various examples of coding against azure services via HTTP
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Azure Console



Mike Amundsen (

To use this stuff, you'll need your own Azure Storage project, endpoint, and sharedkey

2008-12-14 (mca)
Added support for "paging" for Table queries. 
Added several feed documents for testing purposes.

2008-12-12 (mca)
Added support for "paging" via the custom continuation headers. This is currently only in the
Queries() method [GET Entities] and 'kicks in' when you use the $top=n query argument.

2008-12-11 (mca)
This is the first 'complete' version of the Azure.exe command-line app. It has full support for
Tables(GET, POST, DELETE) and Entities(GET, POST, PUT, MERGE, DELETE) as well as suport for ad-hoc
queries. The full details of proper query syntax escape me right now. Seems some features of Astoria
are not available for Azure Tables yet; more to come.

NOTE: There is a dependency in this code for another assembly of mine: Amundsen.Utilites.dll. The source
is not in this "git" but can be pulled from I'll pull together a complete
source kit in the next few days and make it available as a ZIP set.

2008-12-09 (mca)
Updated to clean up Entity details. Added sample XML documents (properites.xml & mytable.xml).
This version has full support for Tables & Entities (GET, POST, PUT, MERGE, DELETE). See the "commands.txt"
file for examples.

2008-12-08 (mca)
This is a set of test and on-off apps experimenting w/ MSFT Azure Table Storage.
This uses only base-line C# (2.0) - no fancy SDKs. All done via HTTP request/response.

This is really early stuff. Likely it doesn't do what you want. Use it if you like, but don't complain.
Make it better and tell me all about it.