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Pytest GIT Fixture

Creates an empty Git repository for testing that cleans up after itself on teardown.


Install using your favourite package installer:

    pip install pytest-git
    # or
    easy_install pytest-git

Enable the fixture explicitly in your tests or (not required when using setuptools entry points):

    pytest_plugins = ['pytest_git']


This plugin is a thin wrapper around the excellent GitPython library (see Here's a noddy test case that shows it working:

def test_git_repo(git_repo):
    # The fixture derives from `workspace` in `pytest-shutil`, so they contain 
    # a handle to the path object (see
    path = git_repo.workspace
    file = path / 'hello.txt'
    file.write_text('hello world!')
    # We can run commands relative to the working directory'git add hello.txt')
    # It's better to use the GitPython api directly - the 'api' attribute is 
    # a handle to the repository object.
    git_repo.api.index.commit("Initial commit")
    # The fixture has a URI property you can use in downstream systems
    assert git_repo.uri.startswith('file://')
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