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Version: 0.6.1 Date: 2012-04-02
Development team:
- See AUTHORS file for a list
Powered by:
- SDL, SDL_gfx, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf, SDL_net (Media framework)
- Guichan (GUI framework)
- libxml2 (XML parsing and writing)
- PhysFS (Data files)
- ENet (UDP networking library)
- libcurl (HTTP downloads)
- zlib (Archives)
0. Index
1. Account
2. Commands
3. Skills
4. Support
1. Account
To create an account you can usually press the "Register" button after
choosing your server. When this doesn't work, visit the website of the server
you'd like to register on, since they may be using an online registration
form instead.
2. Commands
Use arrow keys to move around. Other keys:
- Ctrl attack
- F1 toggle the online help
- F2 toggle profile window
- F3 toggle inventory window
- F4 toggle equipment window
- F5 toggle skills window
- F6 toggle minimap
- F7 toggle chat window
- F8 toggle shortcut window
- F9 show setup window
- F10 toggle debug window
- Alt + 0-9 show emotions / usuable at skill level 2.
- Alt + S sit down / stand up / usuable at skill level 3.
- Alt + F toggle debug pathfinding feature
- Alt + P take screenshot
- Alt + T turns on anti-trade function / usuable at skill level 1.
- A target nearest monster
- H hide all non-sticky windows
- G or Z pick up item
- Enter focus chat window / send message
Left click to execute default action: walk, pick up an item, attack a monster
and talk to NPCs (be sure to click on their feet). Right click to show up a
context menu. Holding [Left Shift] prevents from walking when attacking.
- /help Displays the list of commands
- /announce broadcasts a global msg(Gm Cammand only)
- /clear clears the chat window
- /who shows how many players are online
- /where displays the map name your currently on
- /whisper send a private msg to another player
(format: /whisper <charname> <message>)
If the <nick> has spaces in it, enclose it in double
quotes e.g. /whisper "char name" <message>
- /record Records the Chat output
(format: /record <filename to write to> starts the record
session /record again
stops the session)
- /party <command> <params>: Party commands
- /party new creates a new party /party new <party name>
- /party create creates a new party /party create <party name>
- /party prefix This commands sets the party prefix character
/party prefix <prefix-char>
"/party prefix" reports the current party prefix
- /party leave This command causes the player to leave the party.
Type /help party <option> for further help.
- /present This command gets a list of players within hearing
- /toggle make the chatlog lose focus on a blank line or after
message. (format: /toggle <option>, where option can be
'1', 'y' or 't' to make the chatlog lose focus on a
blank line, and '0', 'n' or 'f' to make the chatlog lose
focus after every message. /toggle displays the status)
For more information, type /help <command>
4. Support
If you're having issues with this client, feel free to report them to us.
There is a bug tracker at and you can find us on
IRC on in the #mana channel.
If you have feedback about a specific game that uses the Mana client, be sure
to contact the developers of the game instead.