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How to compile and run Mana on your GNU/Linux Box
IRC: / #manasource
1) Requirements
2) Compiling And Installing Mana
3) Notes
1. Requirements
You are expected to have either checked out Mana from Git or you have downloaded
a source release. To get Mana to compile, you need a compiler (GCC)
and some libraries. The required libraries are:
* SDL_mixer
* SDL_image
* SDL_net
* SDL_ttf
* SDL_gfx
* ENet 1.2
* Guichan 0.8.x
* libxml2
* physfs 1.x
* zlib 1.2.x
* libcurl
If you've cloned the Git repository, you will also need these tools to compile:
* CMake >= 2.6
* GNU gettext
* CVS (needed to run autopoint)
On some machines, it's been reported that this package is also needed. However,
you might not need it:
* GNU libtool
Installing these dependencies is distributions-specific, and we'll leave it to
you to figure this out.
2. Compiling And Installing Mana
1) Go to the directory you have extracted the source to.
2) Run "cmake ."
3) Run "make"
4) Run "make install" as root
It should have installed Mana on your system now, and you can run it
with "mana". By default all files are installed to /usr/local, you can pass a
different prefix to cmake with -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/prefix
NOTE: It is possible to compile Mana without support for OpenGL rendering.
To do this perform step 2 as follows:
Rebuild the executable from scratch using "make clean" and then "make".
For additional CMake related hints please read README.cmake
3. Notes
If you have any problems, you are welcome to post your questions on our forums,
or talk about them in our IRC channel.
- Mana Dev Team