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// license:BSD-3-Clause
// copyright-holders:David Haywood
/* It's a standard 486 PC motherboard, gfx card etc. with expansion ROM board
probably impossible to emulate right now due to the bad / missing (blank when read) rom
although it would be a good idea if somebody checked for sure
- bp 932d1, ROM banking that reads at 0xffffe???
readme by f205v
Game: Pango Fun
Anno: 1995
Produttore: InfoCube (Pisa-Italy)
N.revisione: rl00rv00
Main PCB (it's a standard 486 motherboard):
1x 80486
1x oscillator 14.31818 MHz
Video PCB (it's a standard VGA EISA board):
1x CIRRUS CLGD5401-42QC-B-31063-198AC
Sound PCB (missing, it's a standard ISA 16bit sound card):
ROMs PCB (it's a custom PCB, with EISA connector to motherboard on one side and JAMMA connetcor on the other side):
1x NE555P
Main PCB (it's a standard 486 motherboard):
1x 27C512 (bios)
Video PCB (it's a standard VGA EISA board):
1x maskrom (28pin) (VGAbios)(not dumped)
Sound PCB (missing, it's a standard ISA 16bit sound card):
ROMs PCB (it's a custom PCB, with EISA connector to motherboard on one side and JAMMA connetcor on the other side):
5x AM27C040 (u11,u12,u31,u32,u33)
1x TMS27C040 (u13)(probably corrupted)
1x INTEL27C010A (u39)
4x PALCE16V8H (u5,u25,u26,u28)(not dumped yet)
1x PALCE20V8H (u42)
1x PALCE20V8H (u44)(not dumped yet)
2x PALCE22V10H (u45,u49)(not dumped yet)
Main PCB (it's a standard 486 motherboard):
1x Keyboard DIN connector (not used)
Video PCB (it's a standard VGA EISA board):
1x VGA connetctor (to ROMs PCB)
1x red/black cable (to ROMs PCB)
Sound PCB (missing, it's a standard ISA 16bit sound card):
1x stereo audio out (to ROMs PCB)
ROMs PCB (it's a custom PCB, with EISA connector to motherboard on one side and JAMMA connetcor on the other side):
1x EISA connector (into motherboard)
1x JAMMA edge connector
1x VGA in connector (from Video PCB)
1x stereo audio jack (from sound card)
1x 13x2 legs connector(only 2 legs used for red/black cable from Video PCB)
1x trimmer (volume)
2x 8 switches dip
I have:
3 Main PCBs (all of them without 80486)
11 Video PCBs
4 ROMs PCBs (only one has EPROMs)
Game was programmed by Giovanni Tummarello and Roberto Molinelli in 1990 for Amiga;
it was an action/strategy videogame published by Proxxima Software (Rome, Italy) and
later ported to PC machines and published in 1994 by AIM Games software (US) and in
Arcade Version (Coin-Op) by InfoCube (Pisa, Italy)
#include "emu.h"
#include "cpu/i386/i386.h"
#include "machine/pcshare.h"
#include "video/pc_vga.h"
#include "screen.h"
class pangofun_state : public pcat_base_state
pangofun_state(const machine_config &mconfig, device_type type, const char *tag)
: pcat_base_state(mconfig, type, tag) { }
void pangofun(machine_config &config);
void init_pangofun();
virtual void machine_start() override;
void pcat_io(address_map &map);
void pcat_map(address_map &map);
void pangofun_state::pcat_map(address_map &map)
map(0x00000000, 0x0009ffff).ram();
map(0x000a0000, 0x000bffff).rw("vga", FUNC(vga_device::mem_r), FUNC(vga_device::mem_w));
map(0x000c0000, 0x000c7fff).rom().region("video_bios", 0);
map(0x000e0000, 0x000effff).rom().region("game_prg", 0);
map(0x000f0000, 0x000fffff).rom().region("bios", 0);
/* TODO: correct RAM mapping/size? */
map(0x00100000, 0x00ffffff).noprw();
map(0x01000000, 0x01ffffff).ram();
map(0x02000000, 0xfffeffff).noprw();
map(0xffff0000, 0xffffffff).rom().region("bios", 0);
void pangofun_state::pcat_io(address_map &map)
map(0x00e0, 0x00e3).nopw();
map(0x03b0, 0x03bf).rw("vga", FUNC(vga_device::port_03b0_r), FUNC(vga_device::port_03b0_w));
map(0x03c0, 0x03cf).rw("vga", FUNC(vga_device::port_03c0_r), FUNC(vga_device::port_03c0_w));
map(0x03d0, 0x03df).rw("vga", FUNC(vga_device::port_03d0_r), FUNC(vga_device::port_03d0_w));
