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@@ -31,8 +31,7 @@ and some libraries. The required libraries are:
If you've cloned the Git repository, you will also need these tools to compile:
-* GNU automake 1.9
-* GNU autoconf
+* CMake >= 2.6
* GNU gettext
* CVS (needed to run autopoint)
@@ -49,24 +48,23 @@ you to figure this out.
1) Go to the directory you have extracted the source to.
-2) If you've cloned the Git repository, run "autoreconf -i" to generate
- configure and install any missing auxiliary files.
-3) Run "./configure"
-4) Run "make"
-5) Run "make install" as root
+2) Run "cmake ."
+3) Run "make"
+4) Run "make install" as root
It should have installed Mana on your system now, and you can run it
with "mana". By default all files are installed to /usr/local, you can pass a
-different prefix to configure as usual.
+different prefix to cmake with -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/prefix
NOTE: It is possible to compile Mana without support for OpenGL rendering.
- To do this perform step 3 as follows:
+ To do this perform step 2 as follows:
- ./configure --without-opengl
Rebuild the executable from scratch using "make clean" and then "make".
+For additional CMake related hints please read README.cmake
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