Simple texting demo for Lora text dev kit
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Outset Texting Demo

See it in Action!

This demo shows off a minimal UI with a functioning text feature using a LoRa text dev kit:

The board boots up to the starting view: SPLASH_STATE. You can press the trackpad button to continue.

The next view is the TEXT_HISTORY_STATE. Here you can review the messages you've received and sent; a history of your conversation with another Outset node. You can press the green button on the keyboard to start writing a message.

After you've pressed the green button, the next view is the TEXT_MESSAGE_STATE. Here you can type directly from the keyboard to compile your message. To write in uppercase, hold down the shift-like button (looks like an up arrow with aA) while simultaneously pressing a character key. To write a symbol, hold down the sym button while simultaneously pressing a character key.

Once you're happy with the message, press the blackberry key (looks like 8 dots next to the trackpad) to send the message. You should be taken directly back to TEXT_HISTORY_STATE once your message has been sent.

Install Dependencies

There should be some empty libraries in the /lib directory. You must run the 2 commands to initialize your local config file (see .gitmodules) and then to fetch all lib repos.

git submodule init
git submodule update

Build Notes

  • If you're using PlatformIO, I've included the configuration file (see platformio.ini.example). Save that file as plaformio.ini and change the upload port to your desired port.
  • To compile in the Arduino IDE, you can move the src directory into your Arduino libraries directory (Arduino/libraries) and rename it what you'd like (I call mine Arduino/libraries/Outset). Copy what's in main.cpp and delete the file from your library. Start a new Arduino sketch and paste your main.cpp copypasta into your new Arduino sketch.
  • DEVICE_ID gets assigned during Outset class initialization. Either set it in your platformio.ini config file if you're using PlatformIO -or- set it up in states.h. The purpose of this ID is used to determine which direction to draw the text bubbles in TEXT_HISTORY_STATE.
  • lib/Radiohead was downloaded from Radiohead. I couldn't find their git repo to make a submodule. :(