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=== ChangeLog discontinued ===
With the move to git, The Mana World has switched from a ChangeLog
file to relying on commit messages to provide change history.
2008-10-30 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/gui/skil.cpp: fixed two broken include paths.
2008-11-08 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/utils/strprintf.cpp: Fixed compile error with GCC 4.4 reported
by Martin Michlmayr.
2008-11-06 Dennis Friis <>
* src/game.cpp: Do not activate shortcuts if tradewindow is visible.
* src/equipment.cpp: Remove an extra include and arrange headers like
the trunk client for easier merging.
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/gui/equipmentwindow.cpp,
src/gui/equipmentwindow.h, src/equipment.h,
src/net/equipmenthandler.cpp, src/equipment.cpp: Have equipment tied
into player inventory instead of keeping its own list of pointers to
items. This ensures the ressource is up-to-date and avoids crashes on
stale item pointers.
2008-11-04 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/gui.cpp, data/graphics/gui/sansserif8.png: Applied more
changes by vargavind, adding the complete ISO-8859-15 character set to
the sans-serif font.
2008-11-01 Fate <>
* src/gui/skill.cpp (class SkillGuiTableModel): Report unmapped
skill names as `Mystery Skill' (rather than random garbage)
* src/being.cpp (initializeHair): Read hair colours from external
`hair.xml' file (clientdata)
(initializeHair): Auto-detect number of hair colours
* src/gui/skill.cpp (SkillDialog): Display skills using a table
and using an external `skills.xml' file
(SkillDialog::update): No longer segfault when skills beyond 199
are reported
* src/gui/table_model.cpp: Several fixes to tables and table
models to better handle `NULL' widgets and `NULL' models during
* src/main.cpp (charLogin): Send client protocol version to
character server (this is ignored in vanilla eAthena).
* src/net/network.h (TMW_CLIENT_PROTOCOL_VERSION): Record client
protocol version
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp (BeingHandler::handleMessage): Properly
decode whether character is dead
(BeingHandler::handleMessage): for SMSG_PLAYER_MOVE et al., ignore
shoe and glove updates-- they are incorrect and not needed (we get
them correctly when the PC is spawned for the client and they are
updated as needed by other packages.)
2008-10-31 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/gui.cpp: Applied patch by vargavind which adds more special
characters to the font. Somehow they were already part of the font
image, but not used.
2008-10-30 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp: Added particle effect on critical hits.
2008-10-30 Dennis Friis <>
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp: Do not set shoe sprite on player move
packet unless supported by eAthena.
2008-10-28 Dennis Friis <>
* src/net/npchandler.cpp: Handle NPC script close. Fixes client input
freeze on no-dialog NPCs.
2008-10-28 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/game.cpp: Fixed trade window being visible on client startup
when it was visible on shutdown.
2008-10-26 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp: Since we somehow did end up depending on a
hacked eAthena instead of supporting existing features decently,
assign the shoes and gloves IDs.
2008-10-26 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/particleemitter.cpp, src/particleemitter.h,
src/particleemitterprop.h, src/utils/minmax.h: Implemented particle
emitters with properties which change over time according to wave
* src/, src/CMakeLists.txt, tmw.cbp: Updated project files.
2008-10-23 Dennis Friis <>
* src/net/tradehandler.cpp: Add support for new athena trade-add
failure condition; no free slot.
2008-10-22 David Athay <>
* src/gui/ok_dialog.cpp, src/net/loginhandler.cpp: Now shows ban time.
2008-10-07 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/updatewindow.cpp, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/simpleanimation.cpp, src/resources/spritedef.cpp: Fixed some
compiler warnings. This probably also fixed the logging of several
error messages.
2008-10-05 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/resources/mapreader.cpp: Added support for object groups that
have an offset.
2008-10-02 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/engine.cpp: The "name" property of the map is now used as caption
of minimap window when it exists.
2008-09-11 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/setup_video.cpp: Only require a restart to switch to full
screen with OpenGL on Windows, since it works fine in Linux without
having to reinitialize the OpenGL state. Adapted change by kraant from
* src/net/network.cpp: Fixed the name of a variable (fix by Scraggy).
2008-08-29 David Athay <>
* src/monster.cpp, src/resources/monsterinfo.h,
src/resources/monsterdb.cpp, src/resources/monsterinfo.cpp: Mantis #406
by jaxad0127 to implement layered sprites.
2008-08-28 Douglas Boffey <>
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/text.h, src/gui/viewport.cpp, src/npc.cpp,
src/textmanager.h, src/player.cpp, src/monster.h, src/textmanager.cpp,
src/being.cpp, src/npc.h, src/monster.cpp, src/player.h,
src/localplayer.h, src/player_relations.cpp, src/text.cpp,
src/, src/being.h: Move any chat, character names, NPC
names or targetted mob names so that no text will obscure any other
text. If there is no decent place for the text, it will default to
2008-08-28 Fate <>
* src/engine.h, src/gui/ministatus.cpp, src/engine.cpp,
src/particle.h, src/being.cpp, src/player.h, src/net/beinghandler.cpp,
src/net/protocol.h, src/net/playerhandler.cpp, src/being.h: Added
support for being effects through the eAthena levelup message, and
check whether the being exists before referencing it. Re-enabled
proper MP bar display. Improved handling of a warp to the same map.
2008-08-28 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/game.cpp, src/net/beinghandler.cpp,
src/net/charserverhandler.cpp, src/net/protocol.h,
src/net/beinghandler.h, src/net/playerhandler.cpp, src/being.h:
Applied patch put together by Jaxad0127 with changes from the Aethyra
project. Improves compatibility with the newer version of eAthena and
works around an initialization bug.
* data/help/index.txt, data/help/windows.txt: Included some
documentation for the shortcut window by Vq.
* src/resources/mapreader.cpp: Fixed crash when map layer has too many
* AUTHORS, src/winver.h, README,, data/help/changes.txt,
data/help/header.txt, NEWS, CMakeLists.txt: Updated the version to
0.0.26 and updated the AUTHORS file. If you have contributed and I
forgot you, please contact me as soon as possible!
2008-08-28 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/net/loginhandler.cpp: Removed the usually incorrect "for 5
minutes" clause from the message displayed to banned users.
* src/particleemitter.cpp: Added output-pause to copy constructor.
2008-08-27 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/particleemitter.h, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/particle.cpp: Renamed "randomnes" to "randomness", so that it
won't show up as part of Fate's patch.
2008-08-24 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particleemitter.cpp, src/particleemitter.h: Added new particle
emitter property "output-pause" which allows to define a fixed (or
random) interval between two outputs.
2008-08-06 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/window.cpp: Make sure only to save the window state when a
window name is set, and fail when loadWindowState() is called without
setting a window name.
2008-08-05 David Athay <>
* src/gui/setup_video.cpp, src/net/charserverhandler.cpp: Fixed
alignment issue with fps limit field (patch by Scraggy #384. Also
fixed small spelling error.
2008-08-04 Dennis Friis <>
* src/main.cpp: Fix typo in updatehost reported by Jaxad.
2008-07-27 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/game.cpp: Target the nearest monster on joystick button 3.
2008-07-25 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/winver.h, README,, data/help/changes.txt,
data/help/header.txt, NEWS, CMakeLists.txt: Updated the version to
0.0.25, release planned this Sunday.
* README, data/help/commands.txt: Added documentation for F8 to toggle
shortcut window.
2008-07-24 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/game.cpp: Fixed visibility of buy and sell dialogs.
* src/gui/buy.cpp: Properly update price after buying.
2008-07-23 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/game.cpp, src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/itemshortcutwindow.cpp,
src/gui/sell.cpp, src/gui/window.cpp: Remember windows visibility.
2008-07-22 David Athay <>
* src/game.cpp: Revert the Alt-Gr fix as it did not work.
* src/game.cpp, src/keyboardconfig.cpp, src/keyboardconfig.h: User can
now configure which modifier key is used for smilies.
2008-07-21 David Athay <>
* src/game.cpp: Initial attempt at fixing Alt-Gr issue for Rotonen,
this commit is just for him!
2008-07-18 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/main.cpp: Remove possible trailing slash at the end of the
update host, since otherwise there'll be two of them.
2008-07-16 Lloyd Bryant <>
* src/logindata.h, src/gui/char_server.cpp, src/gui/char_server.h,
src/serverinfo.h, src/main.cpp, src/net/loginhandler.cpp,
src/net/loginhandler.h, src/net/network.cpp: Added support for
handling the custom eAthena packet that sends the update host.
2008-07-10 Eugenio Favalli <>
* tmw.cbp: Restored executable icon.
2008-07-08 David Athay <>
* src/gui/chat.cpp, src/gui/chat.h: Mantis #359 patch by Scraggy.
2008-06-30 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/CMakeLists.txt: Updated CMake file to fix compilation. Patch by
2008-06-24 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/particleemitter.h: Added particle property "follow-parent" which
makes the particle move when its parent particle is moved.
2008-06-23 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/imageparticle.cpp, src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h,
src/particleemitter.cpp, src/particleemitter.h, src/textparticle.cpp:
Implemented "alpha" particle property.
2008-06-22 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/player_relations.h: Fixed warning about missing virtual
2008-06-17 Fate <>
* src/net/tradehandler.cpp: bug #333: Suppress `trade with X cancelled'
messages for ignored players.
2008-06-16 Fate <>
* player_relations.h: Allow whispers by default.
2008-06-14 David Athay <>
* src/gui/shop.cpp, src/gui/browserbox.cpp, src/net/tradehandler.cpp:
Fixed compilation errors. Fixed trade bug (although a little hacky
right now).
* src/net/tradehandler.cpp: Changed bug fix as requested by Bjørn.
2008-06-08 Fate <>
* src/gui/table.cpp: Invalidate mTopWidget whenever the model is
regenerated to reflect that we have no current valid selection.
* src/player_relations.cpp: Proper handling of case where player, to
apply ignore strategy to, is NULL.
2008-06-05 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/gui/setup_video.cpp: Lowered default particle
detail level.
2008-06-05 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/updatewindow.cpp, src/gui/updatewindow.h, src/main.cpp,
src/resources/buddylist.cpp, src/resources/spritedef.cpp,
src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp: Added command line argument to
specify the update host (-H). Also, to avoid problems when files with
the same name are served by different update hosts, the updates are
now stored in an update host specific directory. Based on a patch by
2008-06-04 Lloyd Bryant <>
* src/net/charserverhandler.cpp: Display shield sprite also in
character select window.
2008-05-30 Lloyd Bryant <>
* src/net/equipmenthandler.cpp, src/net/beinghandler.cpp,
src/net/protocol.h, src/being.h: Merged handling for eAthena packets
0x00c3 and 0x01d7 and added support for displaying a shield sprite.
2008-05-28 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp: Changed the way particle emitter skip is handled
to make linear and circular emitters work with particleEmitterSkip
* src/gui/setup.cpp, src/gui/setup_video.cpp, src/gui/setup_video.h:
Added slider for controlling particleEmitterSkip (overall quality of
particle effects) to video setup menu.
2008-05-28 Dennis Friis <>
* src/being.cpp: Change order of direction to up/down/right/left in
Being::getSpriteDirection to fix inconsistancy of facing direction
when walking diagonally.
2008-05-27 David Athay <>
* src/main.cpp, src/player_relations.cpp: Changed OSX tmw directory to
a more suitable location, and fixed compile error.
2008-05-22 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/, src/CMakeLists.txt: Fixed linker error caused by
missing module.
2008-05-19 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/setup_players.cpp, src/gui/popup_box.h, src/gui/viewport.h,
src/gui/popup_box.cpp, src/gui/setup_players.h, src/
Removed the PopupBox class and used gcn::DropDown instead. It has
clipping issues, but it would be better to fix those instead of using
this complicated workaround.
2008-05-19 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp: Implemented interpretation of names for
NPCs and monsters.
* src/npc.cpp, src/resources/npcdb.cpp, src/resources/npcdb.hpp: Added
the possibility to add particle effects to NPCs in npcs.xml.
2008-05-16 David Athay <>
* src/gui/popupmenu.cpp: Applied QOAL's patch to fix popup bug.
2008-05-14 Fate <>
* src/configuration.cpp, src/game.cpp, src/player_relations.h,
src/beingmanager.h, src/gui/setup_players.cpp, src/gui/setup.cpp,
src/gui/table_model.h, src/gui/table_model.cpp, src/gui/popup_box.h,
src/gui/popup_box.cpp, src/gui/table.h, src/gui/setup.h,
src/gui/table.cpp, src/gui/setup_players.h, src/gui/popupmenu.cpp,
src/beingmanager.cpp, src/player.cpp, src/main.cpp, src/being.cpp,
src/player.h, src/net/tradehandler.h, src/net/beinghandler.cpp,
src/net/tradehandler.cpp, src/net/chathandler.cpp,
src/configuration.h, src/player_relations.cpp, src/,
src/being.h, data/graphics/gui/emotions.png,
data/graphics/gui/, data/help/commands.txt: Added ability
to define friends, players you want to ignore or disregard and
configure whether trading is allowed. Based on new popup code,
configuration improvements to store hierarchical data and a table
2008-05-08 Dennis Friis <>
* src/game.cpp: Make F8 toggle shortcut window as suggested by And1
and fate.
* src/game.cpp, src/gui/chat.h, src/gui/chat.cpp: Allow page up and
page down to scroll the chat window, based on patch by fate.
2008-05-06 Dennis Friis <>
* src/gui/itemshortcutcontainer.cpp: Don't allow dragging of empty
2008-04-29 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/game.cpp, src/gui/chat.h, src/gui/chat.cpp: Fixed issue with
determining whether chat input is focused (method no longer virtual).
* src/gui/itemshortcutcontainer.cpp: Fixed sometimes rendering with
the wrong font.
* src/gui/window.h, src/gui/window.cpp: Fixed warnings about hiding
virtual method, Window now always deletes its children (the option not
to do so was never used anyway).
* src/gui/gccontainer.h, src/gui/gccontainer.cpp: Removed unused
option from GCContainer to not delete a child, fixing warnings about
hiding virtual method gcn::Container::add.
* src/log.h, src/resources/imageset.cpp: When compiling with GCC, use
the printf format attribute for the log method so that the compiler
checks the type of its parameters.
2008-04-28 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/inventorywindow.h, src/gui/itemcontainer.h,
src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp, src/gui/scrollarea.h,
src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp, src/gui/scrollarea.cpp: Properly fix
problems with ItemContainer in InventoryWindow not resizing properly
since upgrade to Guichan 0.8.0.
2008-04-28 Dennis Friis <>
* src/gui/scrollarea.h, src/gui/scrollarea.cpp: Add methods to get
width and height adjusted for any visible scrollbars.
* src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp: Fix buildup of whitespace by using
correct gridHeight and adding just 4px space to bottom.
* src/gui/inventorywindow.h, src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp: Switch to
use our extended ScrollArea and use adjusted width to proper calculate
the grid for itemcontainer.
* src/game.cpp: Tweak keyboard input handling a bit. This fixes using
emoticons triggering shortcut items to be used.
* src/game.cpp: Remove check for KMOD_NONE since this is not working
uniformly across systems.
2008-04-27 Dennis Friis <>
* src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp: Fix ItemContainer not being resized
properly when resizing inventory window.
2008-04-26 Dennis Friis <>
* src/inventory.cpp: Avoid stacking equipment other than arrows. Based
on similar fix in inventoryhandler.
* src/gui/trade.cpp: Text fix, z => GP.
* src/net/playerhandler.cpp: When picking up GP from trade or quest,
tell the user in the chat window like with items.
2008-04-24 Dennis Friis <>
* src/itemshortcut.h, src/gui/itemshortcutcontainer.cpp,
src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp, src/net/inventoryhandler.cpp,
src/itemshortcut.cpp: Make shortcut container ID based instead of slot
based. Fixes items shifting around often causing equipment to be lost.
* data/help/commands.txt: Document anti-trade function.
2008-04-22 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/beingmanager.cpp: Fixed a bug, thanks GCC 4.3!
2008-04-20 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/main.cpp: Added --data parameter to be used to specify where to
get the data from when using --skipupdate.
2008-04-18 David Athay <>
* src/game.cpp, src/openglgraphics.cpp: Mac now uses Apple key for
emoticons, so alt can be used for alternate characters. Disable vsync
on mac.
2008-04-17 Dennis Friis <>
* src/gui/sell.cpp: Fix shop list not to scroll to top when selling.
Redo of revision 3801 due to changes in guichan 0.8.0.
* src/gui/minimap.cpp: Draw NPCs in yellow on minimap and skip drawing
of warps. Based on idea by leeor_net.
2008-04-16 Dennis Friis <>
* src/gui/browserbox.cpp: Fix a basic_string::at sometimes being out
of range in BrowserBox::draw when checking for line separators and
color codes.
* src/localplayer.cpp: Cancel walking to a clicked monster if the
target is lost while getting to it (killed or otherwise removed).
2008-04-16 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/npc_text.h, src/gui/textbox.cpp, src/gui/npc_text.cpp,
src/gui/scrollarea.h, src/gui/textbox.h: Restored the text wrapping in
TextBox, since it was based on overriding a method that is no longer
virtual in Guichan 0.8.0.
* src/gui/viewport.cpp: Fixed compilation warning.
2008-04-15 David Athay <>
* src/gui/viewport.cpp, src/beingmanager.cpp, tmw.cbp: Fixed clicking
near player.
2008-04-14 Dennis Friis <>
* src/gui/chat.cpp: Tweaked /whisper command to allow quoting of nicks
with spaces in them.
2008-04-14 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/resources/dye.cpp: Fixed multi-channel dyeing (patch by fate)
* src/gui/chat.h: Changed prefix of received whisper messages from
"says:" to "whispers:"
2008-04-12 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/itemshortcutcontainer.h, src/gui/itemshortcutcontainer.cpp,
src/gui/itemshortcutwindow.cpp, src/gui/scrollarea.h,
src/gui/scrollarea.cpp, src/gui/itemshortcutwindow.h: Fixed display of
item shortcut container. gcn::Widget::setWidth is no longer virtual.
2008-04-11 David Athay <>
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/beingmanager.h, src/gui/viewport.cpp,
src/beingmanager.cpp, src/localplayer.h, tmw.cbp: Players now need to
click on the monster sprites rather than the tile. Players will now
move to the target before attacking it.
2008-04-10 Dennis Friis <>
* src/gui/chat.h, src/gui/chat.cpp, src/net/protocol.h,
src/net/chathandler.cpp: Implemented support for whispering to other
2008-04-10 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp: Critical hits are now displayed.
2008-04-09 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/shoplistbox.cpp, src/gui/shoplistbox.h: Fixed problem with
row height in shop list box.
* src/game.cpp, src/gui/menuwindow.cpp, src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp,
src/main.cpp, src/CMakeLists.txt, src/net/inventoryhandler.cpp,
src/ Re-enabled non-functional item shortcut window,
planned to be fixed for 0.0.25.
2008-04-12 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/widgets/layout.h, src/gui/skill.cpp, src/gui/trade.h,
src/log.h, src/resources/mapreader.cpp, src/resources/spritedef.cpp:
Fixed some compiler warnings and don't try to load particle effects
when no file is set.
