PHP file

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Fix incorrect column length extraction when altering a table

The bug causes generating `varchar ()` instead of e.g. `varchar(20)`.
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Ali Ayas authored
Adminer - Database management in a single PHP file
Adminer Editor - Data manipulation for end-users
Supports: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle, SimpleDB, Elasticsearch
Requirements: PHP 5+
Apache License 2.0 or GPL 2

adminer/index.php - Run development version of Adminer
editor/index.php - Run development version of Adminer Editor
editor/example.php - Example customization
plugins/readme.txt - Plugins for Adminer and Adminer Editor
adminer/plugin.php - Plugin demo
compile.php - Create a single file version
lang.php - Update translations
tests/selenium.html - Selenium test suite
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