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UI tests for gaia
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Gaiatest is a Python package based on Marionette, which is designed specifically for writing tests against Gaia.


Installation is simple:

easy_install gaiatest

If you anticipate modifying gaiatest, you can instead:

git clone git://
cd gaia-ui-tests
python develop

Running Tests

To run tests using gaia test, your command-line will vary a little bit depending on what device you're using. The general format is:

gaiatest [options] /path/to/

If you are running tests directly in the repository, you will instead want to run (assuming you are in the gaia-ui-tests directory):

python gaiatest/ /path/to/


--emulator arm --homedir /path/to/emulator:  use these options to 
    let Marionette launch an emulator for you in which to run a test
--address <host>:<port>  use this option to run a test on an emulator
    which you've manually launched yourself, a real device, or a b2g
    desktop build.  If you've used port forwarding as described below,
    you'd specify --address localhost:2828

If you use the --address localhost:2828 option, you must additionally setup port forwarding from the device to your local machine. You can do this by running the command:

adb forward tcp:2828 tcp:2828

adb is the 'android debug bridge', and is available in emulator packages under out/host/linux_x86/bin. Alternatively, it may be downloaded as part of the Android SDK, at

Writing Tests

Test writing for Marionette Python tests is described at Additionally, gaiatest exposes some API's for managing Gaia's lockscreen and application manager. See

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