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@@ -12,15 +12,15 @@ A minimal, single-user deployment of [Eclipse Orion](
## Requirements
* node.js (plus npm)
-* A web browser
+* A modern web browser with Web Socket support (for example: Firefox 15, Chrome 22, Internet Explorer 10, Safari 6)
## Known Issues
* Missing file operations: import and export.
-* Copy and Move only work on files, not folders (yet).
-* The breadcrumb is buggy.
+* Copy and Move only work on files, not folders (yet, see issue #4).
+* The breadcrumb is buggy (see issue #10).
* The node.js development features are a work in progress. Current limitations are:
- * Standard output (and error) from a running node app is currently discarded and cannot be viewed. (We're working on it!)
* There's no way to provide standard input to a running node app.
+ * Output from Shell commands doesn't look nice (whitespace is not preserved, so the text runs together).
## Usage
1. Checkout the orionode repository from GitHub. (Alternatively, you can install orionode using npm by running ```npm install orion```).

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