hypermedia M2M sample based on martin fowler DSL example.
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Miss Grant's Controller
2012-03-09 (mca)

Sample hypermedia M2M app based on Martin Fowler's Miss Grant's Controller
example found in his book "Domain Specific Languages"[1]. This example
appears in the first chapter.

The goal for this project is to open the "secret" panel. It is only possible
after certain tasks are completed (i.e. certain items are in the proper "state").

HUMAN Version (app.js)
The version "tuned" for humans to use provides more than two transition options
in responses. Humans are given the options to "play around" with the set of
objects in order to reach the proper "state" and achieve success.

To run this version, use app.js as the startup script and follow along in the UI.

MACHINE Version (m2m-app.js)
The version "tuned" for machines to use supports the same outcome, but does so
via a different "interface" to the same set of states. The machine is only
offered up to two transition options each time (and one of them is to return
to the start). The machine also is not asked to provide any unique variables
for the transitions; just to use the data supplied in the affordance. With these
constraints the machine interface is able to reach teh same goal in almost the
same number of transitions.

To run this version, usem2m-app.js as the startup script and follow along in the UI.

Note that the MACHINE version offers a "start bot" option. This will run a bot
that follows the action elements to achieve the goal.

BTW - since the interface for the bot version is kept very limited (only one option
moves the application forward), it is possible to introduce new steps along the chain
and the bot will still achieve the goal (w/o any change in the user-agent programming).