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A flatiron http server template in coffee-script made from iron-coffee


This is a template that can be used to create nodejs applications using

  • Node v0.6.8
  • Flatiron
  • CoffeeScript! v1.1.3
  • CoffeeCup
  • Connect Assets v2.1.5


These will install with npm, just do

npm install

In your project directory.

Install, Build, Run, Test, and Watch

# Install nodejs and npm

git clone [project-name]
cd [project-name]
npm install

# Run

node server.js

## Thanks to

* [Jeremy Ashkenas]( for creating coffee-script
* [Nodejitsu]( for creating flatiron
* [Tom Wilson]( for creating iron-coffee
* [Kris Windham]( for creating black-coffee

## About

iron-coffee is a template or boiler-plate to get started writting
flatiron web applications in CoffeeScript.  It comes ready to go with base
setup for an Express Web App.  It includes a Cakefile that lets you build, and watch your coffeescript as you develop.  You hack in the src folder and run cake build to build you server files.  Create your
coffeecup views in the views folder and put your public assets in the public folder.  Enjoy your iron-coffee

c[_] 1.2.0

## License