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What is Mission Controller Extended?

MCE is a Plugin that give you the player an economy, missions, contracts and companies to supply you with a total experience of running a space Program.

No longer can you just launch a vessel and think.. Oh well all these parts cost nothing, launch it anyway! Now you have a budget to watch over. That ship your about to launch will cost you money from that budget!

Oh I will just hire my 200th kerbal.. No big deal! Not so with MCE. MCE kerbals cost money too. You have to hire them and train them! So maybe throwing away the little green guys is not a good idea anymore?

With MCE you have a massive selection of missions to choose from. With the old system you could load up a Mission Package and play someone else’s missions they made! Maybe that was not so fun doing the same thing over and over? With MCE .50 you now have more options. First you can try out the new Contracts system. This is MCE Random mission Maker. You now are offered contracts from companies to do certain missions for a certain price in both Credits and Science! (science only available in career mode). The system is completely random and works similar to what the Developers of KSP plan on delivering with .24. Only a little more complex with MCE budget system.

Random contracts not good enough for you? Well .50 also introduces a new Custom contract system! This is MCE Custom Mission Maker built right into KSP. Build your own missions, With a pretty easy to learn system that is built for speed and ease of use. I myself in testing can make a mission in under 40 seconds and be ready to go.

Now the custom Contract maker is not the end all of Mission Makers. It’s a simple system but it works. In the long run if you want complex missions then the old tried and true way of hand writing them is still best. But for most missions the custom contract maker will work just fine!

So enjoy MCE .50 and build those Space Programs.


You Mission Controller Save File and other important files

Your mission controller save file is located in \Kerbal Space Program\GameData\MissionController\Plugins\PluginData

If you use steam its most likely located in your steam directory with same folder layout.

You Mission Files are located in the same folder as save game file.

All save game files have extension of .sp file. The file name is the nameOfGame(type).sp file.

So example would be malkuths(CAREER).sp. There is also a backup file for the .sp, and has backup added to its Name.

All mission package files are called .mpkg files. So name.mpkg (randommissions.mpkg).

installing Mission Controller:

To install mission controller all you need to do is to place the MissionControll File folder you found in the .zip file inside the GameData folder. Thats it, plugin installed!

The ToolBarMenu can also be placed inside the GameData Folder The Toolbar is what gives you all your icons for MCE and other plugins that use Blizzy's ToolBar.

Installing Updates to MCE.

Installing Updates to MCE is pretty easy you can safely just overwrite everything in MCE folder with new version. Most of the time the updates are only .dll file updates. And your save games are usually your unique game name .sp file. So most of the time your save file is safe. Most mods want you to delete the folders when you update. This is because they are Part Mods and sometimes old parts are moved arouhnd or deleted. This usually is not the case for MCE! If the case of and update that requires you to delete MCE folder ever comes up, I will warn you well in advanced! Usually in the Update Log for MCE! But in any case I always highly suggest that you backup both MCE and your KSP save files on a regular basis! And save them to a Non KSP directory!

The MCSettings File

This is an important file, with this file you can change any value that you want in Mission controller! Don't like prices this file is where its changed.

Its located it: Kerbal Space Program\GameData\MissionController\Plugins

New option for using Default Kerbal Prices In MCE or Use MCE Prices! Version .72

Things have changed a little in MCE. Before MCE always used its own Algorithms to price out the Parts that you place on your Rockets. This was needed, because a lot of mods were not supplying a Cost to their parts, and would be free in MCE. So we added our own prices that automatically update at startup.

Well now that .24 is coming out, hopefully this will not be an issue anymore! At default MCE still uses its own prices. But now you have an option to change this. Load up KSP and Go to the MCE settings Menu in game. And change the USe MCE prices to false. This will make it for MCE uses the actual cost supplied by the parts config file! Then Reload KSP to make the settings load. Thats it.

Be aware that using default prices might make MCE a lot easier. Thats because some of the prices in the configs are not really that balanced. I highly suggest editing the MCSettings.cfg file and editing these lines and change the values to these settings.

payoutmode0 = .8 //this is default mode.

payoutmode1 = .9 //only used in career mode

payoutmode2 = 1 //only used in career mode

You can even go lower. Even at these settings I have found MCE to be to easy I suggest at least .6, .7, .8!

New Mission Controller Extended Version .50 And Beyond

Welcome to the new mission controller. .50 has brought a bunch of new features to MCE in hopes of getting MCE as close as possible to match the new Kerbal Space Program .24 when it is released.

