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⌨️ (WIP) a typing game focused on rap lyrics
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i don't got no type

Heyo, this is "i don't got no type" - a super small project I made because my wisdom teeth removal made it much harder to do anything else. It's a very simple typing game that has rap lyrics as the words you're typing out. As it functions right now, it's a very rough project, and is nowhere near a final product.

In the future, I'd like to add a timer, a censor option (there's one specific word that I don't like typing out!), and maybe some more innovative features. We'll see if any of those come to fruition!

I include a small (semi-not-useful) script in format that can take Genius song lyrics and generally format them in a way that the web app can handle. All of that information is parsed and stored in data.json.

I built this with create-react-app.


In order to run this locally, you just need to clone the repo, npm install, and npm start:

$ git clone
$ cd i-dont-got-no-type
$ npm install
$ npm start
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