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Amazon Web Services

Autoscaled application

aws-autoscale.abstract.macfile creates the following elements in aws:

  • An instance that that contains the software
  • A load balancer
  • The instance is registered in the load balancer
  • An image is created from the instance
  • Creates a launch configuration
  • Creates an autoscale group
  • Creates two scale policies, to add servers and to remove servers
  • Creates two CloudWatch alerts, used to for the scale policy up and down

aws-autoscale.demo.macfile contains a demo for this application. You can use it as boiler plate for similar applications.

To run the demo to create an autoscaled application run. Please note that this demo requires aws cli and ManageaCloud configured.

mac -s infrastructure macfile https://github.com/manageacloud/lib/blob/master/aws/aws-autoscale.demo.macfile -p INF_NAME=demo INF_VERSION=1 AWS_REGION=us-east-1

To destroy all the resources that has been created:

mac -s infrastructure destroy demo 1