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Core dumps / vmcores over FTP

This repo contains two sets of scripts - one for process core dumps over FTP, and one for system core dumps (crashdumps) over FTP.

Process core dumps over FTP

This repo contains a script that lets you dump core over FTP, and the associated ansible roles required to set it up.

If you aren't using ansible, you could just edit the ftp-coredump.sh.j2 script. To do that, just replace any Jinja2 {{somevar}} variables with actual values, and also set the kernel.core_location sysctl pattern as shown in ansible/roles/ftp_coredump/defaults/main.yml.

System core dumps over FTP

The ansible/roles/vmcore_ftp directory has a role for configuring the crash dump over FTP for a particular Linux box.

Note that the role needs to have some metadata configured - details are in the readme.md file in the role


This code is licensed under the GNU GPL 2.0 license, a copy of which is included in LICENSE.