Official Malice Plugins
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Collection of Official Malice Plugins

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Official Plugins

Name Description Enabled Image Category Mime
nsrl NSRL Database Hash Search malice/nsrl intel hash
virustotal VirusTotal - files scan and hash lookup malice/virustotal intel hash
totalhash #totalhash - hash lookup malice/totalhash intel hash
shadow-server ShadowServer - hash lookup malice/shadow-server intel hash
team-cymru TeamCymru - hash lookup malice/team-cymru intel hash
fileinfo ssdeep/TRiD/exiftool malice/fileinfo metadata *
yara YARA Scan malice/yara av *
avast Avast AntiVirus malice/avast av *
avg AVG AntiVirus malice/avg av *
avira Avira AntiVirus malice/avira av *
bitdefender Bitdefender AntiVirus malice/bitdefender av *
clamav ClamAV malice/clamav av *
comodo Comodo AntiVirus malice/comodo av *
drweb Dr.Web AntiVirus malice/drweb av *
escan eScan AntiVirus malice/escan av *
fprot F-PROT AntiVirus malice/fprot av *
fsecure F-Secure AntiVirus malice/fsecure av *
kaspersky Kaspersky AntiVirus malice/kaspersky av *
mcafee McAfee AntiVirus malice/mcafee av *
sophos Sophos AntiVirus malice/sophos av *
windows-defender Windows Defender AntiVirus malice/windows-defender av *
zoner ZonerAntiVirus malice/zoner av *
pescan pescan - tool to triage portable executables malice/pescan exe application/x-dosexec
floss FireEye Labs Obfuscated String Solver malice/floss exe application/x-dosexec
office Office - tool to triage OLE/RTF documents malice/office document *
pdf PDF - tool to triage PDF documents malice/pdf document application/pdf
javascript Javascript - tool to triage JS scripts malice/javascript document application/javascript
archive Archive - tool to unarchive archives malice/archive archive archive