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###Objective### Create a fully functional game of Blackjack, which I aptly refer to as 'twentyone', using a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. This is a one-player game with the user playing against a dealer (computer). The user has the option of continuing the game in multiple rounds or resetting the game after a loss. First to 21, or closest to 21 without going over, wins.

###Approach#### Pseudocode logic > code > refactor > design

  • Identify and declare variables for objects and players, as well as data structures
  • Create a series of basic actions (i.e. player hits, player stays, dealer receives card if hand is less than 17)
  • Develop an algorithm to handle Aces, which can be either 1 or 11 depending on the player's hand
  • Compare dealer and winner's hands and declare winner based on scenarios (i.e. both player and dealer have less than 21)
  • Create options for user to reset entire game or continue playing with bankroll amount

###Unsolved Problems###

  • Cases of property being undefined when player continues the game in consecutive rounds
  • Cases of Aces not being handled properly

###Technical Details###

  • Used jQuery methods, such as .val, .css, .show, .hide, .keypress, .stopPropagation, and .preventDefault
  • Iterated through dealer and player's hands using for loop to identify Ace and change its value
  • Used media query to make the website responsive to user's screen size
  • Included option to reset game or continue game with same bankroll amount

###Technical Challenges##

  • Passing arguments through parameters and ensuring that variables and functions were appropriately passed through a function
  • Debugging and tracing through code to identify source of error

##Future Improvements##

  • Refactoring to shorten and streamline source code and particular functions
  • Implementing more advanced features of the game (i.e. double down, insurance, split)
  • Incorporating multiple players and live players ('twentyone with friends' has a nice ring to it!)
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