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A PHP Library to handle the HTTP requests in a clean way. This library is built on top of ReactPHP.


The crimson can be installed using composer via the following command:

composer require malik/crimson:^1.0.0


The following example code display the message 'Hello, World!!' when http://localhost:8080/foo or is accessed with the GET request.


use Crimson\RequestHandler;
use Crimson\HttpServer;
use Crimson\App;

 * Every handler class must extend the Crimson\RequestHandler class and
 * override methods.
class GetHandler extends RequestHandler {

  private $msg;

   * The first method to be called from the handler class. Use this method to do
   * initialization instead of using a constructor.
  public function initialize() {
    $this->msg = $this->getClassArgs()['msg'];

   * Called before the request methods.
  public function prepare() {

   * Called when the request method is GET.
  public function get() {

   * Use this method to set the response headers
  public function setDefaultHeaders() {
    $this->setHeader('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*');

   * This method is called at the end of the request.
  public function onFinish() {

 * The Crimson\App class takes only 1 argument that is an array.
 * Each element of the App class argument should be an array with 3 elements:
 *   1. RegEx pattern representing the path to invoke the handler class methods.
 *   2. Name of the handler class.
 *   3. An array which will be passed to the constructor of the handler class
 *      and can be accessed by `getClassArgs()` method.
$app = new App([
  ['\/foo', 'GetHandler', ['msg' => 'Hello, World!!']]

 * The HttpServer class takes 4 arguments:
 *   1. The instance of the App class(required).
 *   2. Array of TLS options.
 *   3. Address to access the Http server.
 *   4. The port on which the server listens to.
$server = new HttpServer($app, [], '', '8080');

// Start the server

For more examples, check the examples/ directory in this repository.


GNU General Public License v2.0


A PHP Library to handle the HTTP requests in a clean way.







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