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Developer Program Member


Hsiaoming Yang lepture China & Japan

Trinh Nguyen dangtrinhnt

Just a tinkerer.

Saigon South International School Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nate Aune natea

Founder of @appsembler, provider of Open edX-as-a-service, and @jazkarta, web consulting firm specializing in Python and Plone.

Appsembler Berkeley, CA

Régis B. regisb

Freelance software engineer. Expert in Open edX, machine learning, computer vision, Python.


Wes Bos wesbos

I create courses that make learning things like JavaScript easy and fun 🔥

Self Employed, JavaScript/Design Consultant Hamilton, Ontario

Prakhar Srivastav prakhar1989

San Francisco, CA

Nickhil Sethi Nickhil-Sethi

Python hacker, science nerd. AI, Computational Econ + Bio

New York, New York

igel0 igel0

Electrical engineer. Enamored with all things Arduino. Into IoT.

New York

Vasa vasanthk

WalmartLabs San Francisco

Guido van Rossum gvanrossum

Dropbox, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area

Nick Craver NickCraver

Architecture Lead, Developer, Site Reliability Engineer & DBA Stack Overflow. MS MVP. I build very fast things to make life easier for millions of developers.

Stack Overflow (@StackExchange) Winston-Salem, NC

Alex defaultnamehere

Kid with a laptop and a pocketful of memes.


George N. Wong gnwong

UIUC Urbana, Illinois

Edward Ssangwook Hong EdwardHong

NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences: MSCS. Interested in software engineering & predictive modeling

United States

Jimmy Jia taion

I know. But I do not approve. And I am not resigned.

@4Catalyzer New York

Nicolas D. Jimenez nicodjimenez

CEO of Mathpix

Mathpix Palo Alto

Zach Holman holman

previously: @github, @gild, advising: @gitlabhq, @dockbit,

San Francisco

Kenneth Auchenberg auchenberg

Microsoft Vancouver, Canada

Michael Lee michaellee1

PatientPing Long Island

Alex Rothberg cancan101

4Catalyzer New York, NY

Jeff King peff

GitHub Charlottesville, VA

Vincent Voyer vvo

JavaScript developer working at @algolia on OSS libraries

@algolia Paris, france

Nathan LeClaire nathanleclaire

Docker Inc San Francisco, CA

Solomon Hykes shykes

Docker San Francisco, CA

Piotr Mitros pmitros

Creator of Open edX, an open source platform for teaching-and-learning which powers about 200 learning portals, and has hundreds of contributors.

@edx Cambridge