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Adding Extensions

Collection+JSON was designed to support optional extensions rather easily. While devs are free to invent new extensions and use them in their own implementations, it is a good idea to create "registered" extensions that appear here in the repo. The advantages of doing this include getting useful feedback from others in the group, sharing approved extensions with existing developer community, and getting to say your work is one of the "approved" extensions for CJ.

It is also possible that one or more registered extensions may, at some future point, be rolled up into a new vesrion of CJ.

Optional, Ignored

It is important to keep in mind that all CJ extensions MUST be treated as optional and ignored. That means the extension cannot invalidate or override any baseline functionality defined in CJ and that you should expect existing client implementations to ignore this extension. This rule will affect the design and feasibility of extensions; in some cases making a particular extension implementation almost impossible.

Process for Adding an Extension

The process for adding an extension is rather informal, but has been designed to take advantage of the existing CJ community for feedback and approval. The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Start a discussion thread on collection-json mailing list
  2. Fork the CJ repo
  3. Create a new branch (use a name that relates to your extension)
  4. Add a new extension definition to the extensions folder in your repo
  5. Send a Pull Request to the shared repo
  6. Continue discussions in the ML and the repo comments
  7. Once all is settled, the PR will be merged into the CJ master repo

Approval is Not Required

Its important to point out that no one is required to register their extensions in the CJ repo. This is an optional process designed to improve the quality of the extension set and increase the likelihood of their use across the CJ community.

Feel free to discuss this, and any other topic, on the collection-json mailing list any time.

Mike Amundsen