2008-04-08 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/map.cpp, src/gui/viewport.cpp, src/tileset.h, src/map.h,
src/resources/imageset.cpp, src/resources/mapreader.cpp,
src/resources/imageset.h, src/resources/mapreader.h,
data/maps/new_3-1.tmx, data/maps/new_1-1.tmx: Implemented support for
an arbitrary number of map layers. The only layer requirement for map
layers are now that the fringe layer is called "Fringe" and that the
collision layer is called "Collision".
2008-04-07 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/utils/xml.cpp, src/utils/xml.h,
src/resources/mapreader.cpp, src/resources/spritedef.cpp,
src/resources/npcdb.h, src/resources/monsterdb.cpp,
src/resources/itemdb.cpp, src/resources/npcdb.cpp,
src/resources/spritedef.h: Added XML::Document class which simplifies
parsing an XML document and automatically cleans it up again.
* src/resources/spritedef.cpp, src/resources/spritedef.h,
data/graphics/sprites/item008.xml: Added support for basing one sprite
definition on another by including it.
* src/being.cpp: Fixed crash on trying to show out of range emoticon.
* src/winver.h, README,, data/help/changes.txt,
data/help/header.txt, NEWS, CMakeLists.txt: Updated version, release
date and changes.
2008-04-03 David Athay <>
* src/game.cpp: Tweaked disconnect dialog, hoping to fix a crash bug.
2008-03-31 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/main.cpp, src/npc.cpp, src/npc.h, src/resources/npcdb.h,
src/resources/npcdb.cpp, data/npcs.xml, src/, tmc.cbp:
Implemented NPC XML database which maps NPC IDs to one or more
animation files and thus enables animated NPCs.
2008-03-30 Dennis Friis <>
* Updated for tmwdata split.
2008-03-27 Dennis Friis <>
* src/gui/progressbar.cpp, src/gui/scrollarea.cpp: Revert progress bar
changes and initialize mWalkTime.
2008-03-26 Dennis Friis <>
* src/gui/progressbar.cpp, src/localplayer.cpp: Initialized some
uninitialized variables.
2008-03-23 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/engine.h, src/gui/viewport.h, src/engine.cpp,
src/net/playerhandler.cpp: Removed unnecessary forwarding method.
2008-03-16 Dennis Friis <>
* The Mana Updated Dev-C++ project file.
2008-03-11 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/gui/CMakeLists.txt, data/graphics/gui/
Removed unused image here too.
2008-03-11 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/gui/attack_target.png: Removed unused image.
2008-03-09 Dennis Friis <>
* src/game.cpp: Pressing escape in the quit dialog closes the dialog.
* src/gui/chat.cpp, src/gui/chat.h: Fixed a bug with chat messages
without a sender which include semicolons.
* src/chat.cpp: Added "/clear" command to clear chat window.
2008-03-08 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* tools/tmxcopy/main.cpp, tools/tmxcopy/,
tools/tmxcopy/zlibutils.cpp: Fixed some width/height mixups in
2008-03-07 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/*: Moved dynamically released data to its own module (tmwdata).
2008-03-07 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/equipment.xml, data/graphics/items/armor-legs-chaps.png,
data/graphics/sprites/npcs.png, data/items.xml, data/monsters.xml:
Added new items by Black Don, new xml definitions by Peavey.
2008-03-02 Eugenio Favalli <>
* tmw.cbp: Upgraded project file to latest C::B release.
2008-03-02 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/leg-jeans-female.png: fixed transparency issue.
2008-02-26 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/gui/minimap.cpp: Keep minimap status. Based on a patch by Knivey.
* data/graphics/tiles/tulimshar1.png, data/maps/new_3-1.tmx: Added
Modanung's mud tileset and applyed to some houses in Tulimshar.
2008-02-26 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/maps/new_14-1.tmx: Fixed some monster traps on
southwest woodland.
2008-02-23 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/items/generic-ironore.png, data/items.xml:
Implemented iron ore item.
* data/maps/new_10-1.tmx, data/maps/new_11-1.tmx,
data/maps/new_12-1.tmx, data/maps/new_21-1.tmx: Map fixes by
* data/graphics/sprites/head-mask.xml,
Animaton fixes by QOAL.
2008-02-19 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_22-1.tmx: Map fixes at snake dungeon by QOAL.
2008-02-18 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle7-female.xml, src/sound.cpp,
src/utils/strprintf.cpp, tmw.cbp: Fixed image name.
2008-02-13 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/equipment.xml, data/items.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/head-warlordhelm.xml: Added new headgears by
Black Don (thanks to QOAL for testing and implementation)
2008-02-12 Dennis Friis <>
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/map.cpp, src/gui/viewport.cpp, src/being.cpp
src/map.h: Made pathfinding not halt on collision destination tile,
made moving around with mouse smoother. Added possibility to pass
through players with key controls.
2008-02-11 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_22-1.tmx: Added music and overlay to snake dungeon.
2008-02-10 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_23-1.tmx: Added Dimonds Cove outdoor map by MerlinX420.
2008-02-08 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_14-1.tmx, data/maps/new_22-1.tmx: Added Dimonds Cove
outdoor map by MerlinX420. Fixed some map bugs in snake dungeon.
* data/items.xml: Added chicken leg meta information.
2008-01-28 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/sell.cpp, src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/inventorywindow.h,
src/gui/buy.h, src/gui/itemshortcutwindow.cpp,
src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp, src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/sell.h,
src/gui/window.h, src/gui/windowlistener.h,
src/gui/itemshortcutwindow.h, src/CMakeLists.txt, src/
Used the gcn::WidgetListener instead of our WindowListener.
2008-01-26 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/trade.h, src/game.h, src/being.h: Fixed a GCC 4.3 compile
error and constified the usage of auto_ptr, since that's the way in
which we are using them.
2008-01-23 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/char_server.cpp, src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/checkbox.h,
src/gui/playerbox.h, src/gui/button.cpp, src/gui/chat.cpp,
src/gui/slider.cpp, src/gui/tabbedcontainer.cpp, src/gui/textfield.h,
src/gui/shoplistbox.cpp, src/gui/register.cpp,
src/gui/radiobutton.cpp, src/gui/textbox.cpp, src/gui/login.cpp,
src/gui/setup_audio.cpp, src/gui/setup_video.cpp,
src/gui/textfield.cpp, src/gui/playerbox.cpp,
src/gui/setup_joystick.cpp, src/gui/scrollarea.h,
src/gui/windowlistener.h, src/gui/checkbox.cpp,
src/gui/scrollarea.cpp: Compile against Guichan 0.8.0. Some issues
with ShopListBox left and not trying to use their new TabbedArea,
SelectionListener and WidgetListener yet. Also needs more testing.
* src/gui/trade.cpp, src/gui/sell.cpp, src/gui/inventorywindow.h,
src/gui/selectionlistener.h, src/gui/itemcontainer.h,
src/gui/shoplistbox.cpp, src/gui/shoplistbox.h, src/gui/listbox.h,
src/gui/buy.h, src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp, src/gui/buy.cpp,
src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp, src/gui/sell.h, src/gui/trade.h,
src/gui/listbox.cpp, src/CMakeLists.txt, src/ Used the
gcn::SelectionListener instead of our own.
2008-01-19 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_10-1.tmx, data/maps/new_11-1.tmx: Map fixes by 5t3v3 at
the new snow maps. Added hot spring particle effect to pond south of
snow village.
* data/graphics/particles/bubbles_32px,
data/graphics/particles/whirlpool.particle.xml: Added bubble particle
2008-01-14 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_10-1.tmx, data/maps/new_11-1.tmx: Added new versions of
snow maps by 5t3v3.
* src/sound.cpp: Fixed an error in Davids last commit (couldn't compile
that way).
2008-01-13 David Athay <>
* src/resources/resourcemanager.h, src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp,
src/main.cpp, src/sound.cpp, src/engine.cpp: Fixed music loading from
non-default location.
2008-01-03 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_1-1.tmx, data/maps/new_3-1.tmx: Some map bugs reported
by Strump, fixed by Zipon.
2007-12-30 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/gui/viewport.cpp: Added config options to set the scroll center.
* src/engine.cpp, src/engine.h, src/gui/viewport.h,
src/net/playerhandler.cpp: Retained scroll offset during map change for
smoother map transitions.
2007-12-30 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_22-1.tmx: Some mapping fixes at snake dungeon map.
* src/game.cpp, src/beingmanager.cpp, src/beingmanager.h,
src/keyboardconfig.cpp, src/keyboardconfig.h: Added a key for targeting
the nearest player character based on patches by Trinexx.
2007-12-28 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_7-1.tmx, data/maps/new_22-1.tmx: Added new map by 5t3v3
(east desert cave) and enhanced version of eastern desert by Len.
2007-12-28 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_3-1.tmx: Some mapping errors fixed by Zipon.
* src/being.cpp, src/monster.cpp, src/resources/monsterinfo.cpp,
src/resources/monsterinfo.h: Added the possibility to assign particle
effects to monsters in the monster database.
* data/monsters.xml: Added flame particle effect to fire goblin as a
proof of concept.
2007-12-26 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* README: Fixed year here too...
2007-12-25 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/help/header.txt: Fixed year. :)
* debian/rules: Fixed missing backslash.
* src/CMakeLists.txt: Updated CMake file.
2007-12-24 David Athay <>
* src/game.cpp: Fixed dialog for disconnections, so it says Ok, not
* src/openglgraphics.cpp: Changed type so it would compile on Leopard.
2007-12-24 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* README, data/help/changes.txt, data/help/header.txt, NEWS: Updated
release date.
* src/game.cpp, src/gui/menuwindow.cpp, src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp,
src/main.cpp, src/CMakeLists.txt, src/net/inventoryhandler.cpp,
src/ Disabled non-functional item shortcut window.
* src/particleemitter.cpp: Fix compile warning.
2007-12-23 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particleemitter.cpp, src/particleemitter.h: Particle images
are now reference-counted properly.
* src/resources/spritedef.cpp: Error placeholder is now used when
attempting to load a sprite definition file that doesn't exist.
* src/monster.cpp, src/player.cpp: Avoided attempts to load
"data/graphics/" when a monster or equipment piece has no sprite.
* data/graphics/particles/cookingfire.particle.xml: Removed some
particle properties that did nothing because they were misspelled.
2007-12-22 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/winver.h, README,, INSTALL, data/help/header.txt,
NEWS, CMakeLists.txt: Updated version to 0.0.24.
* src/net/chathandler.cpp, NEWS: Make sure chat messages are also
trimmed for the local player.
2007-12-21 David Athay <>
* src/game.cpp, src/gui/updatewindow.cpp: Attempted to fix client
freeze when unable to connect to update host, and added exit dialog
when client loses connection.
2007-12-21 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/shoplistbox.cpp: Fixed shop list box not to scroll up when
the selection is removed.
* src/resources/resourcemanager.h, src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp:
Added logging of error on PHYSFS_addToSearchPath.
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/inventory.h, src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp,
src/inventory.cpp, src/localplayer.h: Fixed inventory size not
matching the size assumed by eAthena, and related memory corruption.
* src/main.cpp: Increased default chat log length.
2007-12-19 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_18-1.tmx: Fixed a map bug (monster trap) on
map 18 (woodland village surrounding)
2007-12-19 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* tools/upalyzer/analyse.php: Fixed association of entries to update,
added no-cache headers, added a bit of error reporting in case of
invalid zip files, kept original ordering of the update list and
sorted the list of entries on their filename.
* tools/upalyzer/analyse.php: Added list of files in each update with
indication on whether they are still used.
2007-12-18 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/main.cpp: Remember to delete the progressbar and label also when
the game was not started.
* tools/upalyzer/analyse.php: Added initial version of the update
analysis tool upalyzer.
* tools/upalyzer/analyse.php: Optimized with single loop approach and
nicer printing calls, inspired by doener's version. Also added list of
update entries and their respective update.
2007-12-14 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/head-mask.png,
data/items.xml, data/equipment.xml:
Fixed some problems with the new items.
2007-12-12 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/tiles/cave.png, data/graphics/tiles/cave_x2.png:
Fixed the blurred outlines of the new tiles.
2007-12-12 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/tiles/cave.png, data/graphics/tiles/cave_x2.png,
data/maps/new_4-1.tmx: Added two new cave tiles by yosuhara.
2007-12-12 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* tools/tmxcopy/base64.cpp,
tools/tmxcopy/base64.h, tools/tmxcopy/main.cpp,
tools/tmxcopy/map.cpp, tools/tmxcopy/map.hpp,
tools/tmxcopy/readme.txt, tools/tmxcopy/tmxcopy.cbp,
tools/tmxcopy/tostring.h, tools/tmxcopy/xmlutils.cpp,
tools/tmxcopy/xmlutils.h, tools/tmxcopy/zlibutils.cpp,
tools/tmxcopy/zlibutils.h: Added my tmxcopy tool for copying
parts of maps to other maps.
2007-12-10 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/being.cpp: Include cassert header.
2007-12-10 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/being.cpp, src/being.h, src/net/beinghandler.cpp,
src/net/charserverhandler.cpp, src/net/equipmenthandler.cpp,
src/player.cpp, src/player.h, data/items.xml: Simplified player
subsprite handling by treating equipment, hairstyle and base
sprites alike. This also enables gender-specific hairstyles.
* src/game.cpp, src/gui/chat.cpp, src/gui/chat.h, src/log.cpp,
src/log.h: Added an option to show log messages in the chat console.
* data/items.xml,
Implemented female hairstyles.
2007-12-09 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/head-funkywinter.png,
data/graphics/sprites/head-xmaself.xml: New versions of funky hat
and elf hat by QOAL.
2007-12-04 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/items/generic-santacookie.png,
data/items.xml: Added a new drop item for the christmas event.
2007-12-05 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/map.cpp, src/map.h: Fix drawing of very high fringe tiles by
keeping track of the maximum tile height.
* src/itemshortcut.h, src/gui/itemshortcutcontainer.h,
src/gui/itemshortcutcontainer.cpp, src/gui/itemshortcutwindow.cpp,
src/gui/itemshortcutwindow.h, src/itemshortcut.cpp: Random cleanups.
2007-12-04 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/head-funkywinter.png,
data/items.xml: Added/renamed some headgears for the christmas event.
2007-11-20 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/maps/new_1-1.tmx,
data/graphics/maps/new_15-1.tmx: Updated desert maps with new
tiles by Len.
2007-11-16 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/floor_item.cpp, src/localplayer.cpp, src/item.cpp,
src/inventory.h, src/gui/sell.cpp, src/gui/equipmentwindow.cpp,
src/gui/shop.cpp, src/gui/shoplistbox.cpp, src/gui/shop.h,
src/gui/itemshortcutcontainer.cpp, src/gui/buy.cpp,
src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp, src/inventory.cpp, src/item.h,
src/equipment.h, src/shopitem.cpp, src/CMakeLists.txt,
src/floor_item.h, src/net/inventoryhandler.cpp, src/equipment.cpp,
src/localplayer.h, src/, src/resources/iteminfo.h,
src/resources/itemdb.cpp, src/resources/iteminfo.cpp, src/shopitem.h:
Moved item icon from ItemInfo class to the Item class, so that it can
be loaded on demand. Results in faster startup time and reduced memory
2007-11-16 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* src/resources/resourcemanager.h, src/resources/resource.h,
src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp, src/resources/resource.cpp: Delayed
resource deletion by 30 seconds.
* src/resources/image.cpp: Sped up recoloring of transparent pixels.
2007-11-16 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/log.cpp, src/utils/wingettimeofday.h: Removed useless win32
implementation of gettimeofday.
* src/log.cpp, tmw.cbp: Fixed minor issues.
2007-11-11 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/item_amount.cpp, src/gui/item_amount.h,
src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp: Moved check on dropping 1 item to the
inventory dialog.
2007-11-09 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/chest-chainmail-male,
Modifications at the back shading of shirt sprites by Pauan.
2007-11-04 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* src/resources/dye.cpp, src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp: Moved
palette qualifiers to the right as the code appends things on the left.
* src/resources/spritedef.cpp, src/resources/spritedef.h,
src/resources/resourcemanager.h: Added propagation of palettes through
sprite resource names.
* data/monsters.xml, data/graphics/sprites/monster-scorpion.xml: Used
palettes on sprite names.
* data/graphics/sprites/monster-scorpion-black.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/monster-scorpion-red.xml: Removed obsolete files.
* src/player.cpp: Added hair colors.
* data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle*.xml: Removed sprite variants. Set
replaceable color.
* data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle*.png: Reduced image sizes.
* data/monsters.xml, data/graphics/sprites/monster-slime.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/monster-slime.png: Added generic slime.
* data/graphics/sprites/monster-slime-{green,red,yellow}.png,
data/graphics/sprites/monster-slime-{green,red,yellow}.xml: Removed
obsolete files.
2007-11-03 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* src/player.cpp, src/player.h, src/gui/char_select.cpp: Factored code.
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp, src/net/charserverhandler.cpp: Fixed double
load of hair graphics.
* src/, src/resources/dye.cpp, src/resources/dye.h: Added
palette holder and linear interpolator of colors.
* src/resources/image.h, src/resources/image.cpp: Added palette-based
recoloring of images.
* src/resources/resourcemanager.h, src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp:
Added automatic recoloring of images depending on their names.
* data/graphics/sprites/monster-scorpion.png: Flattened colors.
* data/graphics/sprites/monster-scorpion-black.png,
data/graphics/sprites/monster-scorpion-red.png: Removed obsolete files.
* data/graphics/sprites/monster-scorpion.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/monster-scorpion-red.xml: Added automatic
recoloring of scorpions.
2007-11-01 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/particles/aniblaze.png,
data/graphics/particles/flame.particle.xml: Improved fire particle
effects by using animated particles.
2007-10-31 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/items.xml, data/graphics/sprites/leg-skirt.png,
data/graphics/items/armor-leg-skirt.png: Added skirt by Saphy.
ViewID is 26, item ID is 632, item properties are c&p from jeans
2007-10-27 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* src/properties.h, src/game.cpp, src/channel.h, src/log.cpp,
src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/setup.cpp, src/gui/button.cpp,
src/gui/chat.h, src/gui/widgets/dropdown.cpp, src/gui/chat.cpp,
src/gui/tabbedcontainer.cpp, src/gui/windowcontainer.cpp,
src/gui/skill.cpp, src/gui/serverdialog.cpp, src/gui/textfield.cpp,
src/gui/playerbox.cpp, src/gui/scrollarea.cpp, src/beingmanager.cpp,
src/flooritemmanager.cpp, src/channelmanager.cpp, src/main.cpp,
src/particle.cpp, src/net/messageout.cpp, src/channel.cpp,
src/localplayer.h, src/resources/imageset.cpp,
src/resources/buddylist.cpp, src/resources/monsterinfo.h,
src/resources/iteminfo.h, src/resources/monsterdb.cpp,
src/resources/monsterinfo.cpp, src/resources/itemdb.cpp: Fixed missing
dependencies, spurious const qualifiers, and weak brackets, so that it
compiles with GCC 4.3.
2007-10-26 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/gui/item_ammount.cpp: Item amount dialog is now skipped
when there is only one item on the stack.
* src/browserbox.cpp, src/browserbox.h, src/chat.h, src/main.cpp:
Added possibility of length limitation to browserbox and used it
for the chatlog (length set by the config option "ChatLogLength").
* src/chat.cpp, src/chat.h: Removed some completely useless code
from the chat class.
