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Performance test harness for B2G
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b2gperf is a tool for testing the performance of Firefox OS.


You will need a Marionette enabled Firefox build that you can successfully connect to.


Installation is simple:

pip install b2gperf

If you anticipate modifying b2gperf, you can instead:

git clone git://
cd b2gperf
python develop


Usage: b2gperf [options] app_name [app_name] ...

  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  --dz-url=str      datazilla server url (default:
  --dz-project=str  datazilla project name
  --dz-branch=str   datazilla branch name
  --dz-key=str      oauth key for datazilla server
  --dz-secret=str   oauth secret for datazilla server
  --delay=float     duration (in seconds) to wait before each iteration
  --log-level=str   threshold for log output (default: INFO)
  --iterations=int  number of times to launch each app (default: 30)
  --no-restart      do not restart B2G between tests
  --settle-time     time to wait before initial launch (default: 60)
  --testvars=str    path to a json file with any test data required
  --test-type=str   type of test to run, valid types are: ['startup', 'scrollfps'] (default: startup)

Test Variables

Currently the only test variable support is for a wifi network. If you want to connect to wifi before measuring performance, please specify a path to a JSON file that describes the network. For example:

  "wifi": {
    "ssid": "MyNetwork",
    "keyManagement": "WPA-PSK",
    "psk": "SecurePassword"
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