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Freescale MC1322x Series ARM7 802.15.4 Processor

The purpose of this site is to develop Open Source tools and hardware for the Freescale MC13224V and MC13226V processor.

Guides and Documentation


Software Packages

The project currently contains the software packages described below:

libmc1322x: Simple build system, library, and test programs for mc13224v based hardware. Easy to include into your own projects as a submodule to build stand-alone programs.

linux802154-serialdev Firmware that implements the Linux 802.15.4 serial device driver.


$ git clone git://

Very basic support for qemu. No peripherals yet, but you can load images to address 0x00000000 and 0x00400000.

See README.qemu.mc1322x for details.

The machine does not support the NVM (onboard flash memory) which might contain important factory calibration data. This would be very nice to have.

Mailing List

The mailing list for this project is Click here to subscribe. View the archives.


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