* src/monster.cpp, src/monster.h, data/sfx/logmonster-hurt1.ogg,
data/sfx/logmonster-hurt2.ogg, data/sfx/logmonster-hurt3.ogg,
data/sfx/logmonster-hurt4.ogg, data/sfx/logmonster-hurt5.ogg:
Implemented monster hurt sounds and added new sound effects by
2007-10-24 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/items.xml, data/graphics/items/generic-darkcrystal.png:
Added a new quest loot item for the halloween event.
2007-10-22 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* src/particle.cpp: Plugged memory leak.
* src/configuration.cpp, src/main.cpp: Plugged memory leak. Cleaned
2007-10-21 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/window.h: Removed redundant resizable
flag. Factored moving/resizing code, so that events are fired only
once per size change.
* src/resources/spritedef.cpp: Plugged memory leak in sprites.
* src/resources/action.cpp: Fixed double-free of sprite actions.
* src/resources/iteminfo.cpp, src/resources/iteminfo.h: Plugged memory
leak in equipment sound.
* src/resources/monsterdb.cpp: Plugged memory leak in database reader.
* src/engine.cpp, src/engine.h, src/game.cpp: Fixed current map not
deleted on server change.
* src/gui/trade.cpp: Added persistent positioning.
* src/gui/menuwindow.cpp: Fixed missing pixels at bottom and right.
* src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/window.h: Changed to use default values
when restoring missing settings.
* src/gui/shoplistbox.cpp, src/gui/listbox.cpp: Fixed invisible text.
2007-10-20 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* src/gui/playerbox.cpp: Centered sprite inside selection box.
2007-10-19 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* src/resources/resource.cpp, src/resources/resource.h,
src/resources/imageset.cpp, src/resources/imageset.h: Removed mandatory
identifier path.
* src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp, src/resources/resourcemanager.h:
Factored code between resource handlers.
* src/resources/soundeffect.h, src/resources/soundeffect.cpp,
src/resources/music.h, src/resources/music.cpp, src/resources/image.h,
src/resources/image.cpp: Reworked resource loaders.
* src/resources/spritedef.h, src/resources/spritedef.cpp: Implemented
a failure-friendly loader.
* src/gui/truetypefont.cpp, src/resources/imageloader.cpp,
src/tileset.h: Removed dummy parameter.
2007-10-19 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/images/ambient/fog.png: Added fog effect overlay
2007-10-18 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* src/resources/iteminfo.h, src/resources/itemdb.cpp: Removed unused
slot field.
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/localplayer.h: Removed specific type.
* src/gui/viewport.cpp, src/gui/minimap.cpp: Changed identification of
local player to a check of player_node.
* src/animatedsprite.cpp, src/animatedsprite.h, src/npc.cpp,
src/player.cpp, src/monster.cpp, src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp:
Prevented client from exiting on missing sprites.
* src/resources/spritedef.cpp: Added filename to fatal error messages.
* src/resources/iteminfo.cpp, src/resources/iteminfo.h,
src/resources/itemdb.cpp, data/items.xml: Merged weapon_type and
attacktype field.
2007-10-18 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle7-male.png,
data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle7-female.png: Readded hairstyle number
2007-10-18 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/game.cpp, src/net/tradehandler.h, src/net/tradehandler.cpp:
Implemented automatic denying of trade requests based on a patch
submitted by Quiche_on_a_leash.
2007-10-07 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/maps/new_18-1.tmx: Fixed some collision layer problems.
2007-10-01 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/player.cpp, data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle*:
Added support for different hairstyles for male and female characters
(current female hairstyles are copies of the male ones until the
real female ones are finished)
2007-09-30 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/tiles/desert_x3.png: Removed the purple line from the
ruin tile.
2007-09-27 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/tiles/desert2.png, data/graphics/tiles/desert_x3.png,
data/graphics/tiles/desert_x5.png: Added new desert tiles by Len.
2007-09-20 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/equipment.xml, data/graphics/items/armor-head-funkyhat.png,
data/graphics/sprites/item019.png, data/graphics/sprites/item019.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item020.png, data/graphics/sprites/item020.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item021.png, data/graphics/sprites/item021.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item022.png, data/graphics/sprites/item022.xml,
data/items.xml, data/maps/new_21-1.tmx: Added 4 new items and a new ice
cave map.
2007-09-12 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/items.xml, data/equipment.xml: Added temporary weapon IDs below
256 to use as view-ID in eAthena's item DB.
* src/gui/shoplistbox.cpp, src/gui/buy.h, src/gui/buy.cpp: Allowed
selection of items that cannot be afforded, so that their descriptions
are still accessible. Also made sure the player's money value of
ShopItemList gets updated.
2007-09-11 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/gui/chat.cpp, tmw.cbp: Fixed admin commands.
2007-09-08 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/particles/aniblaze.png,
data/graphics/particles/flame.particle.xml: Improved fire effects by
using animated particles.
2007-09-06 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/animationparticle.cpp, src/imageparticle.cpp: Fixed animated
2007-09-01 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/ Fixed the entry for windowlistener.h.
2007-08-30 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/player.cpp, src/main.cpp, src/being.cpp,
src/CMakeLists.txt, src/, src/resources/iteminfo.h,
src/resources/equipmentdb.h, src/resources/equipmentinfo.h,
src/resources/itemdb.cpp, src/resources/iteminfo.cpp,
src/resources/equipmentdb.cpp, src/resources/equipmentinfo.cpp,
src/resources/spritedef.h, src/being.h, data/items.xml,
data/equipment.xml: Merged equipment database with items database and
got rid of the unused item art attribute.
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp, src/net/charserverhandler.cpp: Removed the
now unnecessary multiplication of weapon IDs with 10000.
* src/resources/iteminfo.cpp, data/graphics/items/unknown.png: Added
fallback item icon and use it for unknown items or when item image
fails to load.
* NEWS: Updated with changes since last update.
* data/items.xml, data/equipment.xml: Reverted equipment database and
included original low-ID items in items.xml for compatibility with
eAthena, which doesn't support View ID to come above 255.
* src/resources/itemdb.cpp: Accept items without a name.
2007-08-29 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/sell.cpp, src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp, src/gui/sell.h: Made
sell dialog resizable and tweaked inventory resize code a bit.
* data/items.xml: Fixed typo in chainmail description.
2007-08-28 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/inventorywindow.h,
src/gui/selectionlistener.h, src/gui/buy.h,
src/gui/itemshortcutwindow.cpp, src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp,
src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/window.h, src/gui/windowlistener.h,
src/gui/itemshortcutwindow.h, src/CMakeLists.txt, src/
Made buy dialog resizable and added a WindowListener class for
listening for window resize and move events.
* src/textparticle.h, src/particle.h, src/CMakeLists.txt,
src/particle.cpp, src/imageparticle.cpp, src/vector.h,
src/textparticle.cpp, src/ Added Vector class and used it
in the particle engine.
2007-08-27 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/engine.cpp, src/resources/mapreader.cpp: Made client search for
both compressed and non-compressed map files.
2007-08-27 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/game.cpp: Assigned unused emotions to Alt +/-. (applied a patch
by Quiche_on_a_leash).
* data/maps/new_1-1.tmx, data/maps/new_1-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_10-1.tmx, data/maps/new_10-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_11-1.tmx, data/maps/new_11-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_12-1.tmx, data/maps/new_12-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_13-1.tmx, data/maps/new_13-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_14-1.tmx, data/maps/new_14-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_15-1.tmx, data/maps/new_15-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_16-1.tmx, data/maps/new_16-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_17-1.tmx, data/maps/new_17-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_18-1.tmx, data/maps/new_18-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_19-1.tmx, data/maps/new_19-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_2-1.tmx, data/maps/new_2-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_20-1.tmx, data/maps/new_20-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_3-1.tmx, data/maps/new_3-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_4-1.tmx, data/maps/new_4-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_5-1.tmx, data/maps/new_5-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_6-1.tmx, data/maps/new_6-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_7-1.tmx, data/maps/new_7-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_8-1.tmx, data/maps/new_8-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_9-1.tmx, data/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz: Replaced compressed
maps with layer compressed maps.
2007-08-26 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/gui/updatewindow.cpp, src/main.cpp, tmw.cbp: Removed home dir
from config file to avoid encoding issues.
2007-08-26 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* src/gui/button.cpp: Fixed incorrect button dimensions, as they mess
OpenGL display with rectangle textures.
* src/graphics.cpp, src/openglgraphics.h, src/graphics.h,
src/openglgraphics.cpp: Fixed fonts not being recolored by adding an
explicit parameter to require it.
2007-08-25 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* Removed dependency on Guichan's OpenGL library.
* src/, src/resources/sdlimageloader.cpp,
src/resources/sdlimageloader.h, src/resources/openglsdlimageloader.h,
src/resources/openglsdlimageloader.cpp, src/resources/imageloader.cpp,
src/resources/imageloader.h, src/gui/gui.cpp, src/gui/gui.h: Replaced
Guichan's image loaders with our owns, so that we have control over all
the images used as textures.
* src/resources/image.cpp, src/openglgraphics.h, src/resources/image.h,
src/openglgraphics.cpp, src/graphics.cpp, src/graphics.h: Added support
for rectangle OpenGL textures when available, in order to reduce video
memory usage.
2007-08-24 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/gui.h, src/gui/gui.cpp: Removed useless logic method and
reverted mouse cursor to non-static since there can be only one Gui
instance so there is no point in supporting a shared resource.
* src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/gui.h: Removed unnecessary
Gui::isCustomCursor method.
* src/gui/char_select.h, src/gui/char_select.cpp, src/utils/trim.h:
Added trimming of name for new character creation.
* src/net/chathandler.cpp: Added trimming of chat messages appearing
above players.
* src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/window.h: Improved resize mouse cursor
indication, removing duplicated code and fixing indicator above resize
2007-08-23 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/viewport.h, src/gui/viewport.cpp: Removed two useless popup
related methods.
* src/gui/debugwindow.h, src/gui/debugwindow.cpp: Use generic close
button functionality.
* src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp, src/particle.cpp: Renamed
Particle::mVector to Particle::mVelocity for clarity.
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/gui/ministatus.cpp, src/gui/status.cpp,
src/being.cpp, src/net/charserverhandler.cpp,
src/net/playerhandler.cpp, src/localplayer.h, src/being.h: Changed XP
gaining effect to appear on the player instead.
* data/graphics/gui/hits_yellow.png: Restored shadow of yellow font.
2007-08-22 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/itemshortcutcontainer.h: Fixed compiler warning.
* src/CMakeLists.txt, src/ Updated source lists.
* data/graphics/gui/CMakeLists.txt, data/graphics/gui/
Added close button and item shortcut backgrounds to files that will be
* src/gui/itemshortcutcontainer.cpp: Make sure mGridWidth and
mGridHeight are initialized properly (fixes arithmetic exception in
* src/keyboardconfig.cpp: Changed default sitting key back to 's'.
* src/net/equipmenthandler.cpp: Removed a line that attempted to set
the player's weapon sprite with each kind of equipment. Seems to work
fine without as well.
* src/gui/chat.cpp, src/utils/trim.h, src/CMakeLists.txt,
src/ Added trimming of chat messages.
2007-08-22 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/chest-lightplatemail-male.png,
data/graphics/tiles/woodland_indoor_x2.png: Another color correction
at the light platemail (looks more metalic now)
* data/maps/new_18-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_19-1.tmx.gz,
data/images/minimap_new_18-1.png, data/images/minimap_new_19-1.png:
Removed a tree that prevented people from sitting on one of the
benches properly. Added correct minimap to woodland village and
2007-08-22 Joshua Langley <joshlangley[at]>
* data/graphics/gui/item_shortcut_bgr.png, src/game.cpp,
src/gui/gui.cpp, src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp,
src/gui/itemshortcutcontainer.cpp, src/gui/itemshortcutcontainer.h,
src/gui/itemshortcutwindow.cpp, src/gui/itemshortcutwindow.h,
src/gui/menuwindow.cpp, src/gui/setup_keyboard.cpp, src/gui/window.h,
src/itemshortcut.cpp, src/itemshortcut.h, src/keyboardconfig.cpp,
src/keyboardconfig.h, src/localplayer.cpp, src/localplayer.h,
src/main.cpp, src/net/inventoryhandler.cpp, src/utils/tostring.h,
tmw.cbp: Added item shortcut bar.
2007-08-20 Joshua Langley <joshlangley[at]>
* data/graphics/gui/mouse.png, src/gui/equipmentwindow.cpp,
src/gui/gui.cpp, src/gui/gui.h, src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp,
src/gui/setup.cpp, src/gui/skill.cpp, src/gui/skill.h,
src/gui/status.cpp, src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/window.h,
data/graphics/gui/close_button.png: Added close button functionality,
resize cursor cues.
* data/graphics/gui/hits_yellow.png, src/being.cpp, src/being.h,
src/gui/gui.cpp, src/localplayer.cpp, src/localplayer.h,
src/net/charserverhandler.cpp, src/net/playerhandler.cpp,
src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h: Added monster killed xp notification
2007-08-19 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/equipment.xml: Fixed typo in female light plate mail.
* NEWS: Updated with changes since 0.0.23.
2007-08-19 Joshua Langley <joshlangley[at]>
* src/keyboardconfig.cpp, src/keyboardconfig.h: Minor cleanup.
* src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/sell.cpp: Buy/sell fixed minimum quantity.
* src/gui/setup_keyboard.cpp, src/gui/setup_keyboard.h: Fixed bug -
reverts unassigned key.
2007-08-17 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* tools/adler32.c: Added little program for calculating adler32
checksums of files.
* src/gui/setup_keyboard.cpp: Fixed compile issue related to array
bound not being an integer constant.
2007-08-15 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/npcs.png, data/graphics/sprites/npc.xml:
Added farmer NPC for woodland village.
2007-08-14 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/gui/popupmenu.cpp, src/gui/viewport.cpp, src/gui/viewport.h,
tmw.cbp: Fixed popup menu requiring one more click after being used.
2007-08-09 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/chest-lightplatemail-male.png,
data/graphics/tiles/woodland_indoor_x2.png: Gave the platemail
armor a blue tint. Looks less boring and makes recoloring through
hue shifting possible.
2007-08-08 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/particles/cookingfire.particle.xml,
data/maps/new_20-1.tmx.gz: Added particle effects and music to the
woodland village indoor map.
* data/maps/new_19-1.tmx.gz: Added overlay effect and music to
woodland village outdoor map.
* data/maps/new_18-1.tmx.gz: Fixed some collision map errors and added
music and overlay effect to the surrounding of the woodland village.
2007-08-07 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/npcs.png: Added two new NPCs and gave some
of the older NPCs a makeover to look more like the style of the new
* data/maps/new_20-1.tmx.gz: Corrected a few mapping errors in the
new woodland village.
* data/items.xml: Tweaked description and values of the scythe.
2007-08-06 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* src/, src/utils/strprintf.h, src/utils/strprintf.cpp:
Added a helper function for printf-formatting a (gettext) C string
into a dynamically-sized C++ string.
2007-08-05 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/tiles/woodland_indoor.png,
data/graphics/tiles/woodland_indoor_x3.png: Added woodland
village indoor tilesets.
* data/maps/new_20-1.tmx.gz: Added woodland village indoor map.
2007-07-29 Björn Steinbrink <>
* CMake/Modules/FindLibXml2.cmake, CMake/Modules/FindLibcurl.cmake,
src/CMakeLists.txt: Switch to upstream CMake modules for libxml2 and
2007-07-27 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* src/resources/image.cpp: Added support for subimages of subimages.
* src/gui/equipmentwindow.cpp, src/gui/button.cpp, src/gui/slider.cpp,
src/gui/widgets/resizegrip.cpp, src/gui/widgets/dropdown.cpp,
src/gui/progressbar.cpp, src/gui/browserbox.cpp, src/gui/gui.cpp,
src/gui/radiobutton.cpp, src/gui/textfield.cpp, src/gui/playerbox.cpp,
src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp, src/gui/checkbox.cpp, src/gui/minimap.cpp,
src/gui/scrollarea.cpp, src/gui/popupmenu.cpp: Removed useless yet
costly dynamic casts.
2007-07-25 Joshua Langley <joshlangley[at]>
* src/gui/setup.cpp, src/gui/setup_keyboard.cpp,
src/gui/setup_keyboard.h, src/keyboardconfig.cpp,
src/keyboardconfig.h, src/main.cpp: Minor changes to keyboard config,
keyboard setup gui re-designed.
2007-07-24 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/CMakeLists.txt, src/ Added setup_keyboard.* and
keyboardconfig.* to the list of source files.
* src/keyboardconfig.h: Fixed initialization order.
2007-07-17 Joshua Langley <joshlangley[at]>
* src/game.cpp: Only one key per function.
* src/main.cpp: Keyboard configuration included.
* src/gui/button.cpp, src/gui/button.h: Default constructor and
init function added.
* src/gui/setup.cpp: Keyboard setup tab added.
* src/gui/setup_keyboard.cpp, src/gui/setup_keyboard.h: Add to project
file, it is the keyboard setup tab.
* src/keyboardconfig.cpp, src/keyboardconfig.h: Add to project file,
the main keyboard config operations.
2007-07-16 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/items.xml: Fixed description of silk headband.
2007-07-11 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/resources/monsterdb.cpp, src/resources/monsterinfo.cpp,
src/resources/monsterinfo.h, src/monster.cpp: Renamed SoundEvent
to MonsterSoundEvent.
* src/resources/equipmentdb.cpp, src/resources/equipmentinfo.cpp,
src/resources/equipmentinfo.h: EquipmentDB now holds the type of
attack animation and the sounds of weapons.
* src/being.cpp. src/being.h, src/localplayer.cpp,
src/net/beinghandler.cpp, src/net/charserverhandler.cpp,
src/net/equipmenthandler.cpp, src/player.cpp, src/player.h: The
type of weapon player characters are using is now set using
setVisibleEquipment() instead of setWeapon() or setWeaponById().
* src/CMakeLists.txt, src/Makefile.AM, tmw.cbp, The Mana
Updated project files and buildscripts.
* data/graphics/images/login-wallpaper.png: Replaced login wallpaper
with a new one by Irukard.
2007-07-11 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/window.cpp: Fixed resizing windows by their resize grip.
2007-07-07 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/gui.cpp, src/gui/chatinput.h, src/gui/chatinput.cpp,
INSTALL: Ported to Guichan 0.7.0. Unfortunately, since Guichan 0.6.x
didn't have a FocusListener, compatibility with older versions is
2007-06-29 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/particleemitter.cpp: Corrected some perspective
issues of the particle engine and fixed a crash caused by particles
with child emitters that have an image than isn't used elsewhere.
* data/maps/new-3-1.tmx.gz: Added a particle effect at the spawn point
in Tulimshar.
2007-06-21 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/monsters.xml, data/graphics/sprites/monster-logmonster.png,
data/graphics/sprites/monster-logmonster.xml: Added logmonster by
Enigmatik (Monster ID is 23).
* data/items.xml, data/equipment.xml,
Added light platemail (see entry in items.xml for proposed specs).
2007-06-16 Guillaume Melquiond <>
* src/resources/image.cpp: Set GL texture index to zero when an image
uses the SDL backend.
2007-06-13 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* The Mana Updated DevCpp project file.
2007-06-13 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/main.cpp: Added logging of version number.
