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Normalizers and analyzers to convert ECNSpider (old) and PathSpider ECN connectivity and negotiation measurement data to observations for the MAMI Path Transparency Observatory (PTO).


ecn_normalizer converts various raw data formats containing ECN to observation files suitable for use with the PTO. It implements the PTO local normalizer interface.

To use ecn_normalizer from the command-line (assuming bash or a bash-like shell):

$ ecn_normalizer < raw_data.ext 3< metadata.json > observations.ndjson

To use ecn_normalizer as a normalizer with a PTO instance, subsequently loading the results into the database:

$ ptonorm -config pto_config.json ecn_normalizer campaign_name file_name > observations.ndjson
$ ptoload -config pto_config.json observations.ndjson

ecn_normalizer can handle raw data of the following filetypes:

Filetype Description
pathspider-v1-ecn-ndjson Output from Pathspider v1 ecn plugin
pathspider-v1-ecn-ndjzon-bz2 (compressed)


ecn_normalizer passes observations through from PathSpider; the conditions generated and their meanings are described in the ECN plugin documentation

Additional Metadata

ecn_normalizer passes any arbitrary metadata in the raw metadata through to the observation metadata. In addition, it uses the following metadata keys for its operation:

Key Description
source_override If present, replace first element in the path with this value
source_prepend If present, insert value before first element in the path


ecn_stabilizer looks at multiple measurements grouped by vantage point to the same targets, and creates derived conditions for stable observed connectivity. This is used to reduce the noise floor of transience in connectivity observations. It implements the PTO local analyzer interface.

To use ecn_stabilizer with a PTO instance:

$ ptocat -config pto_config.json set_id ... | ecn_stabilizer > observations.ndjson
$ ptoload -config pto_config.json observations.ndjson


ECN analyzers for Path Transparency Observatory (PAPI v3)



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