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The effect of and other on-demand services on SMBs
Web Services Upend Old Ideas About the Little Guy's Role - New York Times

NYTimes had a nice article (click the link above) talking about how the new on-demand (SaaS) software services are helping small companies in the US to use IT in really cool ways like never before and increase their performance. There's a professional wedding photographer business using for CRM, a small brewery invested in its own CRM tool being maintained again as an on-demand web service by a software services company, and then there's another small business which is using IBM's on-demand spam/virus service and saving loads of time which otherwise normally is wasted by reading spam and facing the wrath of viruses. This is really cool stuff especially if you're like me and interested in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model for SMBs.

technorati tags: saas, ondemand, web2.0, crm, smb, salesforce

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