2007-06-12 David Athay <>
* src/net/playerhandler.cpp: Fixed bug with DEF_BONUS not updating
Mantis id: 0000087
* data/icons/The Mana World.icns: Added Mac OSX icon.
2007-06-11 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.h, src/being.cpp: Fixed a bug that prevented
being-controlled particles from being deleted (thanks to tuchs for
2007-06-06 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/items.xml: Fixed defense of silk headband.
2007-06-04 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/maps/new_17-1.tmx.gz: Changed the minimap image of the
lamp snake cave to the correct one.
2007-06-03 David Athay <>
* src/main.cpp, src/game.cpp: Fixed screenshot taking on OSX.
2007-06-03 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/CMakeLists.txt, src/, docs/ Added some
files to be included with the release.
* src/utils/fastsqrt.h: Fixed warning about strict-aliasing rules.
* src/ Don't die on warnings by default.
* src/resources/image.cpp: Fixed image loading in software mode to not
check for alpha layer when images aren't 32-bit.
* src/graphics.cpp, src/graphics.h, src/imageparticle.cpp: Removed
drawImageTransparent from Graphics class, should be set on image.
* src/imageparticle.h, src/particleemitter.h, src/particle.h,
src/particleemitter.cpp, src/particle.cpp, src/imageparticle.cpp: Have
ParticleEmitter load a possible particle image early on and don't
cause a crash when the image can't be found.
2007-06-02 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/winver.h, README, NEWS, CMakeLists.txt,,
data/help/changes.txt, data/help/header.txt: Updated version and
release date and summarized changes.
* src/gui/chat.h, src/gui/chat.cpp: Changed color of chat messages in
OpenGL mode from orange to black.
* src/gui/sell.cpp, src/gui/buy.h, src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/sell.h:
Some cleanup of buy/sell dialog code.
2007-06-01 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/gui/CMakeLists.txt, data/graphics/gui/
Added target cursors to installed files.
2007-05-31 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_16-1.tmx.gz: Fixed an inconsistency with the neighbor
map (no new walkmap required).
2007-05-23 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/sell.cpp, src/gui/buy.cpp, src/being.cpp: A bunch of
lingering syntactical changes.
* src/gui/viewport.cpp: Added a missing include and fixed a bug with
cleaning up target cursor animations.
2007-05-23 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/gui/viewport.cpp,
data/graphics/gui/target-cursor-red-l.png: Replaced target cursor
graphics with higher quality ones by Pauan.
* src/particle.cpp: Made bouncing particles immune against death by
ground contact and removed a nonsensical debugging log message. Made
text splash effects fade out.
* src/textparticle.cpp: Implemented fading in and out for text
* src/being.cpp, src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h,
src/textparticle.cpp, src/textparticle.h: The color values of text
particles are now stored in 3 integers instead of a Guichan color
2007-05-20 Eugenio Favalli <>
* tmw.cbp: Updated Code::Blocks project file.
2007-05-20 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/sell.cpp: Unified some differences between
buy and sell dialog. Money label now shows money after transaction
instead of current money.
* src/gui/sell.cpp: Fixed the amount-not-reset-when-using-scrollwheel
* src/being.h, src/gui/viewport.cpp, src/gui/viewport.h: Added 3
different target cursor sizes.
* src/monster.h, src/monster.cpp, src/resources/monsterdb.cpp,
scr/resources/monsterinfo.h, data/monsters.xml: Target cursor size for
monster is read from the monsters.xml.
* data/graphics/gui/target-cursor-blue-s.png,
data/graphics/gui/target-cursor-red-l.png: Added temporary
placeholders for small and large target cursors until better versions
based on the original SVG are available.
2007-05-08 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/monster-bat.png,
Adjusted offsets of monster sprites (thanks to Pauan for finding out
the correct offsets - I just subtracted 6 of all x offsets to take the
new position of the target circle in account) and committed some
modifications at some monster graphics by Pauan.
2007-05-02 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/sprite.h, src/being.cpp, src/being.h, src/animatedsprite.cpp,
src/animatedsprite.h: Added methods to get the width and height of the
graphical representation of a sprite.
* src/gui/viewport.cpp: Fixed positioning of monster names and target
2007-05-02 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp: Fixed a compiler warning.
2007-05-02 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/ Add the new particle subclasses to the automake
* src/imageparticle.h, src/textparticle.h, src/particle.h,
src/animationparticle.h, src/CMakeLists.txt, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/animationparticle.cpp, src/particle.cpp, src/imageparticle.cpp,
src/textparticle.cpp, src/utils/xml.cpp, src/utils/xml.h: Split the
particle class into subclasses based on their appearance.
2007-04-24 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h: Some minor code cleanups, speed
optimizations and a bit of documentation.
2007-04-23 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/particles/flame.particle.xml,
data/graphics/particles/blaze.png: Added two files I forgot with the
last commit.
* src/resources/mapreader.cpp, src/particle.cpp,
src/particleemitter.cpp: Using XML child node iteration macro.
2007-04-22 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/configuration.cpp, src/utils/xml.h, src/resources/mapreader.cpp,
src/resources/spritedef.cpp, src/resources/monsterdb.cpp,
src/resources/itemdb.cpp, src/resources/equipmentdb.cpp: Added a macro
for XML child node iterations to make the code more terse and easier
to read.
* src/resources/itemdb.cpp: Made the parameter checks more terse and
2007-04-19 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/resources/mapreader.cpp: Emitter positions are now read from map
* src/engine.cpp: Removed the player follow effect used for testing.
* data/maps/new_4-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_5-1.tmx.gz: Added flame
effect to all lamps on the cave maps
* data/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz: Added waterfall effect to the upper right
corner of NW woodland map.
2007-04-15 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/openglgraphics.cpp: Rely on default 0 value for z axis.
* src/CMakeLists.txt, src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/widgets,
src/gui/widgets/resizegrip.cpp, src/gui/widgets/resizegrip.h,
src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp, src/gui/window.h, src/
Reimplemented window resizing. It is now once again possible to resize
windows using their borders (except for the top one, since that's the
title bar for Guichan) and the resize grip in the bottom right is much
easier to grab.
* src/gui/window.cpp: Increased minimum window height and fixed a
problem with setting window content size which was introduced with the
new resize grip.
2007-04-13 Björn Steinbrink <>
* data/graphics/gui/CMakeLists.txt: Added target cursor graphics to
the set of files to be installed.
2007-03-25 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/particleemitter.h: Improved programming style and documentation
and added some small tweaks.
* src/engine.cpp, src/map.cpp, src/map.h, src/resources/mapreader.cpp:
Prepared getting the emitter positions from the map file by storing
them in the Map class and setting them up from the MapReader.
2007-03-22 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/simpleanimation.cpp, src/simpleanimation.h: Added new
constructor for simple animation that allows to build the animation
based on an xmlNodePtr pointing to an <animation> node.
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h: Added support for <image> and
<animation> childtags for effect root particles.
* data/graphics/particles/playerglow.particle.xml: New player follow
effect that demonstrates an animated root particle with an emitter.
2007-04-05 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/main.cpp: Unified storage of configuration, updates and
screenshots in home directory.
2007-04-03 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/items/generic-easteregg-blue.png,
data/items.xml: Added six different easter egg item graphics for the
easter event. Item IDs are 1208 - 1213.
* data/graphics/sprites/npcs.png: Added bunny girl npc for the easter
2007-04-01 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/game.cpp: Screenshots are no longer saved directly in the users
home directory on UNIX systems but in the sub folder /.tmw/. A chatlog
message about the success of the screenshot saving does appear now.
Based on a patch by Patrick "the-me" Matthäi.
2007-03-27 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/main.cpp: Icon loading doesn't necessarily succeed, so better
not crash when it doesn't.
2007-03-24 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/main.cpp: Changed the order of network message handling and
logic, in order to prevent an incoming character delete message from
deleting the player character that was about to be drawn.
* src/gui/char_select.cpp: Removed useless lock/unlock calls.
* src/logindata.h, src/main.cpp, src/gui/login.cpp: Go back to login
or register state on error, depending on what the user was doing.
* src/gui/register.cpp: Actually use the server that is filled in.
* src/net/loginhandler.cpp: Fixed error message.
* src/net/charserverhandler.cpp: Fixed crash since now logic is called
after non-selected characters are deleted, by properly setting deleted
instances to 0 and going back to initial selection.
* src/main.cpp, src/net/network.h, src/net/network.cpp: Make sure that
when a network error occurs, the error message is available and shown
to the user.
* src/gui/register.h, src/gui/register.cpp: Only enable Register
button when all necessary fields are filled in.
2007-03-23 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/char_select.cpp, src/gui/char_select.h,
src/net/charserverhandler.h, src/net/charserverhandler.cpp: Clarified
the error message when character creation fails and made sure the
character creation dialog doesn't close when creation failed.
2007-03-22 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/login.cpp, src/gui/login.h, src/gui/register.h,
src/gui/register.cpp: Only enable login button when a username,
password and server are filled in. Pass username, password and server
on to the register dialog. Go back to login dialog when canceling
registration. Fixed a crash caused by deleting an OkDialog twice (it
also deletes itself). Made the register dialog a bit wider. Register
dialog no longer clears username field when it is invalid.
* src/main.cpp, data/icons/CMakeLists.txt, data/icons/,
data/icons/tmw-32x32.png: Use a 32x32 non-alpha layered window icon.
* tmw.cbp: Updated project file.
* data/icons/CMakeLists.txt, data/icons/, src/main.cpp,
data/icons/tmw-32x32.png: Removed 32x32 non-alpha layered window icon
again, and instead used the icon in the executable on Windows.
2007-03-21 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/main.cpp, src/gui/viewport.cpp, src/resources/image.h,
src/resources/image.cpp: Reduced amount of useless logging, calculate
nearest power of two in a function and only do the alpha check in
software mode.
* src/gui/login.cpp: Fixed small issue where default server didn't fit
in the server entry field properly.
* src/main.cpp: Display a progress bar and connecting status for each
server and display the version using a gcn::Label.
* src/gui/viewport.cpp, src/monster.h: Avoiding magic numbers where
possible (1002) and also display the target when other players are
* src/floor_item.cpp, src/being.cpp, src/main.cpp, src/CMakeLists.txt,
src/gui/equipmentwindow.cpp, src/gui/viewport.cpp,
src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp, src/gui/viewport.h, src/engine.cpp,
src/animatedsprite.cpp, src/tileset.h, src/npc.cpp, src/,
src/being.h, src/resources/imageset.cpp, src/resources/animation.h,
src/resources/spritedef.cpp, src/resources/resourcemanager.h,
src/resources/spriteset.h, src/resources/imageset.h,
src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp, src/resources/spriteset.cpp,
src/resources/spritedef.h: Renamed Spriteset to ImageSet.
2007-03-20 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/gui/updatewindow.cpp: Cancel button is now disabled after
downloading is finished.
2007-03-20 David Athay <>
* src/gui/viewport.cpp: Fixed target cursor animation, and changed
which layer it is drawn after.
* src/gui/viewport.cpp, src/gui/viewport.h: Split drawing the target
cursor and target name into functions.
2007-03-20 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/gui/mouse.png: Positioned the cursor image more
2007-03-19 David Athay <>
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/gui/viewport.cpp, src/gui/viewport.h,
src/net/equipmenthandler.cpp, src/localplayer.h,
src/net/protocol.h: Added target cursor.
2007-03-18 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* docs/, docs/tmw.6: Added man page by Patrick Matthäi.
* src/resources/image.cpp: Restored alpha layer check, since it should
be more efficient in software mode when SDL knows an image doesn't use
the alpha layer.
* data/graphics/gui/thickborder.png,
data/graphics/gui/vscroll_grey.png, data/graphics/gui/slider.png,
data/graphics/gui/vscroll_blue.png, data/graphics/gui/vscroll_red.png,
data/graphics/sprites/monster-maggot-giant.png: Replaced pink pixels
with transparent ones.
2007-03-18 Rogier Polak <>
* src/main.cpp: Added (-v) version to the arguments. (Applied a patch
by Patrick Matthäi).
* src/resources/image.cpp: Deleted the "pink code", which added
transparancy with SDL_SetColorKey.
2007-03-18 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* icons/tmw.ico, icons/tmw.png, icons/tmw.xpm: Replaced icons with the
green globe that is also used on the website.
2007-03-14 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/main.cpp, src/tmw.rc, data/icons/tmw-icon.png,
data/icons/tmw-icon.xpm, data/icons/tmw.ico, data/icons/tmw-icon.ico,
data/icons/, data/icons/tmw.png, data/icons/tmw.xpm,
data/icons/CMakeLists.txt: Renamed icons to make things easier for
Debian packaging, and the "-icon" part was superfluous anyway.
2007-03-12 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/simpleanimation.cpp, src/simpleanimation.h, src/CmakeLists.txt,
src/ Added a simple animation class that hosts a looping
animation without the action and direction stuff from AnimatedSprite.
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp: Used said
simple animation class for animated particles.
2007-03-12 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/items/armor-head-rangerhat.png: New version of ranger
hat icon by Pauan.
2007-03-11 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/map.cpp, src/gui/viewport.cpp: Fixed a bug that made the engine
not draw the last row and column of the map.
2007-03-09 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp: Reimplemented physics mode that uses the default
square root function as fallback for systems where the fastInvSqrt
function doesn't work properly.
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h: Some performance optimizations
suggested by Rogier "Avaniel" Polak.
2007-03-09 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/gui/target-cursor-blue.png,
data/graphics/gui/target-cursor-red.png: Added targeting cursors by
* data/graphics/sprites/chest-cotton-male.png,
data/graphics/sprites/chest-cotton-female.png: Replaced cotton shirt
with improved version by Pauan.
2007-02-27 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* gui/button.cpp, src/guibutton.h,
src/gui/tabbedcontainer.cpp, src/gui/tabbedcontainer.h:: Tabbed
containers now display the button of the active tab pressed all
the time.
2007-02-26 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* Made OpenGL enabled by default.
2007-02-26 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/sfx/maggot-dying1.ogg, data/sfx/maggot-hit1.ogg,
data/sfx/maggot-hit2.ogg, data/sfx/maggot-miss1.ogg,
data/sfx/pinkie-hit1.ogg, data/sfx/pinkie-miss1.ogg,
data/monsters.xml: New sound effects by Cosmostrator.
2007-02-25 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.h: Just some documentation work.
2007-02-22 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/particleemitter.h: Added new particle property "bounce" that makes
particles bounce off the ground and use it with the damage numbers.
2007-02-21 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/gui/char-server.cpp, src/gui/updatewindow.cpp, src/gui/main.cpp,
src/gui/main.h: Added a new state "LOADDATA_STATE" that loads the XML
* src/resourcemanager.cpp, src/resourcemanager.h, src/main.cpp,
customdata/: Added a customdata dir that allows to add custom user
data easily. Just create a zip file with the same structure like the
update archives and drop it in the customdata folder and the files in
it override the default data and the updates.
2007-02-15 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/engine.cpp: The name conflict problem with Guichan seems to be
solved with version 0.6.1.
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/particleemitter.h: Added support for animated particles.
* data/graphics/particles/playerglow.particle.xml: Created a new
player follow particle that spawns a swarm of animated bats that
follow the player.
2007-02-09 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp: Fixed a misspelled include and another
optimisation at the vector calculation.
2007-02-08 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/utils/fastsqrt.h: Added a faster function to
calculate square roots and using it for hypotenuse calculations.
Thanks to Rogier aka Avaniel for finding the function.
2007-02-07 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp: Renamed
Particle::MAX_PARTICLES to Particle::maxCount and read the value from
config ("particleMaxCount")
* src/particle.cpp: Added fast physics mode that replaces the
trigonometric calculations made for calculating the acceleration by
much less cpu intense but also less accurate formulas. To enable it
set the config option "particleFastPhysics" to "1".
* src/particle.cpp: Added the config option "particleEmitterSkip" that
allows to reduces the output of the emitters by making them spawn
particles only every n-th game tick.
* src/graphics.cpp, src/graphics.h: Added a new method
"drawImageTransparent" to the graphic engine that blits an image with
an alpha factor.
* src/particle.cpp: Using new drawImageTransparent method.
2007-02-01 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/particleemitter.h: Implemented die-distance (particles are deleted
when they reached a certain proximity to their target)
* src/particle.cpp: Fixed a bug in the acceleration vector calculation.
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h: Fixed a problem with particles with
unlimited lifetime and fade-in.
* data/graphics/particles/playerglow.particle.xml: And again a new
player follow particle. This time it demonstrates die-distance and the
fixed acceleration vector calculation.
* src/engine.cpp, data/graphics/particles/snow.particle.xml,
data/graphics/particles/snowflake.png: I can't stand the begging
anymore. Now it snows in the snow area... and the forest... and the
desert... and under the earth... and indoors... Are you happy now,
Rotonen and Elven? ;-)
* src/particle.cpp: Removed some debug log messages.
* src/being.cpp: Avoided crash when attempting to control an invalid
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/particleemitter.h: Cleaned the includes up.
2007-01-31 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/particleemitter.h: Changed some variable names.
* data/graphics/particles/waterfall.particle.xml,
data/graphics/particles/waterfall-a.png: New waterfall with Modanungs
waterfall particle.
* src/particle.cpp: forgot to remove a svn conflict marker and changed
the order of initialisations to fix some compiler warnings.
2007-01-30 Eugenio Favalli <>
* tmw.cbp: Updated Code::blocks project file.
2007-01-30 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp,
data/graphics/particles/skillup.particle.xml: Added different particle
effect for job levelup.
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/particleemitter.h: Renamed "alphafade" to "fade-out", added new
property "fade-in".
* data/graphics/particles/playerglow.particle.xml: Added a new player
effect (a fire) demonstrating how to use fade-in and fade-out to fade
one color into another.
2007-01-29 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/particleemitter.h: Added a new particle property "alphafade" that
makes the particles fade into alpha before their lifetime ends.
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h: fixed an issue with particles that
have a lifetime of 0 and an issue with the momentum property.
* data/graphics/particles/waterfall.particle.xml,
data/graphics/particles/fog-medium-white-c.png: Added fog to the
waterfall effect demonstrating the new alphafade feature.
2007-01-28 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/utils/xml.cpp, src/utils/xml.h, src/particleemitter.cpp: Most
values are now read as floating point values from the emitter files.
* data/graphics/particles/fountain.particle.xml,
data/graphics/particles/playerglow.particle.xml: Changed some values
as floating point values. Made the player follow effect magenta to
improve the visibility of the hit effects.
* src/engine.cpp, data/graphics/particles/waterfall.particle.xml:
Removed the fountain and added a waterfall instead.
* src/particle.h: Corrected the drawing order of the particles in
relation to the other sprites.
* src/gui/debugwindow.cpp, src/gui/debugwindow.h: Added particle count
to debug window.
* src/particle.cpp: Allowed momentum without acceleration and
implement the acceleration properly.
* src/utils/minmax.h, src/particleemitter.cpp, src/particleemitter.h:
Added a structure to hold a pair of numeric minimum and maximum values
and used it to store all numeric emitter properties.
* src/utils/randbetween.h: Removed (the functionality is now in struct
2007-01-27 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/shoplistbox.cpp: Fixed compilation against Guichan 0.6.1.
* src/utils/randbetween.h: Fixed integer overflow causing the
randBetween function not to work properly on Linux.
