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TestUnit runner is used when having RSpec file with 'test' in name #228

thomaslundstrom opened this Issue Mar 5, 2014 · 2 comments

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We are using RubyTest to run a few specs from within Sublime. However, some of our specs have been impossible to run - when we tried to run one test, we got the "No Test Found" alert, and when we tried to run the entire file, we got
/Users/{me}/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p484/bin/ruby:1: invalid multibyte char (US-ASCII)
[Finished in 0.7s with exit code 1]

This appeared quite recently - for me it appeared yesterday (I think) and for my team mate, it appeared one or two weeks ago. So yesterday I scratched my head a lot, but this morning I opened the console to view the error message, and I saw:
Running /Users/{me}/.rvm/bin/rvm-auto-ruby -S ruby -Itest spec/models/test_me_spec.rb

It seems RubyTest is trying to run the spec file with the TestUnit runner! I've spelunked a bit, and it seems as if as long as I have the word 'test' (as in test_me_spec.rb), I get the error. If I rename the file to 'spec_me_spec.rb' (or any other name that doesn't contain 'test') it works flawlessly.

(As to why I'm using the word 'test' in a spec - well, tests are a part of our domain, so our models names contain 'test'.)


Digging a bit more, I noticed that the matchers in the file_type function checks if the current file is a TestUnit file runs before it checks if the file is a RSpec file.

My issue is that RubyTest gets stuck in
elif'test_\w+.rb', file_name):
partition_folder = self.find_partition_folder(file_name, RUBY_UNIT_FOLDER)
return BaseRubyTask.UnitFile(file_name, partition_folder)

i.e. if the file name has the string "test_" somewhere in the file, it's a TestUnit file.

In the settings file there are: {..."ruby_unit_folder": "test", "ruby_rspec_folder": "spec" ...}. I supposed that these folder names were used when matching runners. But at least as far as I've dug, it seems as if it's not done?

As a workaround, is there some way of disabling e.g. TestUnit/Shoulda from RubyTest?

phawk commented Aug 27, 2014

+1 having this issue myself

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