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Creating interactive presentations on Binder with RISE



Useful commands

  • install environment: conda env create -f binder/environment.yml
  • download data and setup: . binder/postBuild
  • blacken: black-nb --clear-output .
  • to html: jupyter nbconvert --to slides --execute notebook.ipynb

RISE allows you to quickly generate a live, interactive presentation from a Jupyter Notebook that is connected to the underlying Kernel of the notebook. Using a new feature for automatically launching the RISE plugin when a notebook is opened, RISE can be used to share interactive presentations that run in the cloud with Binder. This repository demonstrates how to accomplish this.

To make your RISE presentation automatically-launch with it is open, add an autolaunch=true configuration parameter to a notebook's livereveal section in the metadata. E.g.:

"livereveal": {
        "autolaunch": true

When the notebook is launched, your presentation will automatically begin.

See the RISE Documentation for more information.

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