#define AT_KEYB_HELPER(bit, text, key1) \
static INPUT_PORTS_START( pangofun )
PORT_BIT ( 0x0001, 0x0000, IPT_UNUSED ) /* unused scancode 0 */
AT_KEYB_HELPER( 0x0002, "Esc", KEYCODE_Q ) /* Esc 01 81 */
AT_KEYB_HELPER( 0x0020, "Y", KEYCODE_Y ) /* Y 15 95 */
AT_KEYB_HELPER( 0x1000, "Enter", KEYCODE_ENTER ) /* Enter 1C 9C */
AT_KEYB_HELPER( 0x0002, "N", KEYCODE_N ) /* N 31 B1 */
AT_KEYB_HELPER( 0x0800, "F1", KEYCODE_S ) /* F1 3B BB */
AT_KEYB_HELPER( 0x0040, "(MF2)Cursor Up", KEYCODE_UP ) /* Up 67 e7 */
AT_KEYB_HELPER( 0x0080, "(MF2)Page Up", KEYCODE_PGUP ) /* Page Up 68 e8 */
AT_KEYB_HELPER( 0x0100, "(MF2)Cursor Left", KEYCODE_LEFT ) /* Left 69 e9 */
AT_KEYB_HELPER( 0x0200, "(MF2)Cursor Right", KEYCODE_RIGHT ) /* Right 6a ea */
AT_KEYB_HELPER( 0x0800, "(MF2)Cursor Down", KEYCODE_DOWN ) /* Down 6c ec */
AT_KEYB_HELPER( 0x1000, "(MF2)Page Down", KEYCODE_PGDN ) /* Page Down 6d ed */
AT_KEYB_HELPER( 0x4000, "Del", KEYCODE_A ) /* Delete 6f ef */
void pangofun_state::machine_start()
void pangofun_state::pangofun(machine_config &config)
/* basic machine hardware */
I486(config, m_maincpu, 25000000); /* I486 ?? Mhz (25 according to POST) */
m_maincpu->set_addrmap(AS_PROGRAM, &pangofun_state::pcat_map);
m_maincpu->set_addrmap(AS_IO, &pangofun_state::pcat_io);
m_maincpu->set_irq_acknowledge_callback("pic8259_1", FUNC(pic8259_device::inta_cb));
/* video hardware */
subdevice<screen_device>("screen")->set_vblank_time(ATTOSECONDS_IN_USEC(2500)); /* not accurate */
ROM_REGION32_LE(0x20000, "bios", 0) /* motherboard bios */
ROM_LOAD("bios.bin", 0x000000, 0x10000, CRC(e70168ff) SHA1(4a0d985c218209b7db2b2d33f606068aae539020) )
ROM_REGION(0x20000, "video_bios", 0) /* Trident TVGA9000 BIOS */
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE("prom.vid", 0x00000, 0x04000, CRC(ad7eadaf) SHA1(ab379187914a832284944e81e7652046c7d938cc) )
ROM_CONTINUE( 0x00001, 0x04000 )
/* this is what was on the rom board, mapping unknown */
ROM_REGION(0xa00000, "game_prg", 0) /* rom board */
ROM_LOAD("bank8.u39", 0x000000, 0x20000, CRC(72422c66) SHA1(40b8cca3f99925cf019053921165f6a4a30d784d) )
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE("bank0.u11", 0x100001, 0x80000, CRC(6ce951d7) SHA1(1dd09491c651920a8a507bdc6584400367e5a292) )
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE("bank0.u31", 0x100000, 0x80000, CRC(b6c06baf) SHA1(79074b086d24737d629272d98f17de6e1e650485) )
/* Following two references to a SB Pro clone sound card. */
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE("bank1.u12", 0x200001, 0x80000, CRC(5adc1f2e) SHA1(17abde7a2836d042a698661339eefe242dd9af0d) )
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE("bank1.u32", 0x200000, 0x80000, CRC(5647cbf6) SHA1(2e53a74b5939b297fa1a77441017cadc8a19ddef) )
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE("bank2.u13", 0x300001, 0x80000, BAD_DUMP CRC(504bf849) SHA1(13a184ec9e176371808938015111f8918cb4df7d) ) // EMPTY! (Definitely Bad, interleaves with the next ROM)
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE("bank2.u33", 0x300000, 0x80000, CRC(272ecfb6) SHA1(6e1b6bdef62d953de102784ba0148fb20182fa87) )
/*bank3.u14 , NOT POPULATED */
/*bank3.u34 , NOT POPULATED */
/*bank4.u15 , NOT POPULATED */
/*bank4.u35 , NOT POPULATED */
/*bank5.u16 , NOT POPULATED */
/*bank5.u36 , NOT POPULATED */
/*bank6.u17 , NOT POPULATED */
/*bank6.u37 , NOT POPULATED */
/*bank7.u18 , NOT POPULATED */
/*bank7.u37 , NOT POPULATED */
/*bank8.u19 , NOT POPULATED */
void pangofun_state::init_pangofun()
GAME( 1995, pangofun, 0, pangofun, pangofun, pangofun_state, init_pangofun, ROT0, "InfoCube", "Pango Fun (Italy)", MACHINE_NOT_WORKING|MACHINE_NO_SOUND )
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