2007-01-27 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp: Fixed a compiler issue.
2007-01-27 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/particleemitter.h, src/engine.cpp: Emitter data is read from
external xml files. Reimplemented target-based particles with the
difference that they don't target beings or locations but other
particles (at the moment the host particle of the effect).
* src/being.cpp: Beings now move controlled particles to their center
instead of their upper left corner.
* data/graphics/particles/orb*: Added a bunch of new particles.
* data/graphics/particles/fountain.particle.xml: Reimplementation of
the fountain effect in XML.
* data/graphics/particles/playerglow.particle.xml: New effect that
spawns orbs that orbit around the origin.
* src/being.cpp, data/graphics/particles/hit.particle.xml: Added
particle effect on hit.
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp,
data/graphics/particles/levelup.particle.xml: Added particle effect on
levelup (own or other player).
2007-01-24 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp: Initialized all variables of the particles in the
* src/particleemitter.cpp, src/particleemitter.h: minor cleanups.
2007-01-22 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/being.cpp, src/being.h, src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h
src/particleemitter.cpp, src/particleemitter.h, src/engine.cpp:
Particle effects are now created in child particles of the root
particle. Particle emitters have no longer a being they check every
frame. Instead beings have the ability to take control of particles.
2007-01-19 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h, src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/particleemitter.h: Implemented emitters that follow a being.
* src/engine.cpp: Added an emitter that follows the local player.
* src/particle.cpp: Fixed the crash on exit (reason was that the
mSpriteIterator wasn't initialized in every case)
2007-01-18 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/particle.h, src/particle.cpp, src/CMakeLists.txt,
src/ Fixed compilation issues on Linux.
2007-01-15 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/game.cpp, src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h,
src/particleemitter.h: Made the particle count global and more
2007-01-14 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/game.cpp, src/main.cpp, src/gui/trade.cpp, src/gui/sell.cpp,
src/gui/connection.cpp, src/gui/buddywindow.cpp, src/gui/browserbox.h,
src/gui/char_server.cpp, src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/login.cpp,
src/gui/inttextbox.h, src/gui/viewport.cpp, src/gui/button.h,
src/gui/shoplistbox.h, src/gui/skill.h, src/gui/item_amount.h,
src/gui/setup_audio.h, src/gui/newskill.cpp, src/gui/listbox.h,
src/gui/register.h, src/gui/setup.cpp, src/gui/npclistdialog.h,
src/gui/updatewindow.cpp, src/gui/button.cpp, src/gui/char_select.cpp,
src/gui/login.h, src/gui/setup_audio.cpp, src/gui/item_amount.cpp,
src/gui/setup_joystick.h, src/gui/chat.h, src/gui/npc_text.cpp,
src/gui/setup_video.cpp, src/gui/ok_dialog.cpp,
src/gui/inventorywindow.h, src/gui/gccontainer.cpp,
src/gui/newskill.h, src/gui/buy.h, src/gui/setup.h,
src/gui/itemcontainer.h, src/gui/confirm_dialog.cpp,
src/gui/debugwindow.cpp, src/gui/chat.cpp, src/gui/setup_joystick.cpp,
src/gui/updatewindow.h, src/gui/char_select.h, src/gui/buysell.h,
src/gui/tabbedcontainer.cpp, src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp,
src/gui/help.cpp, src/gui/status.h, src/gui/npc_text.h,
src/gui/setup_video.h, src/gui/menuwindow.cpp, src/gui/browserbox.cpp,
src/gui/ok_dialog.h, src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp,
src/gui/gccontainer.h, src/gui/buddywindow.h, src/gui/sell.h,
src/gui/trade.h, src/gui/inttextbox.cpp, src/gui/char_server.h,
src/gui/window.h, src/gui/shoplistbox.cpp, src/gui/skill.cpp,
src/gui/buysell.cpp, src/gui/confirm_dialog.h, src/gui/debugwindow.h,
src/gui/status.cpp, src/gui/listbox.cpp, src/gui/register.cpp,
src/gui/viewport.h, src/gui/tabbedcontainer.h,
src/gui/npclistdialog.cpp, src/gui/help.h, src/gui/chatinput.h,
src/gui/chatinput.cpp, src/net/tradehandler.cpp,
src/net/playerhandler.cpp: Upgraded to Guichan 0.6.0 (merge from
guichan-0.6.0 branch).
* src/winver.h,, data/help/header.txt, NEWS, README,
CMakeLists.txt: Updated version to
2007-01-14 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/particle.cpp, src/particle.h; src/particleemitter.cpp,
src/particleemitter.h, src/utils/randbetween.h:
Implemented particle engine.
* src/engine.cpp, src/game.cpp: added calls to the particle engine
* data/graphics/particles/*: added a bunch of particle graphics for
testing purpose.
* particleengine-todo.txt: Added particle engine todo list (please
omit when merging)
2007-01-13 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/sprites/,
data/graphics/sprites/CMakeLists.txt: Updated with regard to renaming
of cotton equipment.
2006-01-13 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/gui/debugwindow.cpp, src/gui/viewport.h: Fixed mouse coordinates
display in debug window.
2007-01-12 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/viewport.cpp: Fixed initialization of mPlayerFollowMouse,
the lack of which sometimes caused the player to start walking when
clicking on the GUI.
2007-01-09 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/icecave.png: Added new tiles and fixes by Nickman and
made some other cosmetical corrections.
2007-01-07 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/sprites/monster-mountsnake.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/monster-mountsnake.png, data/monsters.xml: Added
brown snake by Pauan.
2007-01-07 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/chest-cottonshirt-male.png,
data/graphics/item001.png, data/equipment.xml: Added female
cottonshirt sprites.
* data/equipment.xml: Fixed some wrong armor values.
2007-01-05 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/CMakeLists.txt, data/graphics/images/ambient/,
data/graphics/sprites/CMakeLists.txt: Synchronized build files.
2006-12-12 Eugenio Favalli <>
* tools/ Removed purger tool.
2006-12-25 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/tiles/christmastree.png, data/maps/new_11-1.tmx.gz:
Added Christmas tree by Pauan.
* data/graphics/sprites/head-christmastree.xml: Fixed name of image.
* src/resources/spriteset.cpp: Fixed index check to prevent crashing.
* data/graphics/sprites/head-christmastreehat.png,
data/graphics/sprites/head-rangerhat.xml: Updates to Pauan's recent
sprites by Pauan.
* data/items.xml: Fixes to descriptions and weights by Pauan.
2006-12-24 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/shoplistbox.cpp: Don't try to draw an icon when it is not
defined or failed to load properly.
* src/resources/image.cpp: Major rendering performance increase in
software mode, by not using RLE compression on loaded images while
most of the time, we're only drawing a small subimage of them.
* README, data/help/header.txt, NEWS: Filled in release dates.
2006-12-23 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
*, data/graphics/items/,
data/graphics/items/CMakeLists.txt, data/graphics/images/,
data/graphics/sprites/CMakeLists.txt, data/graphics/,
data/graphics/CMakeLists.txt, data/maps/,
data/maps/CMakeLists.txt, data/sfx/,
data/sfx/CMakeLists.txt, data/, data/CMakeLists.txt:
Removed database files, minimaps, items, monster sprites, maps and
sounds from the release. They will be released dynamically only.
* data/graphics/tiles/snow_x3.png: Added bottom of Christmas tree by
* src/main.cpp, src/resources/itemdb.h, src/resources/monsterdb.cpp,
src/resources/itemdb.cpp, src/resources/equipmentdb.cpp: Load the
databases at the start of the LOGIN state, after the updates are
2006-12-22 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/items/armor-head-rangerhat.png,
data/graphics/sprites/head-rangerhat.xml, data/items.xml,
data/equipment.xml, data/monsters.xml: Added new Christmas themed
headwear by Pauan.
* data/graphics/items/, data/graphics/items/CMakeLists.txt,
data/graphics/sprites/CMakeLists.txt, data/,
data/CMakeLists.txt: Updated Makefiles.
2006-12-21 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
*, CMakeLists.txt, README, data/help/header.txt: Updated
version to 0.0.22.
2006-12-18 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/items/armor-chest-vnecksweater.png: New version of
the inventory icon for the V-neck sweater by Saphy.
2006-12-17 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/sell.cpp, src/gui/shoplistbox.h, src/gui/listbox.h,
src/gui/shop.cpp, src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/shoplistbox.cpp,
src/gui/listbox.cpp: Subclassed ShopListBox from ListBox to get rid of
some duplicated code, and fixed a problem with scrolling to the
current selection. Also aligned the text a bit better and put the
price in parenthesis.
2006-12-16 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/connection.cpp, src/gui/chargedialog.cpp: Fixed dialog
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/game.cpp, src/localplayer.h: Fixed issues
with walking one tile too many and changing direction towards an
2006-12-15 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/tiles/desert1.png: Removed some unused legacy tiles and
added variant tiles for the cliffs.
2006-12-14 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/game.cpp, src/engine.h, src/engine.cpp: Removed the rather
useless remaining draw function from the engine class.
* src/being.cpp, src/being.h: Fixed an issue with fading out damage
texts (they were sometimes fully opaque at the end of fading out).
2006-12-12 Eugenio Favalli <>
* The Mana, tmw.cbp: Updated project files.
* src/gui/updatewindow.cpp, src/gui/updatewindow.h, src/main.cpp:
Added Adler32 checksum for updates.
* src/net/playerhandler.cpp: Fixed crash when selecting an item after
* data/items.xml: Fixed defense values for sweaters.
* src/net/playerhandler.cpp: Hide all NPC dialogs after death.
2006-12-12 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/animatedsprite.h, src/CMakeLists.txt, src/animatedsprite.cpp,
src/resources/action.h, src/resources/animation.h,
src/resources/spritedef.cpp, src/resources/action.cpp,
src/resources/animation.cpp, src/resources/spritedef.h: Moved
Action, Animation and Frame (renamed from AnimationPhase) classes into
the resources directory, since they are part of the SpriteDef class.
* src/CMakeLists.txt, src/utils/base64.cpp, src/utils/base64.h,
src/, src/resources/mapreader.cpp: Moved base64 module into
utils directory.
* src/engine.cpp, src/npc.cpp: Cleaned up some unused stuff.
2006-12-12 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/sfx/bat-dying1.ogg, data/sfx/bat-hit1.ogg,
data/sfx/bow_shoot_1.ogg, data/sfx/fire-goblin-hit1.ogg
data/sfx/fire-goblin-hit2.ogg, data/sfx/fire-goblin-miss1.ogg,
data/sfx/fist-swish.ogg, data/sfx/flower-hit1.ogg,
data/sfx/flower-hit2.ogg, data/sfx/flower-miss1.ogg,
data/sfx/fluffy-hit1.ogg, data/sfx/fluffy-hit2.ogg,
data/sfx/fluffy-hit3.ogg, data/sfx/fluffy-hurt1.ogg,
data/sfx/fluffy-miss1.ogg, data/sfx/knife-hit1.ogg,
data/sfx/knife-miss1.ogg, data/sfx/levelup.ogg
data/sfx/scorpion-hit1.ogg, data/sfx/scorpion-hit2.ogg
data/sfx/scorpion-hit3.ogg, data/sfx/scorpion-hit4.ogg
data/sfx/scorpion-miss1.ogg, data/sfx/short-sword-hit1.ogg
data/sfx/short-sword-miss1.ogg, data/sfx/shroom-hit1.ogg
Normalized versions of sound effects by Cosmostrator.
2006-12-11 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/updatewindow.cpp: Fixed visibility of the update window.
2006-12-11 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/equipment.xml, data/items.xml,
data/graphics/items/Makefile.AM, data/graphics/items/CMakeLists.txt:
Added new sweaters by Saphy. Info for server admins: Item IDs are 564
for turtleneck (should already be in there) and 624 for v-neck. The
visible sprite IDs are 19 for turtleneck and 20 for v-neck.
2006-12-11 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/main.h, src/tmw.rc, src/winver.h, The Mana, tmw.cbp:
Fixed windows binary version.
2006-12-10 Eugenio Favalli <>
* docs/INSTALL/win32.txt: Added more detailed instructions for Dev-C++
2006-12-09 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/sprites/npcs.png: Added pirate NPC.
2006-12-09 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/sprite.h, src/gui/playerbox.h, src/gui/char_select.cpp,
src/gui/playerbox.cpp, src/gui/passwordfield.h, src/gui/char_select.h,
src/main.cpp, src/being.cpp, src/player.h, src/floor_item.h,
src/being.h: Use new animation system in character selection/creation.
Shows equipment and allowed for some cleanup. Had a bit of help from
the patch by VictorSan.
2006-12-08 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/base64.cpp, src/base64.h, src/resources/mapreader.cpp:
Downgraded to base64 codec from PHP 3 to resolve licensing issues.
2006-12-06 Eugenio Favalli <>
* The Mana, tmw.cbp: Updated project files.
2006-12-06 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp: Fixed crashs when changing equipment.
* data/graphics/tiles/desert1.png, data/graphics/tiles/desert2.png:
More tiling related fixes at the cliffs.
2006-12-06 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/item_amount.cpp: Fixed visibility of item amount window.
2006-12-05 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/tiles/desert1.png: Improved the tiling behavior
of the cliffs (still not gridless but at least the edges fit
together in the most common situations)
2006-12-04 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/game.cpp, src/engine.h, src/gui/windowcontainer.h,
src/gui/viewport.cpp, src/gui/gui.cpp, src/gui/gui.h,
src/gui/debugwindow.cpp, src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp,
src/gui/viewport.h, src/engine.cpp, src/CMakeLists.txt,
src/ Introduced a new class Viewport which combines the
drawing code from Engine with the (rather misplaced) input handling
from the Gui class. Also, it's a Container itself which should allow
for extending it to show Guichan widgets on map coordinates.
2006-12-03 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/sound.cpp, src/monster.cpp, src/sound.h,
src/resources/soundeffect.cpp, src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp:
Don't try to play empty strings as sounds, and don't return a
SoundEffect instance when Mix_Chunk loading failed.
* src/beingmanager.cpp, src/npc.cpp, src/npc.h: Show NPC names.
* src/game.cpp, src/gui/char_server.cpp, src/gui/window.cpp,
src/gui/login.cpp, src/gui/char_select.cpp, src/gui/ok_dialog.cpp,
src/gui/confirm_dialog.cpp, src/gui/ok_dialog.h, src/gui/window.h,
src/gui/confirm_dialog.h, src/gui/register.cpp: Windows now default
to invisible, since this seems the most common case.
2006-12-02 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/chest-leather-female.png: A little correction
at the female leather shirt by mangamaniac.
2006-12-01 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp, src/being.h, src/being.cpp, src/monster.h,
src/gui/gui.cpp: Visible equipment slot numbers are now converted by
the beinghandler from eAthena to our system. No more distinction
between monster attacking and player attacking between beinghandler
and the being classes.
* src/being.cpp, src/monster.cpp, src/being.h, src/monster.h: Moved
the monster specific action handling into the monster class.
* monster.cpp, mosterinfo.cpp, monsterinfo.h: Monsters now make sounds
when they attack, gett hurt or die.
* src/being.cpp: Delayed the damage numbers a bit to synchronize them
better with the hurt sounds.
* data/monsters.xml, data/sfx//bat-dying1.ogg, data/sfx/bat-hit1.ogg,
data/sfx/bow_shoot_1.ogg, data/sfx/fire-goblin-hit1.ogg,
data/sfx/fire-goblin-hit2.ogg, data/sfx/fire-goblin-miss1.ogg,
data/sfx/fist-swish.ogg, data/sfx/flower-hit1.ogg,
data/sfx/flower-hit2.ogg, data/sfx/flower-miss1.ogg,
data/sfx/fluffy-hit1.ogg, data/sfx/fluffy-hit2.ogg,
data/sfx/fluffy-hit3.ogg, data/sfx/fluffy-hurt1.ogg,
data/sfx/fluffy-miss1.ogg, data/sfx/knife-hit1.ogg,
data/sfx/knife-miss1.ogg, data/sfx/levelup.ogg,
data/sfx/scorpion-hit1.ogg, data/sfx/scorpion-hit2.ogg,
data/sfx/scorpion-hit3.ogg, data/sfx/scorpion-hit4.ogg,
data/sfx/scorpion-miss1.ogg, data/sfx/short-sword-hit1.ogg,
data/sfx/short-sword-miss1.ogg, data/sfx/shroom-hit1.ogg,
data/sfx/slime-hit1.ogg, data/sfx/Makefile.AM,
data/sfx/CMakeLists.txt: Added a lot of sound effects by Cosmostrator.
2006-11-30 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/maps/ Fixed small trailing slash issue.
* src/player.cpp: Optimized setSex and setWeapon by first loading the
new sprite and then deleting the old one (prevents potentially
unnecessary reload).
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp: Optimized handling of player walk
messages, by first setting the gender right and then setting the
equipment. Gets rid of reload of complete equipment in the case of
2006-11-30 Eugenio Favalli <>
* The Mana, tmw.cbp: Updated project files.
2006-11-29 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/monster.cpp: Small fix to resource path.
2006-11-29 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/resources/equipment.h: Made getSprite return a constant
* src/resources/monsterdb.cpp, src/resources/monsterdb.h,
src/resources/monsterinfo.cpp, src/resources/monsterinfo.h,
src/Makefile.AM, src/CMakeLists.txt, src/main.cpp:
Added the MonsterDB namespace that reads the monsters.xml
and maps monster IDs to names, sprite definitions and sound effects.
* src/monster.cpp: Get sprite definition filenames from MonsterDB.
* src/engine.cpp: Show monster name when targeting a monster.
* data/monsters.xml, data/graphics/sprites/Makefile.AM,
data/graphics/sprites/CMakeLists.txt, data/graphics/sprites/monster*:
Renamed all monster sprites to more associative names (whew, we got to
train some monkeys for tasks like that).
2006-11-27 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* tmw.cbp: Updated Code::Blocks project file.
2006-11-27 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/log.cpp, src/util/wingettimeofday.h: Added implementation of
gettimeofday() for windows machines.
2006-11-26 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/log.cpp: Higher precision log timestamps.
* src/graphics.cpp, src/gui/gui.cpp, src/openglgraphics.cpp,
src/main.cpp, src/resources/equipmentdb.cpp,
src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp: Added some additional log
* src/resources/itemdb.cpp: Removed usage of READ_PROP in favour of
XML::getProperty and updated log statements.
* src/resources/image.cpp: Added support for loading TGA images.
2006-11-26 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp: Remove unnecessary check for
file existance, loading will just fail with the correct error message.
2006-11-26 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/game.cpp, src/being.cpp, src/net/beinghandler.cpp, src/being.h:
Made Being::mDirection protected, forcing the use of setDirection.
* src/npc.cpp, src/player.cpp, src/animatedsprite.h, src/monster.cpp,
src/resources/resourcemanager.h: Defaulted variant argument to 0 since
this is the most common situation.
* src/resources/spritedef.cpp, src/resources/spritedef.h: Some
refactoring, splitting up the loading into several methods, in
preparation of adding support for including other sprites.
* src/main.cpp: ItemDB needs to be unloaded before deleting the
resource manager instance, since ItemInfo refers to an Image.
