This is a sample Electron App written using AngularJS2 that targets Office365 and Graph API. It is written using TypeScript
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Angular Office 365 Microsoft Graph Electron App

This sample shows how to write an O365 targeting App that uses Electron

To use,

  1. Register this app as a native client app in your AzureAD
  2. update SvcConstants.ts
  3. Run jspm install && npm install
  4. Run npm start

When the app launches, it should look like this - Launch

Click the "Sign in with Office365" button, and it should look like - Launch

Note: Since this is a multi-tenant app, and it is (as of now) registered in my tenancy, just changing the tenancy will also also ask for consent to your tenancy (so you can distribute this app via appstores etc.)

And the running app looks like this -- (intentionally super basic to avoid the weeds) :-) Launch

Credits: This app uses the following component: 1. AngularJS2 2. Typescript