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A goody-bag of nifty plugins for pytest

OS Build Coverage
Linux CircleCI (Linux) Coverage Status
Windows Travic CI (Windows)
Plugin Description Supported OS
pytest-server-fixtures Extensible server-running framework with a suite of well-known databases and webservices included Linux
pytest-shutil Unix shell and environment management tools Linux
pytest-profiling Profiling plugin with tabular heat graph output and gprof support for C-Extensions Linux
pytest-devpi-server DevPI server fixture Linux
pytest-pyramid-server Pyramid server fixture Linux
pytest-webdriver Selenium webdriver fixture Linux
pytest-virtualenv Virtualenv fixture Linux Windows
pytest-qt-app PyQT application fixture Linux
pytest-listener TCP Listener/Reciever for testing remote systems Linux Windows
pytest-git Git repository fixture Linux Windows
pytest-svn SVN repository fixture Linux
pytest-fixture-config Configuration tools for Py.test fixtures Linux Windows
pytest-verbose-parametrize Makes py.test's parametrize output a little more verbose Linux

Developing these plugins

All of these plugins share setup code and configuration so there is a top-level Makefile to automate process of setting them up for test and development.


You have python installed on your path, preferably using a virtualenv

Makefile targets

To install all dependencies and set up all of the packages for development simply run:

    make develop

To install all the packages as wheel distributions:

    make install

To run all the tests:

    make test


Some of the plugins have complex dependencies, particularly pytest-server-fixtures. To make it easier to develop, there is a Vagrantfile which will setup a virtual machine with all the dependencies installed to run the tests.

To set up the environment in Vagrant (requires virtualbox) and run the tests:

    $ vagrant up
    $ vagrant ssh

    # ..... inside vagrant ....
    . venv/bin/activate
    cd src
    make develop
    make test

To run a command in each of the package directories, use the script. This example will build all the wheel distributions:

    ./ python bdist_wheel

Only-Changed mode

To run a command only on packages that have changed since the last tagged release, use --changed. This example will only upload packages that need releasing:

    ./ python bdist_wheel upload

Quiet mode

To run a command with no extra output other than from what you run, use --quiet

    ./ --quiet grep PY3