2006-11-26 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/being.cpp, src/being.h, src/engine.cpp, src/main.cpp,
src/player.cpp, src/player.h, src/resources/equipmentdb.h,
src/resources/equipmentdb.cpp, src/resources/equipmentinfo.h,
src/resources/itemdb.cpp, src/resources/itemdb.h,
data/graphics/images/error.png, data/graphics/sprites/error.xml:
Added the EquipmentDB namespace that reads the equipment.xml, maps
equipment IDs to sprite definition files and thus allows gender
specific equipment sprites.
* data/graphics/sprites/chest-leather-female.png,
data/equipment.xml: Added and defined male and female leather shirt as
proof of concept of the gender specific equipment.
* data/graphics/images/, data/graphics/sprites/,
data/, src/,
data/graphics/sprites/CMakeLists.txt, data/CMakeLists.txt,
src/CMakeLists.txt: Updated Makefiles and CMake Lists.
2006-11-24 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/engine.cpp, src/floor_item.cpp, src/item.h, src/main.cpp,
src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/popupmenu.cpp, src/gui/sell.cpp,
src/gui/shop.cpp, src/net/inventoryhandler.cpp,
src/resources/itemdb.cpp, src/resources/itemdb.h,
src/resources/iteminfo.h, src/resources/itemmanager.cpp,
src/resources/itemmanager.h: Refactored the Itemmanager class to an
ItemDB namespace.
2006-11-23 Eugenio Favalli <>
* The Mana, tmw.cbp: Updated project files.
2006-11-19 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/setup_joystick.cpp: Fixed joystick option to show enabled
when the joystick is enabled.
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/game.cpp, src/action.h, src/action.cpp,
src/player.cpp, src/animatedsprite.h, src/being.cpp, src/animation.h,
src/monster.cpp, src/CMakeLists.txt, src/player.h,
src/animatedsprite.cpp, src/localplayer.h, src/animation.cpp,
src/, src/being.h, src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp,
src/resources/spritedef.cpp, src/resources/resourcemanager.h,
src/resources/spriteset.h, src/resources/spritedef.cpp: Separated
sprite definition from playback.
2006-11-17 Björn Steinbrink <>
* data/graphics/sprites/CMakeLists.txt: Fixed some filenames.
2006-11-17 Wai Ling Tsang <>
* src/gui/gui.cpp: Added mouse following ability/feature under
* src/gui/gui.h: Added mouseMotion(), mouseRelease() and private
variables for mouse following.
2006-11-15 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/tiles/Woodland_village.png,
data/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_14-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_15-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_16-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_17-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_18-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_19-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/CMakeList.txt,
Added woodland village outdoor tileset and maps. Modified gates on
the nearby maps.
2006-11-15 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/animatedsprite.h, src/CMakeLists.txt, src/animatedsprite.cpp,
src/utils/xml.cpp, src/utils/xml.h, src/,
src/resources/mapreader.cpp: Separated getProperty method to an XML
utility namespace.
2006-11-15 Eugenio Favalli <>
* The Mana, tmw.cbp: Updated project files.
* The Mana, tmw.cbp: Fixed dynamic linking of libcurl.
2006-11-14 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/action.h, src/action.cpp, src/animation.h, src/CMakeLists.txt,
src/animatedsprite.cpp, src/animation.cpp, src/ Separated
Action class to its own module.
* src/action.h, src/action.cpp, src/animatedsprite.h, src/animation.h,
src/animatedsprite.cpp, src/animation.cpp: Resolve Image* of animation
phase at load time instead of storing just the spriteset index and
looking it up later (checking validity should still be added). Also
calculate animation length during loading instead of summing it up
each time it is requested.
2006-11-12 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/map.cpp, src/map.h: Made pathfinding algorithm cope better with
beings blocking the road. This is done by allowing walking over other
beings, but at an additional cost so that it is preferable to walk
around them.
* src/game.cpp: Worked around a Guichan exception thrown for mice with
many buttons (patch by Roel van Dijk).
2006-11-09 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/main.cpp, src/net/network.cpp, src/net/network.h,
The Mana, tmw.cbp: Fixed a conflict with Windows headers and
updated project files.
2006-11-05 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/trade.cpp: Fixed money field to no longer hide below the
bottom of the window.
* src/CMakeLists.txt: Added shoplistbox.h/cpp files.
* src/gui/updatewindow.cpp: Fixed percentage indicator of update
* src/main.cpp, src/net/beinghandler.cpp, src/net/skillhandler.cpp,
src/net/network.cpp: Changed some printf statements to log statements.
2006-11-05 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/images/login_wallpaper.png: Reverted to standard
* src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp: More useful logging about
resources that are being loaded (including source).
* src/graphics.cpp, src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/button.cpp,
src/gui/widgets/dropdown.cpp, src/gui/textfield.cpp,
src/gui/playerbox.cpp, src/gui/progressbar.cpp,
src/gui/scrollarea.cpp, src/graphics.h, src/CMakeLists.txt,
src/, src/graphic, src/graphic/imagerect.h: Merged the
definition of ImageRect into graphics.h.
2006-11-05 Yohann Ferreira <>
* src/, src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/buy.h, src/gui/shop.h,
src/gui/shop.cpp, src/gui/sell.cpp, src/gui/shoplistbox.h,
src/gui/shoplistbox.cpp: Added pictures to items in buy dialogs.
Also too expensive items are highlighted in gray and can't be
* src/gui/shop.cpp, src/gui/shop.h, src/gui.sell.h, src/gui/sell.cpp,
src/net/buysellhandler.cpp, src/gui/shoplistbox.h,
src/gui/shoplistbox.cpp: Added item's pictures in sell dialogs, and
precisions about the total money in it.
* src/gui/shop.h, src/gui/shop.cpp, src/gui/sell.cpp: Fixes to Sell
* src/gui/sell.cpp: Fixes the money value after selling something.
2006-11-05 Björn Steinbrink <>
* data/graphics/sprites/ Use tabs instead of spaces as
required by automake (AFAIK).
2006-11-05 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/weapon0.png,
data/graphics/items/weapon-polearm-scythe.png, src/player.cpp,
src/player.h, src/being.cpp, src/being.h, data/items.xml: Added scythe
as a permanent weapon (ID: 623)
2006-11-04 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/gui/updatewindow.cpp, src/gui/updatewindow.h: Removed useless
addRow method.
2006-11-04 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/maps/new_1-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_10-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_11-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_14-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_15-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_16-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_3-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_7-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz: Reverted Halloween map versions, except for
map 10 and 11 which include the latest fixes by Crush but now have
their night layer removed.
2006-11-04 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_17-1.tmx.gz,
Added music and minimap to woodland cave level 2.
* data/maps/new_10-1.tmx.gz, maps/new_11-1.tmx.gz:
Fixed some map bugs (please update server sided walkmap)
2006-11-03 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/updatewindow.cpp, src/main.cpp: Updated to the new default
2006-11-01 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/gui.cpp, src/gui/browserbox.cpp,
data/graphics/gui/browserfont.png, data/graphics/gui/fixedfont.png:
Added support for å and Å (with help of Håkan Rönn).
2006-10-31 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/tiles/desert1.png, data/graphics/tiles/desert_x2.png:
Adding a bunch of graphical improvements made by VxD.
2006-10-31 Frode Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/sprites/item011.png,
data/graphics/sprites/item011.xml, data/graphics/sprites/item012.png,
data/graphics/sprites/monster21.xml: Fixed some graphical issues,
mostly a cosmetic update.
2006-10-30 Yohann Ferreira <>
* debian/changelog: Updated the package's version.
2006-10-30 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz: Removed the night effect that accidentally
sneaked in with the last map change.
2006-10-30 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/tmw.rc: Updated Windows binary version.
* data/help/header.txt, NEWS, README: Fixed some release dates and
* data/graphics/items/armor-head-axehat.png,
data/graphics/items/, data/items.xml: Added new items.
* data/graphics/sprites/,
data/graphics/sprites/monster22.xml: Added new monsters.
* data/graphics/sprites/item011.png, data/graphics/sprites/item011.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item012.png, data/graphics/sprites/item012.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item013.png, data/graphics/sprites/item013.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item014.png, data/graphics/sprites/item014.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item015.png, data/graphics/sprites/item015.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item016.png, data/graphics/sprites/item016.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item017.png, data/graphics/sprites/item017.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item018.png, data/graphics/sprites/item018.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/ Added new visible equipments.
* data/graphics/images/login_wallpaper.png, data/maps/new_1-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_10-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_11-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_14-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_15-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_16-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_3-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_7-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz: Halloween related
* data/graphics/items/ Fixed wrong filename.
* data/graphics/sprites/ Fixed wrong filenames.
* data/graphics/sprites/weapon0.png: Replaced knife with scythe.
2006-10-30 Björn Steinbrink <>
* data/graphics/items/CMakeLists.txt: Synced with autotools config.
* data/graphics/items/CMakeLists.txt: Added new items to CMake config.
* src/being.cpp: Properly initialize sprite vector.
2006-10-29 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
*, The Mana, CMakeLists.txt,
data/help/header.txt, NEWS: Set version to
* src/player.cpp: Fixed excessive unnecessary reloading of sprites.
2006-10-28 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/main.c: Reload wallpaper after updates are fetched.
* data/graphics/sprites/ Added monster20.
2006-10-28 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/monster20.png,
Added pumpkin ghost monster for halloween event.
* data/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz: Fixed a map discrepancy between
new_9-1 and new_14-1 (no new walkmap required). Thanks to QOAL
for reporting.
2006-10-24 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/images/ambient/night.png: added graphic for night
ambient effect.
2006-10-23 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* Added zlib check before PhysFS check. The PhysFS check
was failing on MSYS because of a missing -lz.
2006-10-22 Björn Steinbrink <>
* CMakeLists.txt, src/CMakeLists.txt: Add PACKAGE_VERSION support.
* CMakeLists.txt, src/CMakeLists.txt: Setup the binary dir in the main
CMakeLists.txt file.
* src/main.h: Include config.h only when we have it.
* src/CMakeLists.txt: Properly set build flags for the tmw target.
2006-10-18 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/CMakeLists.txt, data/graphics/tiles/CMakeLists.txt,
data/graphics/items/CMakeLists.txt, data/graphics/gui/CMakeLists.txt,
data/graphics/sprites/CMakeLists.txt, data/maps/CMakeLists.txt,
data/sfx/CMakeLists.txt, data/help/CMakeLists.txt,
data/icons/CMakeLists.txt, data/CMakeLists.txt, CMakeLists.txt: Add
TMW_DATADIR definition.
2006-10-16 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/CMakeLists.txt: Adjusted path for Windows.
2006-10-16 Björn Steinbrink <>
* CMakeLists.txt: Enable OpenGL by default.
* CMake/Modules/FindLibcurl.cmake: Fix libcurl library not being
marked as advanced option.
* CMakeLists.txt, src/CMakeLists.txt: Add OpenGL option.
* data/CMakeLists.txt: Adjust data destination for Windows.
* src/CMakeLists.txt: Adjust binary destination for Windows.
* src/CMakeLists.txt, data/graphics/tiles/CMakeLists.txt,
data/graphics/items/CMakeLists.txt, data/graphics/gui/CMakeLists.txt,
data/graphics/sprites/CMakeLists.txt, data/graphics/CMakeLists.txt,
data/maps/CMakeLists.txt, data/sfx/CMakeLists.txt,
data/help/CMakeLists.txt, data/icons/CMakeLists.txt,
data/CMakeLists.txt, CMakeLists.txt: Add CMake install support.
* CMake/Modules/FindGuichan.cmake, CMake/Modules/FindLibXml2.cmake,
CMake/Modules/FindLibcurl.cmake, CMakeLists.txt, src/CMakeLists.txt:
Add basic CMake support for building tmw.
2006-10-12 Yohann Ferreira <>
* debian/rules, debian/tmw-data.install, debian/tmw-data.dirs,
debian/tmw-music.install, debian/changelog: Updating Debian files for
bug fixing.
2006-10-12 Frode Lindeijer <>
* /data/graphics/sprites/npcs.png: Updated the clothes salesman,
it was way out of date.
2006-10-12 Cédric Borgese <>
* data/graphics/tiles/Woodland_x3.png: Enlarge the trunk and the
base of the trees in the woodland tileset.
2006-10-09 Yohann Ferreira <>
* src/gui/buysell.cpp, src/gui/buy.cpp : A little tweak to the buy
2006-10-07 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/resources/mapreader.cpp: Added support for gzip compressed map
*, The Mana Increased version to 0.0.22.
* src/map.cpp: Removed unused setSize method. Also introduced
initializeOverlays method and removed the confusing setOverlay (which
actually added one).
* src/properties.h: Added convenience method to read a property as a
* src/map.cpp, src/resources/ambientoverlay.cpp,
src/resources/ambientoverlay.h: Resolved some weirdness involving
the terms scroll and speed.
2006-10-07 Eugenio Favalli <>
* The Mana, tmw.cbp: Updated project files.
2006-10-03 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/sprites/item006.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item010.png: Removed empty frames from
2006-10-03 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/map.cpp, src/map.h, src/,
src/resources/mapreader.cpp, src/resources/ambientoverlay.cpp,
src/resources/ambientoverlay.h: Turned AmbientOverlay into a class.
Cleaned up the associated code.
2006-10-01 Eugenio Favalli <>
* tools/ Added a tool to purge old accounts from eAthena's
database files.
2006-10-01 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/game.cpp, src/gui/trade.cpp, src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp:
Accepted patches by GDO and VictorSan that fix problems with hiding
windows using h and problems with trade window positioning.
2006-09-28 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/map.cpp: Fix random crashes when map tiles are missing.
2006-09-28 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/maps/new_2-1.tmx.gz: Matt Howe fixed up cave map.
2006-09-26 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/maps/new_6-1.tmx.gz: Alderan fixed a map issue.
2006-09-25 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle*.png,
data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle*.xml, tools/ Removed
unused frames from the hairsets.
* src/resources/image.h: Defined NO_SDL_GLEXT to prevent a
redefinition when gl.h also tries to define OpenGL extensions (patch
accepted from Rogier Polak).
2006-09-23 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/maps/new_5-1.tmx.gz: Accepted new version by Matt Howe, fixing
several mapping issues.
2006-09-21 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/tiles/ Added missing tileset.
* src/gui/updatewindow.cpp, src/gui/updatewindow.h: Made canceling the
update process non-blocking (Patch by VictorSan).
2006-09-21 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/animation.cpp, src/animation.h, src/animatedsprite.cpp,
src/animatedsprite.h: Removed some obsolete code and implemented
the posibility to define an <end /> token in the <animation>s
that allows to define an animation that doesn't loop and returns
to the STAND animation when finished.
* data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle*.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/weapons.xml: Used the <end /> token for all
attack animations fixing the problem with looping monster attack
2006-09-20 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/items/generic-whitefur.png,
data/graphics/items/, data/items.xml: Added drops for new
* src/gui/setup.cpp, src/gui/setup_video.cpp,
src/gui/setup_video.h: Added a slider for controlling the overlay
detail to the video setup dialog based on a patch by VictorSan.
* data/maps/new_14-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_16-1.tmx.gz: Added cloud
effect and minimap.
* data/images/ Updated makefile.
2006-09-19 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/sprites/ Added missing monster19 sprite.
2006-09-17 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/maps/ Added missing maps.
* data/maps/new_10-1.tmx.gz: Disabled layer compression.
2006-09-18 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz: Fixed some mapping bugs (new walkmap
2006-09-17 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/maps/new_10-1.tmx.gz: Fixed transparent snow issue (Fix by
2006-09-17 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/game.cpp: Stop using the sticky window attribute which is
unneeded for the current implementation, instead adjust the set of
affected windows by the 'hide' shortcut.
2006-09-17 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_14-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_15-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_16-1.tmx.gz: fixed some mapping errors.
2006-09-16 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/animatedsprite.cpp, src/animatedsprite.h: Fixed the crash when
attacking without a weapon, some additional stability improvements and
more descriptive variable names in the parsing algorithmn.
2006-09-16 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/help/changes.txt, data/help/header.txt, NEWS, README,
src/tmw.rc: Updated release infos.
2006-09-14 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/animation.h, src/animatedsprite.h,
data/graphics/sprites/weapon.xml: Some modifications at the animation
system. No more "undefined action foo" warnings in the tmw.log. Not
visible actions must now be declared explicitly.
* data/graphics/images/ambient/sandstorm.png,
data/graphics/images/ambient/clouds.png: Improved quality of the overlay
2006-09-14 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/gui/char_select.cpp: Remove debug output.
* src/gui/char_select.cpp, src/main.cpp: Fix the character name
matching loop and add support for saving the last used character
(based on a patch by Andrew Harrison).
* src/gui/char_select.cpp, src/gui/char_select.h, src/main.cpp: Clean
up the player selection stuff, it's a bit nicer now.
* src/main.cpp: Fix up the player selection command line option.
2006-09-12 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/game.cpp, src/game.h: Simplified fps limiting a bit and added
some comments. Now based on ConfigListener so that the fpslimit option
doesn't need to be queried the whole time.
* NEWS: Updated with some items.
2006-09-11 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/game.cpp: Fixed more fps issues.
2006-09-09 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/gui.cpp: Removed easy targeting functionality since it
interferes with walking around too much. Targeting can still be rather
conveniently done with 'a' or the middle mouse button.
2006-09-07 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/resources/image.cpp: Fixed a typo.
* src/resources/image.cpp: Worked around a memory leak when using
2006-09-06 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/item010.png, data/graphics/sprites/item010.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/ Added santa hat sprites and updated
2006-09-06 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/game.cpp, src/gui/setup_video.cpp, src/main.cpp: Fixed fps
limiter issues and increased default limit to 60.
* src/game.cpp: Fixed fps limiter when disabled.
2006-09-05 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/tiles/Woodland_ground.png,
data/graphics/tiles/Woodland_x3.png: Some minor improvements and
additions at my tilesets.
* data/graphics/sprites/monster0.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/monster0.xml: Adjusted the animation speed of
several monsters.
2006-09-03 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/floor_item.cpp, src/gui/equipmentwindow.cpp, src/gui/sell.cpp,
src/gui/trade.cpp, src/gui/inventorywindow.h,
src/gui/selectionlistener.h, src/gui/itemcontainer.h,
src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp, src/gui/buy.cpp,
src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp, src/gui/popupmenu.cpp, src/item.h,
src/net/inventoryhandler.cpp, src/,
src/resources/itemmanager.h, src/resources/iteminfo.cpp,
src/resources/iteminfo.h, src/resources/itemmanager.cpp: Introduced
SelectionListener to fix updating problem in inventory window (should
also be used to fix similar problem in trade, buy and sell dialogs).
Made the ItemInfo be passed around as a reference instead of a pointer,
since it is never NULL.
* src/gui/trade.cpp, src/gui/trade.h: Fixed updating of labels in
trade window.
* src/gui/sell.cpp, src/gui/listbox.h, src/gui/inventorywindow.h,
src/gui/buy.h, src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/sell.h, src/gui/listbox.cpp:
Fixed updating of labels in buy and sell dialogs. Also made our
listbox respond to mouse dragging to change the selection.
2006-09-02 Bernard Lidicky <>
* src/game.cpp, src/beingmanager.h, src/gui/gui.cpp,
src/beingmanager.cpp, src/localplayer.h, README,
data/help/commands.txt, NEWS: Added targeting nearest monster with
either keyboard or mouse. Also made clicking beings in general a bit
easier (patch applied by Bjørn Lindeijer).
