A Beamer theme that adheres to the University of Sydney Branding
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This is an unofficial version of the University of Sydney presentation template for use with beamer. It generally keeps to the intent of the official presentation, however the most noticeable difference is the fonts.

The template has been tested in both the 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, and should work in any other.

The latest examples can be downloaded from the releases page or directly from the links below.

How to use

To add this theme to your presentation (assuming you are using git to version control it as well), from the root directory you can add the repository as a submodule

git submodule add https://github.com/malramsay64/usyd-beamer-theme.git

To incorporate that directory into the path LaTeX searches add the following before the \usetheme directive


Then include the following after the \usetheme directive.


This adds the path of the image to the path to look for files.

Then using the theme is then as simple as adding the theme



The image in the titlegraphic is customisable using the \titlegraphic{<filename>} command, where <filename> is the filename of the image you want to use. The width of the image will always be half the slide width. To prevent any issues with the image not filling the vertical height of the slide there is a \titlegraphicbackground{<colour>} command which will change the colour of the background to whichever colour you want, where <colour> is a colour defined using the \color{} command. The default colour is white.

An additional logo can be added to the titlepage next to the USYD logo with the \affiliationlogo{<filename>} command.

Removing the footline can be done by adding the following code snippet to your document.


Logobar Theme

A variation on the theme which includes navigation elements in a bar at the top of each slide. This optional variation on the theme is enabled by passing the logobar option when specifying the theme.


You can see this theme in action in the example-logobar.pdf file.

To get the dots in the logobar as displayed in the example images, you either need to create subsections

\subsection{An Introduction subsection}

Or alternatively, you can increment the subsection counter


This second approach is particularly useful for shorter presentations where subsections don't make sense.

This theme variation was contributed by Joel Nothman.


There is also support for a poster using the beamerposter package with \usetheme{usyd-poster}.


Thanks to these people for their contributions