Lets Get started what has changed?

  1. New Tool Bar system (Blizzy’s Tool Bar) is used to navigate MCE.
  2. New Random Contract Generator.
  3. New Custom Contract Generator.
  4. Hire Kerbals Now

What has Stayed the Same?

  1. Still have mission packages for you can select and use Missions Made by other users and Default Missions shipped with MCE.
  2. Finances are totally kept track of, how many missions launched, ships. Amount paid, amount spent of vessels.
  3. Bankruptcy, if your budget goes into the Negative values.
  4. MCE Science System for use in Career games.
  5. MCE still works in Sandbox mode, only difference is that there is no Science, or tech tree.
  6. Recycling your vessels, both Rockets and Space Planes.

Tool Bar Menu

To move around MCE many windows all you have to do is select its ToolBar Icon. All icons have pictures and a pop up message where the icon will lead you to.

Settings Menu

  1. Disable Plugin: This disables the plugin. Any vessel launched while plugin is disabled will be flagged and can never be used with any mission or contract for MCE. So be careful.
  2. Normal Mode: This is the default Difficulty Level for MCE.
  3. HardCore Mode: All this does is take away 40% of mission Payouts to make MCE harder.
  4. Reset your MCE saveGame: This will reset you Current .sp File to default values. Only use this if you want to start over. Note this will not reset your Kerbal Space Program Save, only MCE Save file.
  5. Reset Mission Goals: This will reset all saved goals in .sp file. use this if your having issues with goals not being completed. This is an issue with missions that can only be done once. If you do a mission that can only be done once and the vessel your using does 2 out of 3 goals (example) then you die (and don't revert or load quicksave). Start over with new vessel. The saved vessel ID of your older vessel is still saved to Goal 1 and 2. So when you try to do it again with new vessel and its new ID. Goals cannot be completed. use this to fix that. just make sure you have no other missions your working on. Because those goals will be deleted also.
  6. Reset All Mission Completed: This will completely wipe all the missions you have ever done in MCE and let you start at a clean state if you want to do them again. Will keep your Budget Intacts, and all other values! :)
  7. Reset Contract Time Set: This resets the MCE clock countdown for Random Contracts. If for any reason you think the MCE Contract Time is not working, or is stuck pressing this will reset it to 0.
  8. Reset Window Positions: If any of your MCE windows won’t work they most likely have been saved off screen. Use this button to Reset the windows to 0 value. This resets all windows! But you will get your Missing window back.
  9. Save Settings: This will save your current Settings.

  10. New debug menu. This by default is disabled but can be turned on by setting the debug menu to true in the settings.cfg file located in the Mission Controller Folder. The debug menu has a lot of options including the ability to run the simulation manually. This allows the user to test what companies, ships and asteroids are on target for that Simulation cycle. You can also cheat in money and science for testing purposes.

MCE Select Mission Menu

This is MCE mission selection window. Select the package button to get a list of the current Mission Packages that are installed into you MCE game. The default ones are RandomMissions and Stock. After you select your package you will have a list of missions to choose from.

MCE Contract Menu (New)

This is the area to go to if you want to see a current list of available contracts. Two Options are.


New in 23.5 KSP in .60 version of MCE is the ARM contract mission, you will get random contract missions that might have you capture a random asteriod in KSP. These missions typically pay out very well.

New In .65 new custom contract ARM mission you can now choose a custom made mission and select the asteroid you want to capture.

Contracts button brings you to MCE random contract generator. This is a system that will randomly choose for you certain base template missions to do. What makes the system random is that most values inside the contract are completely random. Mission Payouts, Orbits, etc. Also contracts are funded by companies. There are about 9 companies total in MCE that will offer you different contracts.


Some you will recognize others you won’t but all the different companies in MCE will offer you different things. Some companies pay really well, others don’t. Some offer more Science Payouts if you’re playing career mode, others do not. It’s completely random what company is going to offer you a contract. Which makes the whole system pretty fun.

When do contract show up?

The random system does a Time Check every 24 hours in game time (will = about 2 days kerbal time) and if the checks pass you will get contracts. If they fail you won’t. There will be times you will have 0 contracts available. Or you could have a max of 3 available.

What to do when I have more than 1 contract?

When this happens you can only choose 1 contract for that Time Period! Once you choose the accept button for the contract you want, all other contracts will disappear. At the same time your contract you choose will be locked into place. Meaning that until you finish that contract no others will be offered. The only way to get more offers is to finish the contract or Decline the contract!