2006-09-01 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/sprites/monster19.png,
data/graphics/sprites/monster19.xml, data/graphics/tiles/arena.png,
data/graphics/tiles/cave.png, data/maps/new_17-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_6-1.tmx.gz: Added new big cave map, lamp-snake monster,
improved arena map.
2006-08-30 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/item007.png,
data/graphics/sprites/item007.xml, data/graphics/sprites/item009.png,
Added sprites for miners helm and standard headband.
2006-08-29 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/map.cpp, src/beingmanager.h, src/gui/minimap.cpp,
src/engine.cpp, src/beingmanager.cpp: It's better to use a reference
when you don't need a pointer.
* NEWS: Updated with addition of config file option.
2006-08-29 Andrew Harrison <>
* src/main.cpp: Added command line option to specify which
configuration file to use (patch applied by Bjørn Lindeijer).
2006-08-29 Matthias Hartmann <>
* data/graphics/sprites/item006.png,
data/graphics/sprites/item006.xml, data/graphics/sprites/item008.xml:
Fixed fancy hat + silk headband positions.
2006-08-29 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/item008.png,
data/graphics/sprites/item008.xml, data/graphics/sprites/
Added fancy hat sprite.
2006-08-28 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/gui/setup_video.cpp: Modified the ranges of the ScrollLaziness
and ScrollRadius sliders.
2006-08-28 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/items/*: Changed svn properties.
* data/graphics/sprites/item001.xml, data/graphics/sprites/item002.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item003.xml, data/graphics/sprites/item004.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item005.xml, data/graphics/sprites/item006.png,
data/graphics/sprites/item006.xml, data/graphics/sprites/
Added headband and fixed svn properties.
2006-08-27 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/net/inventoryhandler.cpp: Applied patch by Andrew Harrison that
adds item pickup messages to the chat window.
* NEWS: Updated with some recently added and fixed issues. Doesn't
mention any of the recent content updates yet.
2006-08-26 Pascal Ganaye <>
* src/joystick.h, src/joystick.cpp, src/gui/setup.cpp,
src/gui/setup_joystick.h, src/gui/setup_video.cpp,
src/gui/setup_joystick.cpp, src/gui/setup_video.h: Added sliders to
the video section of the setup window to configure the laziness and
radius of the scrolling behaviour. Added a checkbox to the joystick
section to allow enabling/disabling the joystick (patch applied by
Bjørn Lindeijer).
2006-08-26 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/ministatus.cpp, src/gui/ministatus.h: Applied patch by mrha
(Herbi), adding experience bar to the ministatus in the top left.
*, data/graphics/items/,
data/graphics/ Added to make sure the item
icons are installed.
* src/player.cpp, src/animation.h, src/player.h,
src/animatedsprite.cpp, src/animation.cpp: Applied patch by Bahamut81
which implements resetting of Animation, Action and AnimatedSprite.
This fixes the animation synchronization issues.
2006-08-25 Matthias Hartmann <>
* src/gui/char_select.cpp, src/gui/char_select.h, src/main.cpp: Added
--playername command line option for selecting the character you want
to play with (patch applied by Bjørn Lindeijer).
2006-08-25 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/engine.cpp, src/map.h, src/map.cpp: Addded new config variable
"OverlayDetail" to control the number of drawn overlays.
2 (or more) = all (default), 1 = only the first one, 0 = none.
2006-08-24 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/help/commands.txt, README, src/game.cpp, src/gui/chat.cpp,
src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/window.h: Added support for sticky windows
as discussed with doener. Patch by Andrew Harrison.
* data/items.xml: Added jeans shorts.
2006-08-24 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/engine.cpp: Scrolling speed no longer affected by framerate.
* src/map.cpp, scr/map.h: Overlay speed no longer affected by
* data/maps/new_1-1.tmx.gz, data/graphics/new_7-1.tmx.gz,
data/graphics/images/ambient/sandstorm.png: Redone sandstorm effect
(larger and more transparent image, tripple layer parallax scrolling)
2006-08-24 Frode Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/sprites/item004.png,
data/graphics/sprites/item005.png, data/graphics/sprites/,
data/graphics/items/armor-legs-jeanshorts: Added the equip graphics of
the short jeans and the cotton shorts and an inventory icon of the
cotton shorts. Also added all added files to the makefile.
2006-08-23 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_7-1.tmx.gz: Fixed a minor mapping bug reported on the
forum (no new walkmap required).
* data/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz: Fixed two minor mapping bugs (new walkmap
2006-08-22 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
*, data/graphics/images/ambient,
data/graphics/images/ Updated makefiles to account for new
ambient images and changed the version from to 0.0.21.
2006-08-21 Eugenio Favalli <>
* The Mana, tmw.cbp: Updated project files.
2006-08-21 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/mapreader.cpp: Added logic for initialisation of the overlays.
* src/map.cpp, src/map.h: Code for updating and drawing the overlays.
* src/engine.cpp, src/engine.h: Added smooth scrolling and the call
to draw the overlays.
* data/maps/new_1-1.tmx.gz, data/graphics/new_7-1.tmx.gz,
data/graphics/images/ambient/sandstorm.png: Added sandstorm effect
to the desert maps outside of the city (feedback, please).
* data/maps/new_2-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_4-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_5-1.tmx.gz, data/graphics/images/ambient/spotlight.png
Added spotlight effect to the cave maps (feedback, please)
* data/graphics/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz,
Added cloudshadow effect to the woodland map (feedback, please).
2006-08-20 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* Moved libpng check before SDL_image check, since the
latter requires the former.
2006-08-20 Yohann Ferreira <>
* data/graphics/sprites/ Following the splitting from
Philipp, moved out the items.png file from the
* debian/control, debian/tmw-data.install: Updated debian package
creation process.
* src/ Added iteminfo.cpp to avoid an undefined reference
with gcc 4.1.2. Happy to be back :)
2006-08-17 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/items/*: Splitted the items.png into separate images
with more distinctive names. (no, i won't list all 114)
* src/itemmanager.cpp, data/items.xml: Replaced indices on the item
spriteset with filenames. added names and descriptions for all missing
items. Changed names and descriptions of some items.
* src/engine.cpp: Removed global item spriteset.
* src/floor_item.cpp, src/floor_item.h, src/iteminfo.cpp,
src/iteminfo.h, src/equipmentwindow.cpp, src/equipmentwindow.h,
src/itemcontainer.cpp, src/itemcontainer.h: The iteminfo class now
provides a pointer to the item icon image instead of providing the
index on the item spriteset.
* data/graphics/tiles/trans_desert-woodland.png: Added transmission
tileset between desert and woodland.
2006-08-13 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/sprites/,
data/graphics/sprites/npcs.png: Added new monster and npcs.
* src/gui.cpp, tmw.cbp, The Mana Fixed Guichan 0.5.0
compilation issues.
2006-08-13 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/openglgraphics.cpp, src/game.cpp, src/main.cpp,
src/gui/buddywindow.cpp, src/gui/connection.cpp, src/gui/sell.cpp,
src/gui/trade.cpp, src/gui/char_server.cpp, src/gui/window.cpp,
src/gui/login.cpp, src/gui/skill.h, src/gui/gui.cpp,
src/gui/item_amount.h, src/gui/setup_audio.h, src/gui/newskill.cpp,
src/gui/register.h, src/gui/setup.cpp, src/gui/npclistdialog.h,
src/gui/updatewindow.cpp, src/gui/char_select.cpp, src/gui/login.h,
src/gui/item_amount.cpp, src/gui/setup_audio.cpp,
src/gui/npc_text.cpp, src/gui/chat.h, src/gui/setup_joystick.h,
src/gui/setup_video.cpp, src/gui/ok_dialog.cpp, src/gui/textfield.cpp,
src/gui/inventorywindow.h, src/gui/newskill.h, src/gui/box.h,
src/gui/ministatus.cpp, src/gui/buy.h, src/gui/setup.h,
src/gui/confirm_dialog.cpp, src/gui/debugwindow.cpp, src/gui/vbox.cpp,
src/gui/chat.cpp, src/gui/setup_joystick.cpp, src/gui/updatewindow.h,
src/gui/char_select.h, src/gui/buysell.h, src/gui/tabbedcontainer.cpp,
src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp, src/gui/help.cpp, src/gui/status.h,
src/gui/npc_text.h, src/gui/setup_video.h, src/gui/menuwindow.cpp,
src/gui/ok_dialog.h, src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/buddywindow.h,
src/gui/sell.h, src/gui/trade.h, src/gui/char_server.h,
src/gui/skill.cpp, src/gui/buysell.cpp, src/gui/confirm_dialog.h,
src/gui/debugwindow.h, src/gui/status.cpp, src/gui/register.cpp,
src/gui/scrollarea.cpp, src/gui/tabbedcontainer.h,
src/gui/npclistdialog.cpp, src/gui/help.h, src/net/tradehandler.cpp,
src/net/playerhandler.cpp, src/,
src/resources/sdlimageloader.cpp, src/resources/sdlimageloader.h,
src/resources/openglsdlimageloader.h, src/resources/resourcemanager.h:
Updated TMW to be compatible with Guichan 0.5.0 (merged from
guichan-0.5.0 branch).
* INSTALL, docs/INSTALL/win32.txt: Updated required Guichan to version
* Moved some basic checks above the checks on the
libraries we depend on, in order to get rid of the confusing
rpl_realloc error.
* src/resources/openglsdlimageloader.cpp, src/player.cpp: Fixed
several compiler warnings and a linker error when compiling without
OpenGL support.
2006-08-12 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_14-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_15-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_16-1.tmx.gz: Fixed some
inaccessible areas.
2006-08-07 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_14-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_15-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_16-1.tmx.gz,
data/graphics/images/minimap_new_16-1.png: Added minimaps for woodland
2006-08-07 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_1-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_14-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_15-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_16-1.tmx.gz:
Added a new woodland map and a connection map between desert and
* data/graphics/woodland_ground.png: Added some new rocks.
2006-08-07 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/game.cpp, src/gui/chat.h, src/gui/chat.cpp, src/main.cpp: A
bunch of cleanups.
2006-08-05 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/configuration.cpp, src/game.cpp, src/engine.cpp, src/player.cpp,
src/being.cpp, src/resources/mapreader.cpp,
src/resources/itemmanager.cpp: Some cleanups, mostly lowering
* src/being.cpp: Small code cleanup.
2006-08-04 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/animatedsprite.cpp: Fix enum being treated as string.
* src/animation.cpp: Small code cleanups. Removed unused headers.
* src/animatedsprite.cpp: Small code cleanup/lower indentation.
2006-08-04 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/animatedsprite.cpp: Fixed presence of NULL actions. This is
doener's version of the fix, because it was more efficient in the more
common case.
2006-08-04 Frode Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/tiles/desert_x3.png: Replaced the old cactus with
a nice new high-res one.
2006-08-03 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/player.cpp, src/being.cpp, src/being.h: Removed three
setDirection(mDirection) calls by instead specifically setting the
current direction on the newly added animated sprite. The same might
be done for the action later.
* src/animatedsprite.h, src/animatedsprite.cpp: Since this class isn't
subclassed and has no virtual functions, make protected members
private. Also added a start of a reset function which could be a
solution to unsynchronized animated sprites.
* src/net/network.cpp: Fixed two delete/delete[] errors.
2006-08-01 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/animation.h, src/animation.cpp, src/animatedsprite.h,
src/animatedsprite.cpp, src/being.cpp: Animations and directions
are now passed and stored as enums and no longer as strings.
2006-07-30 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/animatedsprite.h, src/animatedsprite.cpp: Unified the play
2006-07-30 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_5-1.tmx.gz: Fixed two minor mapping errors (no new
walkmap required).
2006-07-29 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/animatedsprite.h, src/animatedsprite.cpp, src/animation.cpp: A
bunch of cleanups.
* src/animation.h, src/animatedsprite.cpp: Moved included from header
to source file.
2006-07-28 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/npc.cpp, src/player.cpp, src/animatedsprite.h, src/animation.h,
src/being.cpp, src/main.cpp, src/monster.cpp, src/animatedsprite.cpp,
src/animation.cpp, src/, src/being.h: Moved AnimatedSprite
into its own files, removed useless includes.
* src/engine.cpp: Removed an unused var.
2006-07-26 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/sprites/, data/graphics/tiles/,
data/maps/, data/maps/new_13-1.tmx.gz: Added map with
inside of snow village buildings and fixed makefiles.
* src/being.cpp, src/being.h, src/player.cpp: Fixed direction and
action issues when changing appeareance, frames are still out of sync.
* data/maps/, data/maps/new_14-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz: Added new woodland map by Crush and fixed
connection with the old one.
2006-07-26 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/maps/new_4-1.tmx.gz: Fixes to the collision layer.
2006-07-26 Frode Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/tiles/snowset.png, data/graphics/tiles/snow_x2.png,
data/graphics/tiles/snow_x3.png: Moved the lamppost, the rock and the
bench to seperate tall tilebitmaps.
* data/maps/new_11-1.tmx.gz: Improved the snow village map, main
changes are that the player can now walk better behind houses,
lampposts, rocks and benches.
* data/graphics/sprites/item003.png, data/graphics/sprites/item003.xml:
Added the leather shirt
2006-07-25 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/log.cpp, src/log.h: Added support for writing log to standard
* src/gui/updatewindow.cpp: Fixed updating on Windows.
2006-07-24 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/main.cpp: Fixed the loading of updates and made skipping the
update process also skip the loading of updates.
2006-07-24 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/being.cpp: Fixed setDirection() semantics.
Removed a printf-leftover.
2006-07-24 Frode Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/sprites/npcs.png: Added the organdealer to the NPCs.
* data/graphics/sprites/player_male_base.png,
data/graphics/sprites/player_female_base.png: Fixed some transparency
2006-07-24 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/being.cpp, src/being.h, src/localplayer, The Mana,
tmw.cbp: Removed unused code, fixed "change direction when not
walking" bug, updated project files.
* data/graphics/sprites/monster1.xml: Slowed down scorpions.
* data/graphics/sprites/monster2.xml: Red scorpions have got the same
* data/graphics/sprites/player_female_base.xml: Fixed female playerset
animation definition.
* data/help/about.txt, data/help/changes.txt, data/help/commands.txt,
data/help/header.txt, data/help/index.txt, data/help/skills.txt,
data/help/support.txt, data/help/team.txt: Forced to use UNIX end of
line character.
* src/net/equipmenthandler.cpp: Equipments now use real slot
2006-07-24 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/floor_item.cpp, src/animation.h, src/being.cpp, src/main.cpp,
src/gui/equipmentwindow.cpp, src/gui/playerbox.cpp,
src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp, src/engine.cpp, src/tileset.h,
src/animation.cpp, src/, src/resources/mapreader.cpp,
src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp, src/resources/spriteset.cpp,
src/resources/resourcemanager.h, src/resources/spriteset.h,
src/being.h, src/graphic/spriteset.cpp, src/graphic/spriteset.h,
data/graphics/sprites/npc.xml, data/graphics/sprites/weapons.xml:
Implemented caching of spritesets, including a lot of cleanups to the
new animation system. Action now refers to the Spriteset directly and
AnimatedSprite refers to the current Action directly instead of using
the std::map with a std::string constantly. Some methods and
parameters are marked as const. The READ_PROP macro was replaced by
static methods. Warnings are logged when unnamed actions are defined
or when actions refer to undefined imagesets. Code is more tolerant
towards missing actions.
* NEWS: Rearranged some items.
2006-07-21 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/animation.cpp, src/animation.h: Removed unused code, fixed a
numeric conversion, used a more meaningful speed.
2006-07-20 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/help/header.txt, data/help/skills.txt, docs/FAQ.txt, README:
Updated some docs for the 0.0.20 release.
* NEWS: Added new features of 0.0.20.
* data/items.xml: Added shorts.
* src/tmw.rc, The Mana, tmw.cbp: Added a resource script to
let both Dev-Cpp and Code::Blocks share the same binary icon and
version infos.
* data/graphics/sprites/player_female_base.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/player_male_base.xml, src/animation.cpp,
src/animation.h, src/being.cpp: Fixed left bow attack animation,
made the attack animation stay in sync with attack speed.
2006-07-19 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/minimap.cpp: Fixed dot size of local player.
* src/engine.cpp: Fixed color of "[TARGET]".
* src/resources/mapreader.cpp, src/resources/mapreader.h,
data/maps/new_12-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_3-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_4-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_5-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_6-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_7-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_8-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_9-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_1-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_10-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_11-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_2-1.tmx.gz: Implemented
loading for the way Tiled saves properties since version 0.6.0 and
updated all current maps.
2006-07-19 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/sprites/item001.png, data/graphics/sprites/item001.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item002.png, data/graphics/sprites/item002.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/item1202.png, data/graphics/sprites/,
docs/INSTALL/win32.txt, src/animation.cpp, src/being.cpp, src/being.h,
src/gui/equipmentwindow.cpp, src/gui/newskill.cpp, src/main.cpp,
src/net/beinghandler.cpp, src/net/charserverhandler.cpp,
src/player.cpp, src/player.h: Merged trunk changes r2381:2397 into
new_animation branch.
* tmw.cbp: Updated Code::Blocks project file.
* src/gui/char_select.cpp: Fixed next/previous buttons behaviour in
character selection dialog.
* data/graphics/sprites/ Alphabetically correct.
2006-07-19 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* tmw.cbp: Added Code::Blocks project file.
2006-07-18 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/updatewindow.cpp, src/gui/updatewindow.h, src/main.cpp,
src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp, src/resources/resourcemanager.h:
Updated the updating system. It will now only load those updates
specified in the downloaded resources.txt file, and in the order
in which they are mentioned (the top one being the most
2006-07-17 Frode Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/sprites/items.png: Added shorts' icon to items.png
2006-07-12 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/newskill.cpp: Fixed up a string comparison that caused a
warning with GCC 4.2.
2006-07-12 Frode Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/sprites/item001.png: Completed the cotton shirt
equipment graphic.
2006-07-06 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/animation.cpp, src/animation.h, src/being.cpp, src/being.h,
src/monster.cpp, src/npc.cpp, src/player.cpp:
Fixed some minor bugs, cleaned up general code style and added more
2006-07-05 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/monster.cpp, src/npc.cpp, src/player.cpp: Fixed broken paths.
* data/graphics/sprites/ Added new files.
* src/animation.cpp: Added missing return value...
* src/ Added new files.
2006-07-05 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/sprites/monster0.xml: Fixed frame size of maggot.
* src/being.h: drawName should be virtual, lest we want names to be
2006-07-03 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/spriteset.cpp, src/spriteset.h: Spriteset::get() doesn't crash
anymore when requesting a sprite outside of the spriteset. (it returns
NULL instead and logs a warning).
2006-07-03 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/being.cpp: Fixed a compiler issue reported by Pajarico.
2006-07-03 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* tools/ Added tool used for reorganizing and
auto-cropping the monster spritesets.
2006-07-03 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/main.cpp, src/engine.cpp: Removed some no longer required old
style spritesets.
* src/being.h, src/being.cpp: Removed some no longer needed member
* src/monster.cpp: Monsters are now drawed with the new animation
* src/npc.cpp, data/graphics/sprites/npcs.xml: NPCs are now drawed
with the new animation system.
* src/being.h, src/being.cpp, src/npc.cpp, src/npc.h, src/monster.cpp,
src/monster.h: Moved all drawing code from the Being based classes
into Being.
