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Add note about twitter search operators (refs #149)

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1 parent 6e6eafa commit fdc93ff4e4a8901d7ac0412aeb32281a213a7862 @purcell purcell committed Jul 20, 2011
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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
username: null, // [string or array] required unless using the 'query' option; one or more twitter screen names (use 'list' option for multiple names, where possible)
list: null, // [string] optional name of list belonging to username
favorites: false, // [boolean] display the user's favorites instead of his tweets
- query: null, // [string] optional search query
+ query: null, // [string] optional search query (see also:
avatar_size: null, // [integer] height and width of avatar if displayed (48px max)
count: 3, // [integer] how many tweets to display?
fetch: null, // [integer] how many tweets to fetch via the API (set this higher than 'count' if using the 'filter' option)

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