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ManageInvite ❤️ open source


  1. manage-invite-bot manage-invite-bot Public

    🏆  ManageInvite is the best bot to manage your server invites! Easy to setup, and complete!

    JavaScript 179 84

  2. manage-invite-dashboard manage-invite-dashboard Public

    Official ManageInvite Web Dashboard, made with React

    JavaScript 7 6

  3. manage-invite-api manage-invite-api Public

    Official ManageInvite API, to build awesome custom things thanks to ManageInvite

    TypeScript 6 3

  4. manage-invite-support manage-invite-support Public

    🆘 Support Discord bot for the ManageInvite's Lounge server

    TypeScript 5 4

  5. manage-invite-docs manage-invite-docs Public

    ✏️ Official documentation for ManageInvite Discord bot

    JavaScript 4 3

  6. manage-invite-api-docs manage-invite-api-docs Public

    Documentation of the ManageInvite API, using Swagger and Open API 3.0

    2 2


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