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Contribution guide

We hope the collective's mission has inspired you to follow the community's work, post your thoughts, and share your experiments. There are many ways to get involved and contribute to this movement.


We'd like to host several kinds of posts from different voices in the community. If you'd like to write something, please open an issue or get in touch.

Some of the types of content we have in mind include:

  • Summaries of papers and projects in the community
  • Reports of experiments in progress
  • Essays on what malleable software should be and how we can get there


Along with the blog, we've also started a catalog of projects, people, discussions, and other efforts in this field. We hope it can grow to become a comprehensive list of resources for the community.

If you know of people, projects, threads, or anything else that should be added to the catalog, please feel free to edit the data and open a pull request. If you're not sure what should be added, but you'd like to help with the curation effort, there's a queue of items waiting to be added, and we'd be happy to have your help curating them. If curation sounds like too much work, please at least open an issue so it can eventually be added when someone has time to do so.

The current workflow for adding something to catalog looks roughly like this:

  1. Read / try / examine the item you're interested in adding
  2. Quotes that highlight the connection to the collective's mission are a big part of the catalog, so try to find a few as you go along
  3. If this is your first contribution, add yourself to the contributors list using your username as the ID and including your avatar
  4. Add a new entry to the list of works in the catalog data
  5. For help with filling out the various fields, you can look at other examples in the catalog as well as the template that renders the catalog page (it's not a very strict schema, so you occasionally may need to add new fields or tweak the template)
  6. The list of actors in the catalog data highlights key people who have authored significant related works. Only a subset of authors are added here, and it's a bit of a subjective choice. If someone is appearing in several works, that suggests it's a good moment to add more info about them in the actors list and reference them by their actor ID in the author list of all their works. If you're adding the first work by a particular author, it's likely best to just list their name explicitly in the work data and skip the actors list.
  7. The suggesters field tracks anyone who may have mentioned the item might be a good fit for the catalog, and ideally this references their ID from the contributors list, but we can clean that up in a separate pass if it's too much trouble
  8. The curators field tracks anyone involved in summarising and writing up the catalog metadata, and that's you, so please add your ID from the contributors list here
  9. Add at least one and up to a few quotes that highlight how the item relates to the collective's mission
  10. Open a pull request, and we'll review and merge your addition! 🎉

You may have noticed there's quite a few fields tracking who did what along the way. At the collective, we believe it's important to recognise all forms of contribution, so we're doing our best to record everyone involved in the process so we can feature them on the site (soon).

If you would like to preview your new item before submission, you should be able to do so:

  1. Install Hugo
  2. Clone this repo
  3. Fetch submodules as well: git submodule update --init
  4. Run hugo server at root level of the repo

Our CI system will also deploy a preview site once you open your PR, so it's easy for everyone to check over your contribution.

If you made it this far, thanks so much for your help! 😄


At the end of the day, we want this to be a space for anyone working to advance the goals of malleable software. If you have thoughts or feedback on how best to achieve that, please open an issue or send us a note.