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1 # README for a newly created project.
3 There are a couple of things you should do first, before you can use all of Git's power:
5 * Add a remote to this project: in the Cloud9 IDE command line, you can execute the following commands
6 `git remote add [remote name] [remote url (eg. '')]` [Enter]
7 * Create new files inside your project
8 * Add them to to Git by executing the following command
9 `git add [file1, file2, file3, ...]` [Enter]
10 * Create a commit which can be pushed to the remote you just added
11 `git commit -m 'added new files'` [Enter]
12 * Push the commit the remote
13 `git push [remote name] master` [Enter]
15 That's it! If this doesn't work for you, please visit the excellent resources from []( and the [Pro Git](http:// book.
16 If you can't find your answers there, feel free to ask us via Twitter (@cloud9ide), [mailing list]( or IRC (#cloud9ide on freenode).
18 Happy coding!
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