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InspIRCd Wiki » System Requirements

To compile and run InspIRCd, the following software and hardware is required:


  • 750MHz CPU
  • 300MB RAM
  • 50MB free disk space (more may be needed if building in debug mode)

It is possible to get InspIRCd running on lower spec systems than listed here, however this is unsupported. If you are running on an ancient system, we will not be able to assist you if you have problems.

Required Software

  • A modern UNIX-like or Windows operating system.
  • GCC 3.0 or Clang 3.0
  • Perl 5.8 or above for ./configure and ./inspircd scripts.

Optional Software

Modules in the src/modules/extra/ directory require extra software to be properly compiled and run. The software can be found in the following subsections.


InspIRCd offers two types of SSL implementations: GnuTLS (recommended) and OpenSSL.

To compile either of these modules for InspIRCd, you must have the binaries and development package for your selected type of SSL.

NOTE If you are using FreeBSD and you would like to use OpenSSL, you MUST install OpenSSL from the ports tree as the OpenSSL that comes built-in to the system does not use pkg-config which is required for InspIRCd.

Debian/Ubuntu users, install the following packages:


  • libgnutls-dev
  • gnutls-bin
  • pkg-config


  • libssl1.0.0
  • libssl-dev
  • pkg-config

Fedora/CentOS/etc users, install the following package:


  • gnutls
  • gnutls-devel
  • gnutls-utils
  • pkgconfig


  • openssl
  • openssl-devel
  • pkgconfig


InspIRCd offers various types of Regex engines to be used. Each engine has dependencies on certain software.

The GLOB regex engine is available on all platforms and has no dependencies.

The POSIX regex engine is not available to Windows platforms, and has no other dependencies.

The PCRE engine requires the source libraries to build against. Debian/Ubuntu users can install libpcre3-dev and it's dependencies with Apt. Fedora/CentOS/etc users can install pcre and pcre-devel packages with Yum.

The TRE engine requires the source libraries to build against. Debian/Ubuntu users can install libtre4 and libtre4-dev with Apt. Fedora/CentOS/etc users can install tre and tre-devel with Yum.