legacy-free IRCv3.2 server built ontop of ircreactor
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mammon and mammond are built ontop of ircreactor, an ircv3.2 compliant message bus implementation. ircreactor provides the bus implementation, while mammond provides the interpretation. mammon is just a control tool for mammond.

mammon operates on the principle of a message transform pipeline. Messages are translated into intermediate representation by ircreactor, turned into lower-level representation by mammond and then the effects of the low-level IR are applied to the global network state.

This allows for numerous advantages, such as the ability to prove the functional correctness of the interpretation, verses the IRCv3 specifications and RFC1459, as well as complete visualization of the side-effects of IRC messages (thus hopefully driving a more correct client protocol in the future).


There are many things where help would be welcome. Some of the goals are below.

  • implement lots of missing things (IRCv3.1/3.2-draft compliance)
  • actually implement server linking
  • implement services-less IAL/SASL (this depends on the IRCv3.2/3.3 proposal I submitted)

install / running

Once ready for use, we will provide a setup.py which will install it. Then you will just do something like

mammond --config /path/to/mammond.conf


Normally one might deploy mammon using pip install mammon, which will install all the dependencies (of course, this only applies once we ship something).

In the meantime the dependencies are:

  • Python 3.4 (or Python 3.3+ with Tulip, or PyPy SVN with Tulip),
  • ircmatch library,
  • ircreactor library,
  • PyYAML library,
  • passlib library (if password hashing is used).


Join us at irc.dereferenced.org #mammon or irc.dereferenced.org #offtopic (for now).

  • SSL is on port 6697 and should provide you the following certificate:
    • md5 fingerprint=2a8b2f32feded9bad1df39791d0a67c9
    • sha1 fingerprint=467569bce7d7a9f3379b9a303b377a13b64ff87c
    • sha256 fingerprint=19951e030aaf41a411145467e1f4e2e056be2b7f892b8db4dc8c2998ae844e2c