All contracts are paid after mission completion.

Contract Types

Special Contracts:

Repair Contract.

You will be given a vessel to repair from the Contract Company. You will have to launch a vessel and Dock with the Vessel (most likely a satellite) and use MCE repair Parts to repair the vessel.

Building Vessels:

You might get a contract to help a company build a new prototype Orbiter or Possible Space Plane. The company will give you a list of requirement’s for vessel.


companies might offer you various test mission to do certain objectives. Like Fuel Test, EVA test, etc.

SOI Contracts:

SOI stands for Sphere Of Influence in this case this refers to The Kerbin SOI so anything that within range of Mun or minmus.

.60 has changed this now This is replaced with the new Science Orbital mission that requires a new MCE part.

Satellite missions:

Various missions from contractors that will have you deliver satellites to certain areas of Kerbin SOI. Most of these missions require the MCE Repair part and your choice of Docking Ports.


Send a probe to Mun or Minmus.


Some missions have certain test a contract might have you perform.

Out Of SOI Contracts:

These contracts will have you flying from kerbins SOI to other planetary bodies in the kerbol system.

Rover Missions:

These contracts will have you landing a rover on a celestial body. Highly recommend that you use other mods that have Unmanned Science parts for these missions. They make the missions much more fun. Also these missions pay out more science then most other contract type missions.

.60 update this has been replaced with a new Rover Science mission with its own part that needs to be placed on your rovers.

Custom Contracts

Don’t like the contracts that random system has to offer? How about that new shiny remote tech 2 you just installed, no mission for it?
Well look no further the Custom Contracts is MCE answer to your Questions. With the Custom Contracts Editor you can make your own missions. How does it work?

  1. You can Name your Mission.
  2. Place a Small description.
  3. First part going to ask if you have crew or not. Yes or no will decide if the actual mission is looking for crew or not. The more crew you have the more the payout.
  4. Your First goal should be a Orbit goal, you are only allowed 2 orbit goals for the contract (limitations on how things are saved). If you do use 2 Orbit goals, be aware they are ascending list and always first and 2nd for mission Goals.
  5. Do you want to dock with something? Possible goal only used once, and if you have 2 orbit goals will be placed after the 2nd orbit goal. If only 1 orbit goal placed after 1st. (if you add another orbit, it will move after 2nd)
  6. CrashGoal and Planet to crash (another possible goal) placed after docking.
  7. Landing Goal. Last goal in series. Your choice. Fly to duna and land? Or fly to duna then land at kerbin for return. Can only have 1 landing goal right now. (important).

When setting a Mission Goal you must reload the Contract to see it (the reload button is located right under the Goals button) If you happen to forget to set your name and description after you already set your goals. Set your names then chose Save Contract to save those changes.

When you’re done with your contract and happy with it press Send To Bidding to finalize the contract. A company will pick it up and you will see the payout for contract. (Must reload it again)

Go on your merry way and complete the mission.

Added in .51 Vessel Independent (true or false)

VESSEL INDEPENDENT: Use this on goals that you want to use a separate vessel on. IE if you launch a large vessel to Duna with a Interplanetary Stage and a separate lander its best to set the Landing goal as Vessel Independent True. That way the lander will not cause Landing goal not to be completed because its a new vessel.

Also if the vessel you launched is all in one then this is not needed. Only vessels that were made separate and launched separate into orbit need this.

Once mission is done you can go back into Usercontracts and Reset it, and start over with a new one. You can also watch this video to see me using the system and how it works as of .50 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYeW4_NceSE

MCE Current Budget Window

This window list all your current budget information. From this window you can access how many missions you flown. How many kerbals you hired. How many vessels you made and launched. How much has been spent total on vessels. Etc.

MCE Research Window (Career Only)

This is MCE research window if you’re in Sandbox mode this window is disabled! In career mode it is open for you to sink more Science into. MCE uses the same science points for its research as Kerbal Space Program uses for its science tree.

Vessel Recycling: And Assisted Rocket Landings

Researching this will allow you to recycle vessel when you recover them. You will get back certain percentage of the cost of the vessel back when you recover your vessels. Landing in water will lower the Percentage you get back.. And landing on land will Get you the most back for Rockets. If you have a space plane landing on the runway will recover most of the vessel cost for you.

types of Recycling 1. Auto Recycling with Parachuts: Add enough parachutes to a stage and you will be able to recover it for some cash back. 2. Auto Recycling With Assisted Rocket Landings: If you plan your stages well enough for you have 1000 DV left in a Spent stage and at least 1.5 TWR you will be able to recycle Space X style with Assisted Rocket landings. You also need to research this in MCE research Tree before you can do it.

