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Simple wrappers on the API
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Simple wrappers on the json interface. Install the skill from here.

See the board here:

RobotCommander.IO Skill

This is meant to be used with the "Robot Commander" Alexa Skill and a Raspberry PI Sense Hat

The Skill:

To get started, try the Robot Commander Skill, then, get your Robot Commander ID by saying:

"Alexa, ask Robot Commander for my ID"


If you are already in Robot Commander say:

"What is my Commander ID"

Alexa will respond with a 6 character code. Put that code in the ID slot of the source, and watch your robot's progress in real-time-IOT.

Things you can say...

Once installed, tell your robot to go forward, left or right. The little blue dot will move with your commands.

To start the script...

Edit: ./sense-hat/

Change the line:


Where qmda82 is my ID, put yours in there.

Then run the script:

nohup python ./sense-hat/

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