Errors do not indicate position in macro-templates #87

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wichert commented Jan 10, 2012

I have a template which uses another template which defines a bunch of METAL macros. When there is an error in one of those macros Chameleon raises an exception which provides the position of the calling template, but does not indicate on what position in the macro-template the error occurs.

ExpressionError: unexpected EOF while parsing

 - String:   "'checked' if option[2] None"
 - Filename: templates/

 - Expression: "snippets['text']"
 - Filename:  templates/
 - Location:   (12:62)

 - Source:     ... 'firstname'" use-macro="snippets['text']"/>

It would be helpful if there was Location-data for the error.

malthe commented Oct 11, 2012

Is this still an issue? I forget if there's been an improvement here.

malthe commented Dec 6, 2016

Please re-open with a minimal example.

@malthe malthe closed this Dec 6, 2016
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