Efficient fuels:

This will lower the cost of fuels when building new vessels.

Construction 1:

This will lower the Materials cost of Building New Vessels.

Construction 2:

This is the 2nd Tier Cost Reducing of Materials for building new vessels.

MissionPayouts 1:

When this is researched you will be given higher mission payouts in both contracts and regular missions.

MissionPayouts 2:

This will give you another increase for mission payouts and contract payouts!

Hide MCE Window Tool Bar Button

This will hide all of MCE Windows. Not including the Actual tool bar. The tool bar has its own Hide Fuction.

Ship Construction Window:

This will give you a list of all the construction cost for your vessel. MCE uses its own values to give KSP parts Values. And does not use the default KSP Cost. This was done to insure that even Mod parts will have values.

Revert Button:

You can use the MCE revert button as a test bed for your rockets. Build a new rocket and launch it to find out if it works or not. When done testing or crashing your rocket press the MCE revert button (Circle arrow) you will be charged 1000 Credit for the test flight.

only available in flight use this instead of the KSP revert button. Since MCE has its own save file separate from KSP Persistence save file this button helps keep MCE and KSP in check with each other. If you use the KSP button you could mess up missions. For instance If you were doing a mission and it has 3 goals. You completed 2 goals. (MCE saves those goals along with vessel id) on the 3rd goal you crashed and burned. So you decide to revert with KSP. Well once you launch the new vessel it will have a new Ship ID. And since MCE keeps track of what vessel is doing current mission once you get to Goal 3 you won’t be able to complete it! Because the Ship ID has changed and no longer matches.

To stop this from happening I added MCE revert button. This button reverts both MCE and KSP at the same time. Deleting any possible goals you might have completed for that mission and starting it over for you. Feel free to use the quick save as much as you want. This does not change the Vessel IDs at all. So have at it!

How does Vessel Recycling Work?

There are Three options for recycling vessels.

  1. The default option is to land your vessel (whats left of it) and select the Recover button for KSP like you always do when recovering your vessel. If you have recycling researched you will automatically be given back a percentage of the vessel cost. If you landed on land you will get the a higher percentage back then if you land on water. Also if you have a space plane and land on runway you will get most of the vessel cost back.. Not including Maintenance cost.

  2. Saving parts of your rockets when launching. You can also make use of the auto Recycling feature of MCE. For any parts you are staging if you put enough parachutes onto the parts that are being Staged the auto recycler will recycle those parts once they disappear from the flight scene. Even though you have to have the right amount of parachutes on the parts for them to count as recycled, YOU DON'T have to stage them to open! Just having them on the part is enough for MCE to calculate that the part would of survived a landing.

  3. You can also do a Rocket Assited landing by makeing sure you spent stage has at least a rocket engine, 1000 DV left for that stage and a TWR of 1.5 or more. No parachutes needed. When the stage passes the test you will get a message that you rocket stage has completed a Rocket Assisted landing and will get a payment back for the recovery of the vessel.

Whats the MCSettings.cfg file Do?

this is the nut and bolts of MCE. Pretty much every single value that MCE uses comes from this .cfg file. And its totally editable to you the user. If you do not like something about MCE.. Payouts to litte? Parts cost to much? Don't like the company names or the their values? How about Research items? Well if you want to change those values this is the file you need to do it. Pretty much the file itself explains what does what. So have fun. We made MCE the best way we could. But sometimes our ideas of fun might not be fun in your eyes. So if you want to change it then most likely this file will help you.

Current Companies In MCE that give you contracts.

  1. Kerlington Model Rockets and Paper Products Inc (Avergae Payouts Great science)
  2. Kerbal X Space Research (sub par payouts Great science)
  3. Kebello AeroSpace And Flight Dynamics (Above average payouts and average science)
  4. Steadler Engineering Corps (Below average payouts and Great science)
  5. Kerman Orbital Sciences Co (above average payouts Unreal science)
  6. Kerbal Scaled Composites (avoe average payouts average science)
  7. Jebediah Kerban's Junkyard and Spaceship parts CO (average pay, little below average science)
  8. Rockomax Conglomerate (average pay average science)
  9. Probodobodyne Inc (little above avearage pay great science)