* data/graphics/sprites/monster*.png: Resized and reorganized the
monster spritesets to fit the new animation system (thanks, Bjørn).
* data/graphics/sprites/monster*.xml: Added animation files for all
* src/animation.cpp: The offset values of the Frames of animated
sprites are now modified so every frame is drawn centered.
* data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle*.xml: Retuned the offsets of the
hair sprites.
* src/animation.cpp: Small stability fix.
* src/being.cpp, src/being.h: weapon animation now uses the new
animation system.
* data/graphics/sprites/player_male_base.xml
data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle*.xml: Tuned walk speed and added bow
2006-07-03 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/being.cpp: Removed an unnecessary parameter.
2006-07-03 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* data/graphics/sprites/ Updated to new xml files.
2006-07-02 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/localplayer.cpp: Fixed the "walking against walls" bug.
* src/animation.cpp src/animation.h: fixed the "sliding" bug and
removed some unused variables.
2006-07-01 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/being.cpp, src/being.h, src/player.cpp, src/player.h,
src/localplayer.cpp: Sprites are now stored in a vector instead of a
list, so they can be replaced a lot easier; added female playerset;
added hairstyles and colors.
* src/animation.cpp, src/animation.h: added support for variations,
variations are animations stored in the same spriteset with the same
layout and sequence but starting at another index.
* data/graphics/sprites/player_female_base.xml: Added xml file for
female characters.
* data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle0.xml,
data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle7.xml: Added xml files for all
hairstyles (these xml files are using the new variation feature).
* src/being.cpp, src/being.h, src/localplayer.cpp, src/player.cpp: The
beings now haven't got one, but a list of animated sprites (named
mSprites). At the moment it contains the hair and the base sprite.
* src/animation.cpp, src/animation,h: Fixed a crash when substituting
an undefined direction; renamed completeDirections method to
* data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle0.xml: Made a xml file for the hair
2006-06-29 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/items.xml, src/being.cpp, src/being.h src/net/beinghandler.cpp,
src/player.cpp: Clients get notified of equipping visible items.
* src/net/beinghandler.cpp: GCC 4 fix.
2006-06-28 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* src/animation.cpp, src/animation.h: Parser now works like described
on the wiki; the single animation phases are now stored in structures;
drawing call for animatiedSprites moved into the animatiedSprite
* src/being.cpp, src/being.h, src/localplayer.cpp, src/player.cpp:
Renamed mAnimatedSprite to mBaseSprite to distinct it from hair-equip
and other sprites that will also be part of the class.
* src/player.cpp: Drawing call for animatiedSprites moved into the
animatiedSprite class; time now correctly passed in ms to the
animatedSprite class.
* src/graphic/spriteset.cpp, src/graphic/spriteset.h: Width and height
of the subimages is now saved in the spritesheet class.
* src/graphics.cpp: Added an additional check to avoid crashes when
passing a NULL pointer as image argument.
* data/graphics/sprites/player_male_base.xml: Animation file now has
the syntax described on the wiki.
2006-06-27 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/sprites/,
data/graphics/sprites/player_male_base.xml, src/being.cpp,
src/being.h, src/engine.cpp, src/localplayer.cpp, src/main.cpp,
src/net/beinghandler.cpp, src/net/playerhandler.cpp,
src/resources/itemmanager.cpp, The Mana Added a beginning
of a new animation system to slow down player walking.
* src/animation.cpp, src/animation.h: Forgot 2 files.
* src/being.cpp, src/gui/equipmentwindow.cpp, src/player.cpp:
Equipment window now show all the slots, and adapted visible shirts to
head (middle) equipments.
2006-06-27 Frode Lindeijer <>
* /tmw/trunk/data/graphics/sprites/player_male_base.png:
Fixed transparency issue with the north punching frames
2006-06-26 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/net/messagein.cpp: Fixed the readString method (synchronized
with the server version by Guillaume Melquiond).
2006-06-21 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/sprites/,
data/graphics/sprites/monster17.png: Fixed attack animation of monster
11 and added a new monster.
* data/graphics/sprites/,
data/graphics/sprites/player_female_base.png, src/being.cpp,
src/being.h, src/gui/char_select.cpp, src/gui/char_select.h,
src/gui/playerbox.cpp, src/gui/playerbox.h, src/gui/register.cpp,
src/main.cpp, src/net/beinghandler.cpp, src/net/charserverhandler.cpp,
src/player.cpp: Added female players.
2006-06-19 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/sprites/monster16.png: added the little pink monster
2006-05-22 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/tiles/icecave.png, data/graphics/tiles/,
data/maps/, data/maps/new_10-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_11-1.tmx.gz, data/maps/new_4-1.tmx.gz,
data/maps/new_5-1.tmx.gz, src/resources/itemmanager.cpp: A bunch of
updates to the world and disabled art and type xml parser checks since
they're not used.
2006-05-21 Eugenio Favalli <>
* The Mana Updated dev-cpp project file.
2006-05-17 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/sprites/npcs.png, data/graphics/tiles/,
data/graphics/snow_building.png, data/graphics/tiles/snowset.png,
data/maps/, data/maps/new_11-1.tmx.gz: New NPCs, new snow
tiles and village.
2006-05-15 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/gui/item_amount.cpp: Set slider range to the real values instead
of mapping the amount between [0,1] and [1,max] all the time.
2006-05-13 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/openglgraphics.cpp: Set color back to current color instead of
setting it to white. Fixes white rectangles in equipment window.
* src/being.cpp, src/being.h, src/player.cpp: Specify the color in
which speech and names are supposed to be drawn. Removed unused
mSpeechColor member.
2006-05-12 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/being.cpp: Fixed initialization order in Being ctor.
2006-05-12 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/sprites/item1202.png,
data/graphics/sprites/, src/being.cpp, src/being.h,
src/localplayer.cpp, src/localplayer.h, src/main.cpp, src/player.cpp,
The Mana World: You can now see the shirt when equipping a top
2006-05-05 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/gui/setup_video.cpp: Fixed some numeric conversions.
2006-05-03 Eugenio Favalli <>
*, src/game.cpp, src/graphics.cpp, src/main.cpp,
src/openglgraphics.cpp, The Mana World: Increased fps limit
granularity and cleaned some code, fixed some xml library name in
Dev-C++ project file, switched version to 0.0.20.
* src/game.cpp, src/gui/setup.cpp, src/gui/setup_video.cpp,
src/gui/setup_video.h, src/main.cpp: FPS limit can now be set in setup
dialog. Default value for FPS is 50. (Code based on peoro's patch).
2006-05-02 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/localplayer.cpp: Fixed the delay last move bug.
2006-04-29 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/tiles/cave.png: Added tiles by yosuhara.
2006-04-28 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/graphics/tiles/Woodland_ground.png: Graphical update of the
woodland tileset. Paths improved, and tiles that were redunant
replaced by new dirt tiles.
* data/maps/new_9.1.tmx.gz: Modified because of changes in the tileset
layout (no new server sided walkmap required).
* data/graphics/sprites/monster11.png: Improved the shading of the
mushroom monster.
* data/graphics/sprites/monster15.png: Added dropshadow to the bat
monster (note that the version 0.0.19 live update overrides the
changed file).
2006-04-04 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* ChangeLog: Converted to UTF-8.
* NEWS: Spelling correction.
* docs/INSTALL/debian.txt, docs/INSTALL/win32.txt: Updated with
respect to the move from CVS to Subversion.
2006-03-25 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/gui/window.cpp: Added window resize patch by peoro.
2006-03-21 Eugenio Favalli <>
* The Mana Updated project.
2006-03-20 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/engine.cpp: Fixed a crash on map change.
2006-03-20 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/gui/char_select.cpp: Fixed an include.
2006-03-19 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/gui/register.h, src/gui/register.cpp: Fixed a memory leak and
removed some whitespace noise.
* src/lockedarray.h, src/game.cpp, src/gui/gui.cpp,
src/gui/browserbox.cpp, src/gui/register.cpp,
src/resources/resourcemanager.cpp: Removed some useless null pointer
* src/gui/login.cpp, src/gui/setup_audio.h, src/gui/setup.cpp,
src/gui/setup_audio.cpp, src/gui/setup_video.cpp,
src/gui/setup_video.h: Removed some duplicated initializations.
* src/gui/setup_audio.h, src/gui/setup.cpp, src/gui/setup_audio.cpp,
src/gui/setup_joystick.h, src/gui/setup_video.cpp, src/gui/setuptab.h,
src/gui/setup.h, src/gui/setup_joystick.cpp, src/gui/setup_video.h,
src/ Splitted setup window into manageable pieces
according to their tabs in the window. Fixed some memory leaks along
the way. Also fixed two settings not being stored on "apply".
2006-03-18 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/gui/chat.cpp, src/gui/menuwindow.cpp, src/gui/skill.cpp,
src/gui/status.cpp: Use the window container instead of the graphics
class to calculate window positions.
* src/utils/dtor.h: Fixed indentation.
* src/configuration.cpp, src/log.cpp, src/main.cpp, src/being.cpp,
src/monster.cpp, src/gui/equipmentwindow.cpp, src/gui/sell.cpp,
src/gui/trade.cpp, src/gui/char_server.cpp, src/gui/setup.cpp,
src/gui/updatewindow.cpp, src/gui/char_select.cpp,
src/gui/ministatus.cpp, src/gui/debugwindow.cpp,
src/gui/tabbedcontainer.cpp, src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp,
src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp, src/gui/inttextbox.cpp,
src/gui/debugwindow.h, src/gui/status.cpp, src/gui/register.cpp,
src/net/chathandler.cpp, src/engine.cpp, src/utils/tostring.h,
src/ Added a toString conversion function.
2006-03-15 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/engine.h, src/main.cpp, src/gui/equipmentwindow.cpp,
src/gui/window.cpp, src/gui/login.cpp, src/gui/listbox.h,
src/gui/chat.h, src/gui/ministatus.cpp, src/gui/chat.cpp,
src/gui/help.cpp, src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp, src/gui/listbox.cpp,
src/gui/checkbox.cpp, src/engine.cpp, src/resources/image.cpp: A bunch
of cosmetic changes.
* src/net/network.cpp: Fixed connection not being shut down completely
in case of an error.
2006-03-13 Eugenio Favalli <>
* src/main.cpp: Fixed skip update option.
2006-03-13 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_7.1.tmx.gz: Fixed some map bugs (update of server
sided walkmap required!)
2006-03-11 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle1.png,
data/graphics/sprites/ Fixed some hair positions, added a
new style, updated makefile.
2006-03-09 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/utils/dtor.h: Added guards.
* src/game.cpp, src/main.cpp, src/gui/connection.cpp,
src/gui/menuwindow.cpp, src/net/tradehandler.cpp,
src/net/playerhandler.cpp: Made all local action listeners structs and
moved them into anonymous namespaces.
* src/gui/connection.cpp, src/gui/newskill.cpp,
src/gui/chargedialog.cpp, src/gui/updatewindow.cpp,
src/gui/progressbar.h, src/gui/ministatus.cpp,
src/gui/progressbar.cpp, src/gui/status.cpp: Removed coordinate
arguments from ProgressBar ctor.
* src/openglgraphics.cpp, src/localplayer.cpp, src/game.cpp,
src/map.cpp, src/log.cpp, src/being.cpp, src/monster.cpp, src/sound.h,
src/graphics.cpp, src/gui/equipmentwindow.cpp, src/gui/sell.cpp,
src/gui/trade.cpp, src/gui/char_server.cpp, src/gui/window.cpp,
src/gui/login.cpp, src/gui/inttextbox.h, src/gui/chargedialog.h,
src/gui/focushandler.h, src/gui/skill.h, src/gui/gui.cpp,
src/gui/newskill.cpp, src/gui/register.h, src/gui/popupmenu.h,
src/gui/setup.cpp, src/gui/npclistdialog.h, src/gui/chargedialog.cpp,
src/gui/playerbox.h, src/gui/char_select.cpp, src/gui/login.h,
src/gui/focushandler.cpp, src/gui/chat.h, src/gui/inventorywindow.h,
src/gui/newskill.h, src/gui/ministatus.cpp, src/gui/buy.h,
src/gui/playerbox.cpp, src/gui/setup.h, src/gui/itemcontainer.h,
src/gui/debugwindow.cpp, src/gui/chat.cpp, src/gui/char_select.h,
src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp, src/gui/help.cpp, src/gui/status.h,
src/gui/buy.cpp, src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp, src/gui/equipmentwindow.h,
src/gui/sell.h, src/gui/trade.h, src/gui/ministatus.h,
src/gui/inttextbox.cpp, src/gui/char_server.h, src/gui/window.h,
src/gui/skill.cpp, src/gui/debugwindow.h, src/gui/status.cpp,
src/gui/register.cpp, src/gui/popupmenu.cpp, src/gui/minimap.cpp,
src/gui/npclistdialog.cpp, src/gui/help.h, src/net/buysellhandler.cpp,
src/net/beinghandler.cpp, src/net/charserverhandler.cpp,
src/net/maploginhandler.cpp, src/net/playerhandler.cpp,
src/engine.cpp, src/localplayer.h, src/beingmanager.cpp, src/map.h,
src/log.h, src/sound.cpp, src/resources/itemmanager.h,
src/resources/buddylist.cpp, src/resources/buddylist.h,
src/resources/image.cpp, src/resources/image.h,
src/resources/itemmanager.cpp, src/being.h, src/player.cpp: Made all
class members named like mClassMember.
* src/floor_item.cpp, src/map.cpp, src/being.cpp,
src/gui/equipmentwindow.cpp, src/gui/playerbox.cpp,
src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp, src/graphic/spriteset.cpp,
src/graphic/spriteset.h, src/player.cpp: Added Spriteset::get() and
Spriteset::size() to hide the member vector and remove the weird
mySpriteset->spriteset stuff.
* src/gui/buddywindow.cpp, src/gui/connection.cpp, src/gui/sell.cpp,
src/gui/trade.cpp, src/gui/char_server.cpp, src/gui/login.cpp,
src/gui/button.h, src/gui/newskill.cpp, src/gui/setup.cpp,
src/gui/updatewindow.cpp, src/gui/button.cpp, src/gui/char_select.cpp
,src/gui/item_amount.cpp, src/gui/npc_text.cpp, src/gui/ok_dialog.cpp,
src/gui/confirm_dialog.cpp, src/gui/debugwindow.cpp,
src/gui/tabbedcontainer.cpp, src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp,
src/gui/help.cpp, src/gui/menuwindow.cpp, src/gui/buy.cpp,
src/gui/skill.cpp, src/gui/buysell.cpp, src/gui/status.cpp,
src/gui/register.cpp, src/gui/npclistdialog.cpp: Made the Button ctor
accept eventId and action listener.
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/game.cpp, src/gui/trade.cpp,
src/gui/inventorywindow.cpp, src/gui/trade.h, src/localplayer.h,
src/game.h: Use std::auto_ptr in some places.
* src/lockedarray.h: Use fill_n instead of for-loop.
* src/gui/browserbox.cpp: Make the MouseOverLink functor dynamic and
use a STL algorithm in one more place.
2006-03-08 Bjørn Lindeijer <>
* src/gui/browserbox.h, src/gui/menuwindow.cpp, src/gui/buysell.cpp:
Some fixes for compiling with pedantic compiler settings and const
char* checks.
* data/graphics/sprites/player_male_base.png: Use two rows for each
direction in order to make the texture less wide so that it stays
within the 1024 texture limit for OpenGL mode.
2006-03-08 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/map.cpp, src/main.cpp, src/gui/button.cpp,
src/gui/textfield.cpp, src/gui/playerbox.cpp,
src/gui/windowcontainer.cpp, src/gui/skill.cpp,
src/gui/scrollarea.cpp, src/engine.cpp, src/beingmanager.cpp,
src/utils, src/utils/dtor.h, src/,
src/flooritemmanager.cpp, src/graphic/spriteset.cpp: Added a 'dtor'
helper functor to delete objects in arrays and containers using STL
* src/resources/image.cpp: Removed some conditional code.
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/gui/gui.cpp: Reverted changes from r2225,
it broke walking code as I missed the differences between tile and
being collisions.
* src/gui/itemcontainer.cpp, src/inventory.cpp: Made Inventory use STL
algorithms and fixed getLastUsedSlot semantics.
* src/engine.cpp, src/engine.h: Moved a variable definition into the
right place and made getCurrentMap inline.
* src/equipment.cpp, src/equipment.h: Use STL algorithms and make
destructor inline.
* src/localplayer.cpp, src/gui/gui.cpp: Let the LocalPlayer decide
whether it can walk to a destination.
2006-03-07 Yohann Ferreira <>
* debian/rules, debian/changelog, ChangeLog: Updating Debian files for
0.0.19 release.
2006-03-07 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/tiles/, data/graphics/tiles/Woodland.png:
Removed unused tileset.
2006-03-06 Björn Steinbrink <>
* Version changed to 0.0.19.
2006-03-06 Philipp Sehmisch <>
* data/maps/new_9.1.tmx.gz: Fixed some mapping bugs.
2006-03-06 Eugenio Favalli <>
* AUTHORS, NEWS, README, data/help/changes.txt, data/help/header.txt,
data/help/team.txt: A bunch of updates to docs, ready for 0.0.19.
* data/help/changes.txt, src/main.cpp: Small fixes before releasing.
2006-03-05 Björn Steinbrink <>
* data/graphics/sprites/ Remove trailing whitespace.
* src/engine.cpp: Re-add main.h header, Windows build needs it.
2006-03-05 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/sprites/player_male_base.png: Added pants.
2006-03-02 Eugenio Favalli <>
* data/graphics/sprites/weapon1.png: Added missing frames.
* src/player.cpp: Fixed north shooting hair position.
* data/graphics/sprites/ Added new graphics.
* data/graphics/sprites/monster15.png: Added bat monster.
2006-03-01 Eugenio Favalli <>
* The Mana Enabled -Wall switch.
* data/graphics/sprites/monster9.png: Fixed fire goblin north walking
* data/graphics/sprites/hairstyle1.png,
data/graphics/sprites/weapon1.png: New graphics for hair styles,
player and weapons.
* src/being.cpp, src/being.h, src/engine.cpp, src/gui/playerbox.cpp,
src/localplayer.cpp, src/main.cpp, beinghandler.cpp, player.cpp,
src/resources/image.cpp: Hacked code to support the new playerset.
2006-02-25 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/beingmanager.cpp, src/beingmanager.h, src/engine.cpp,
src/main.h, src/sound.h: Added a logic method to the being manager.
2006-02-24 Björn Steinbrink <>
* src/being.cpp, src/being.h, src/configuration.cpp,
src/configuration.h, src/engine.cpp, src/map.cpp, src/map.h,
src/properties.h, src/gui/browserbox.cpp, src/gui/browserbox.h,
src/gui/chat.cpp, src/gui/chat.h, src/gui/gccontainer.cpp,
src/gui/gccontainer.h, src/gui/minimap.cpp,
src/gui/tabbedcontainer.cpp, src/gui/tabbedcontainer.h,
src/net/network.cpp, src/net/network.h, src/resources/itemmanager.cpp,
src/resources/itemmanager.h: Another bunch of cosmetic cleanups, i.e.
mostly typedefs...
2006-02-23 Björn Steinbrink <>