econotag antenna hack

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Hacking an SMA connector onto an Econotag

Warning this can cause permanent damage to your econotag

Antenna Area

Econotag Antenna:

This hack will be shown on a blank PCB as I'm going to remove the stock antenna completely.

Cut Here

Cut the antenna off right where the ground plane under the feed ends. You will lose access to the following pins: ADC0-1; VREF1,L,H; IO42, TXON, RXON, IO43.<

Add SMA connector

Add the SMA connector so that the center pin mates with the feed. Solder the center pin to the feed.

This one from Digikey should be fine: CONSMA002-ND

Solder the ground connection

Solder some ground pins on the SMA to the ground plane on the econotag. For the configuration shown, doing this on the back side is best.

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