Blue green deployment demo for Java applications
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Blue green deployment demo

Blue green deployment demo for Java applications.

This example assumes that a continuous integration system is deploying WAR with a known name at dist folder. You can learn more about this technology by reading the quickstart guide.

To make this deployment you need to build:

  • the role that contains the server configuration
  • the macfile that contains the infrastructure blueprint

Step 1

Configure aws and mac tools

pip install awscli
pip install mac
aws configure
mac login
mac provider credential amazon <access key> <secret_access_key>

Step 2

Deploy the infrastructure version 1.

mac -s infrastructure macfile -p INF_VERSION=1 WAR_VERSION=1

The output displays the DNSName of the elastic load balancer. In a real word deployment, this would be the CNAME of the domain name where the application resides. You can access at this value at any time. Open it in a browser to see the results.

mac resource get_stdout demo 1 build_lb_inf

Step 3

Let's emulate a green blue deployment. We will deploy a second infrastructure "version 2".

mac -s infrastructure macfile -p INF_VERSION=2 WAR_VERSION=2

There are two infrastructures running in paralel and connecting to the same RDS.

mac infrastructure list

You can access to the DNSName of the load balancer:

mac resource get_stdout demo 2 build_lb_inf

Step 4

Destroy the old infrastructure version 1

mac infrastructure destroy demo 1