A simple imgur script to download albums.
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This is a 100% Bash script used to download imgur albums while making sure that the order of the pictures is retained.



bash imgur.sh [-sdt] URL [URL]

    -h       Show this message.
    -s       Silent mode. Overrides debug mode.
    -d       Debug mode.
    -t       Download image text, if present.

Multiple albums can be downloaded like so: bash imgur.sh URL1 URL2 ...


User @kanliot has reported (see #16) needing the spidermonkey-bin package for debian wheezy.


Go to the imgur account settings page and create an api key. Copy and paste it onto line 6 of imgur.sh.

The following is only necessary if you want to run the script without having it in the same folder you want the imgur album, or if you want to install imgur.desktop for KDE.

curl -L https://raw.github.com/manabutameni/Imgur/master/imgur.sh -o /usr/local/bin/imgur
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/imgur

NOTE: This assumes you have /usr/local/bin/ in your $PATH. Most distributions do, but some do not.

To use:
In any directory type: imgur imgur.com/a/XXXXX


Copy imgur.desktop to your local kde4-config --path services folder location and make sure it's executable. chmod +x imgur.desktop.

To use: Copy the url of an imgur album into your clipboard and right click on an empty area in dolphin. Under actions you should see "Imgur Album DL".

NOTE: This will only work if you have installed the script in the Installation part of this readme.

What this script does not do

This script will not update an album. For example, if there's an album that is frequently updated that you enjoy following, this script (by design) cannot and will not update that album with the newest images. This is to prevent clobbering existing files when a directory already exists, e.g. "Pictures".