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BigTest: White-Box Testing of Big Data Analytics with Complex User-Defined Functions

Directory Structure:

  • BenchmarkFault --> Contains the source code of both origianl and faulty benchmark programs
  • SymexScala --> The core of BigTest that contains the implementation of following components:
    • Symbolic execution of UDF
    • Programmatic representation of logical specifications
    • UDF and Dataflow integration
    • Optimzation of SMT query and Invocatoin of theorem solvers
  • UdfExtractor --> Contains the implementation of transforming Scala code into Java and then extracting each UDF into a seperate class
  • jpf-core and jpf-symbc --> Contains custom version of JPF and SPF
  • fse_bigtest_2019.pdf --> The final version BigTest paper

Running benchmarks on pre-generated Test using BigTest:

  • Run TestSuiteRunner.scala under BenchmarkFault with dependency on Spark 2.1.0
  • To run applciations on original dataset, orignal datasets can be acquired from PUMA and data generation scripts
  • A sample bigtest running log is available here and a sample pathcondition SMT query is available here

Run End-to-End BigTest

Download latest version of Scala-IDE (this was tested on eclipse 4.7.1)

Import 4 projects (jpf-core, jpf-symbc, udfextractor, symexScala) into eclipse using Java/Scala project (use source as working directory). Eclipse might not load the libraries under /lib folder. If that happens, manually load the jars using Eclipse project preferences menue. 
At the end of this step, you should have 4 projects loaded into Eclipse. These steps are explained individual below. 

Download z3 repo in base project dir
    Also set up python bindings

Install cvc4:

     Download Cvc4 [here](


    mkdir UDFExtractor/lib and unzip the 2nd archive folder there (jars)
    Project properties (UDFExtractor -> Java Build Path -> Libraries, add lib folder)
        remove the existing jar files (almost all current libraries)
        add new lib folder jars as external jars (it's mostly to fix up the jar paths)


    Project properties (SymExec -> Java Build Path -> Libraries, add lib folder)
        remove the existing jar files (almost all current libraries)
        Add external library: jpf-symbc/build/*.jar (three jars: jpf-symbc{,-annotations,-classes})
        Add external library: jpf-core/build/RunJPF.jar
        --> 4 jars total
    Edit SymbolicResult -> remove "import sun.misc.ObjectInputFilter.Config" (not needed)
    "Examples" folder -> Mark as not source (no need to compile)
     alternate : comment out the two scala files


    Project properties (SymExec -> Java Build Path -> Libraries, add lib folder)
        remove the existing jar files (almost all current libraries)
        Add all jars in jpf-symbc/lib


    create in .jpf/"" according to
    UDFExtractor -> right click -> Export -> Jar 
        uncheck all files (click the folder name) and expand dropdown -> only select "src" (no lib)
        Also select only the "src" folder or symexec
        Jar file name: jpf-core/lib/sym.jar


BigTest has cyclic dependency i.e. SymexScala depends on original (not our custome) jpf-symbc's jar and jpf-core's jar. If you face dependency issues, compiled both udfextractor and symexScala using  original jpf from [JavaPathFinder]( To summarize, 
1. Get jars files of original JPF-core and JPF-symbc
2. Compile UDFExtractor and then SymexScala (symexscala depends on jar of udfextactor)
3. Compiled Jpf-core and Jpf-symbc using SymexScala's and udfextractors's jar.


    Configurations -> Java Applications -> run-JPF-symbc (change VM argument for java lib path)
    Uncomment Test2.scala (from SymExec)
    You may need to re-export symex + udfextractor (uncomment the examples dir if so)
        do this for both jpf-core and jpf-symbc
    Update (jpf-core)
    ignore warnings when launching
    To run your own DISC application two things are required:
        - Applications in scala 
        - JPF configuration file 
    Each benchmark contains a comment at the end of the file that has a JPF configuration. 
    To run BigTest, follow the procedue to run JPFCore and append the following cmd arguemnts *-enableBT <filename>*
    JPF will automatically look for filename.class and filename.JPF

Path fixes required: find and replace "up_jpf" -> "Test-..." (Soon to be fixed)

 Peform a text search on the whole repository to update paths:
- check for malig on path. Especially, Configuration and SystemCommandHandler
- also check for amytis
- SymbolicResult: line 74ish, replace with your cvc4 binary
- SymbolicResult: change Z3DIR to z3 directory
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