Make Environmental Variable Available #191

Undistraction opened this Issue Aug 29, 2013 · 3 comments

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I'm getting problems when running RSpec specs on a Rails app due to a missing Environmental Variable that is defined in my .bash_profile

# Postgres
export PGHOST=localhost

Without this env set, Rails can't connect to the Postgres database. How can I make this env available to Ruby Test when it runs the specs?

Obviously if I launch Sublime Text from the command line these envs are available and everything works great.

gs commented Oct 7, 2013

don't have proper solution yet, but its good that at least it works from command line :)

please try to edit RubyTest.sublime-settings and add you PGHOST=localhost before

"run_ruby_unit_command": "PGHOST=localhost ruby -Itest {relative_path}",

maybe it will work....


I would like to do the same thing. With export RUBYOPT=-Ku. Unfortunately the suggested solution does not work. I hope a workaround can be found. Thanks!



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